Rhode Island Legislators Should Support The 6.5% Sales Tax Promise

The state of the State of Rhode Island is not competitive. Even as the rising national economic tide has lifted ships in all states, when compared with the rest of the nation, our Ocean State is severely lagging, and is in danger of sinking further behind if progressive policies continue to be implemented.
However, things do not have to be this way. Existing state law (General Law 44-18-18) specifies a “trigger” for a sales tax rate reduction to 6.5% if certain internet sales tax collection criteria are met. The rationale for this law was to relieve Rhode Islanders of the additional burden of imposing a sales tax on a broader range of purchased goods. Unfortunately, it seems like state government is slow to take action when they can actually help the people of our state.  So, the Center asks you to click here now to contact your legislators to tell them to support a 6.5% sales tax.
For all intents and purposes, this trigger threshold has been met in Rhode Island. Major retailers are suffering across our state. Rhode Island is trapped at 47th place on the Jobs & Opportunity Index. It’s time for state government to fulfill its half-percent promise. They can deliver some much needed relief to the hard-working taxpayers, and businesses in our state.
An internet sales tax law, signed by the Governor, takes money out of the pockets of Ocean State families. What are you getting in return? In multiple ways, the citizens of Rhode Island have suffered a wide broadening of the sales tax, but they have not yet benefitted from the promised lowered rate… as was the clear intention of the state’s law.
The General Assembly should stand by their word to the people of the Ocean State. They should abide by legislation that they, the legislature themselves passed. They should comply with state law. Rhode Islanders want state and local government that works for everyone, not just the insiders, the elites, and the special interests.
 Don’t wait, your voice can make the difference. Click on the link here to send a pre-written email to your lawmakers telling them to support a 6.5% sales tax.