Taking Government of the People Seriously in Tiverton


Tiverton resident and Budget Committee member Joe Sousa caused been causing a bit of a stir in town, lately.  First, he made some noise about maintenance issues at the town’s still-new library.  Then, this week, he spent a day noting the work schedule of a crew.

Rhode Islanders are used to splashy stories of government employees engaged in outright theft and bad behavior, so Joe’s findings, posted on Tiverton Fact Check, almost seem mild compared with that.  Still, almost three hours’ worth of breaks and just a little bit more than four hours doing the assigned task during an eight-hour day — all while the town pays $600 per day to rent a specialty vehicle for the work — seems like it justifies some investigation.

Joe was this week’s guest on Tiverton on Track, for an informative, don’t-miss-this episode.