Special Fall Session: Progressive Measures Far Out Weigh Positives

Capitulation to the harmful progressive-Democrat agenda was enough to turn what might have been a positive special fall session of the state’s General Assembly into a net negativeMany Rhode Island families and business will suffer because of the intrusive new free-time-off mandates imposed on employers. Another hit to our state’s already dismal business climate, along with fewer good paying job opportunities, will be the result. Rhode Island families and businesses would have been better off had the General Assembly not reconvened this year, after prematurely shutting down in June.
While the package of Justice Reinvestment bills that the Center backed are now heading to the Governor, and while evergreen contracts for government workers and invasive tracking-cameras on highways were temporarily defeated, other negative measures, advanced by the state’s union-progressive wing, far outweighed these positives.

The Center estimated a $48 million per year price tag for small businesses for the free time off bill. In a step backward for constitutional rights, legally exercising one’s first-amendment rights can now lead to termination of one’s second-amendment rights. Further, local property taxes will increase under overly-generous new pension disability guidelines, offsetting the local automobile property tax relief enacted earlier this year.

Haven’t you had enough of the crony insider machine? By speaking out, you can have a powerful impact on the debate in Rhode Island. The rigged system in the Ocean State has kept too many people out of the process. Rhode Islanders want a state government that works for everyone not just the chosen few. Don’t just sit back and wait. Your family deserves prosperity, and you must demand the proven free market reforms that can transform our state.