Societal-Corruption Of “Political-Correctness” Reaches into Providence School Reading List

Right from the start, the Rhode Island media got it wrong when they criticized interim-superintendent, Fran Gallo, for making a ‘costly’ mistake in ordering motivational books for dispirited students in the beleaguered Providence school system. How dare she corrupt the minds of city youth with an otherwise uplifting book that happened to include passive “religious overtones? 
The media was all over the story. But, the issue should not have been that Gallo wasted almost two-hundred thousand dollars in inappropriate books that she was forced to recall, but, rather, the critical moral question should have been ‘why’ were the books deemed unacceptable in the first place? What could possibly be so offensive about famous athletes providing motivational messages to youth about overcoming adversity, even if some of them cited their wholesome faith in God as a major factor?
But, it gets even better. This question of morality took on a whole new light this past week when our Center’s journalism and blog website, the Ocean State Current, exposed that the officially approved summer reading list of the Providence school system, included multiple books that promoted immoral and illegal youth and teen sexual exploits.
In one ‘approved’ book on the summer reading list, an eight-year old is portrayed – in sickening detail – as enjoying sexual acts with his adult molester… an eight year-old! 
Also appearing on the approved summer reading list are books about lesbian experiences, gender-confused teens, gay youth. There are books about gang rapes, and other forms sexual assault.
But, the media has turned a blind-eye to this obvious corruption of young minds. So the real question here is: Why do parents, teachers, school officials, and the media not challenge whether or not these extreme politically-correct topics are appropriate reading material for our youth… when at the same time they automatically accept that any mention of God is not appropriate?
Something is very wrong with our society if this is the case. I must confess that I do not understand the progressive-left’s obsession with pushing explicit sexual and perverse material onto the youth of America. But, progressives have the right to push their extreme-left agenda, just like I have the right to advocate for our common-sense mainstream agenda.
But what is not acceptable is the mindless group-think by the media, by many parents, and by public officials that any position put forth by politically-correct factions, no matter how radical, should never be challenged, but, rather, should automatically be accepted and promoted. Where are our civil society leaders?
I am thankful that WPRO’s Tara Granahan acceded to my request to speak-out about this more critical question on her radio show on Friday. The next question is … will anyone join me in exposing and rooting out similar perversion in your local school system?