Progressive Agenda = Land of Make Believe

After the reality-shock of announced job losses from Benny’s and Alexion, and when the General Assembly reconvenes on Tuesday, Rhode Island legislators will be put to the test. Will they continue to push our state into the progressives’ anti-business, anti-family land of make believe? A forward-looking, long-term plan to restore greatness to Rhode Island is needed to put our state back on a path toward prosperity and to restore pride and hope to the people of our state.
In seeking to advance a more prosperous society, our Center finds it unacceptable that the Ocean State continues to rank 45th in both family prosperity and in business climate. We are continuously disappointed that business and individuals continue to flee our state. A pro-family, pro-business agenda that advances cultural and economic well-being in the real world, both from a public policy and civil society perspective is the goal. Related values, according the national Family Prosperity Index, include family self-sufficiency, marriage, and work.
The entitlement state culture has failed to deliver on its many promises to bring prosperity to various groups, and has resulted in the stagnation and massive liabilities suffered by far too many cities and states in America. A good example of the failed culture in Rhode Island is the proposed paid time off mandates. Only in the land of make believe do employer mandates NOT lead to a loss of jobs and/or pay! The progressive Fair Shot Agenda would further harm Rhode Island. Its two anti-business mandates – mandatory paid leave and a minimum wage hike – would impose even more burdens on an already over-taxed and over-regulated private business sector.
In the Ocean State, the progressive agenda now overtly advocates for government control over industry, for control over employers, and for control over all of our lives. If only legislators were to accept the proven free market reforms, we could restore prosperity to Rhode Island. Please speak out against the elitists who want further the progressive agenda, while your family is kept out of the process. Indeed, Rhode Islanders want a state government that works for every person, not the chosen few. The progressives’ extremist agenda can no longer be denied.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    “Will they continue to push our state into the progressives’ anti-business, anti-family land of make believe?”

    Only their job security matters to them, so they will continue to appeal to their base. Not sure how they will deal with Benny’s, I would guess a new “program” to assist those unemployed. Alexion is too obviously a “greedy corporate giant”, seeking to drive employee wages through the floor. So long as RI subsists on “I know a guy”, nothing will change.

  • Mike678

    Look to California and the union attack on Tesla via the Democrat controlled legislature for your answer. Nothing will change until we stop the borrowing that enables this corruption.

  • FlyingSquirrel42

    “Rhode Islanders want a state government that works for every person”

    Yes, we do. That includes those of us who sometimes have the misfortune of getting sick on a workday and don’t want to have to worry about a waiter with the flu coughing on our food when we go out to eat.

    • Mike678

      You are correct! We need more intrusive Gov’t regulation of private industry to prevent the epidemic of illness caused by waiters coughing in our food. This is precisely the type of clear thinking that has made our state so successful!