Please Consider Supporting Campaign To Educate Public Workers about Their Right to Leave Their Union


We need you. Our Center’s MyPayMySayRI campaign is under attack. Can you chip in to help us to teach even more public sector workers about their right to leave their unions? Click here now. Powerful political insiders are taking steps to prevent these public servants from knowing about their rights. We respect each person’s right to make an informed decision. It’s unfortunate that unions and their government allies do not. I explain what’s happening in our new video.

Even though the Governor, the Attorney General, and the unions have made efforts to keep public employees in the dark, our Center and our national partner have already accumulated tens of thousands of email and mailing addresses of government workers. We’re working hard to take massive action in phase one of our campaign, which will include many thousands of direct mail pieces.

The more you give, the more awareness we can create. Click here now to donate to our MyPayMySayRI campaign and watch the two minute video! Similar campaigns have been extremely successful in other states. Please consider a donation to our Center to support the MyPayMySayRI campaign.