Rhody Reporter: Marijuana Sales in RI


Rhody Reporter Diana Lozowski takes a look at how the State’s Bureaucracy has morphed what could have been a simple licensing process using existing procedures into yet another feast for connected insiders. In short, You Gotta Know a Guy. Too bad that kind of overhead drives up the price. Too bad that those in the most need have to overpay because of cost structures designed to feed insiders. The surprising conclusion: At least it’s available now to those in need.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    To my mind, this is not unlike the end of Prohibition. As I understand it, before prohibition there were very few restrictions on the sale of alcohol. When it was re-legalized, all sorts of restrictions were created. Licensing boards, licenses, opening – closing hours, population size controlling number of licenses, etc., etc. So, this is just Deja vue all over again. Government knows no other way.