Terry Gorman: Sympathetic Providence Journal Article Encourages Illegal Immigration to Rhode Island

Terry Gorman - RIILE

[Terry Gorman of RIILE sent the following e-mail to Providence Journal reporter Karen Lee Ziner in response to her front page article of Saturday. It has been lightly edited for style.]

Regarding your April 18 article in the Providence Journal, “Fight over Obama’s orders“, so much for “HIDING IN THE SHADOWS“. Two women here Illegally delivering 5 children that by current law are U S Citizens. Free pre-natal care, childbirth, post-partum care and long term family planning for two years (evidently not working) all at the expense of taxpayers. Just how much does this group cost US taxpayers and how is it justified in these lean times?

I think this article will only serve to ENCOURAGE many more pregnant illegal alien women to flock to Rhode Island. Why wouldn’t they come if they can arrive Illegally, have as many children as they wish, work Illegally or just not work, receive workers compensation, get free care for a child’s autism, receive subsidies for the new U S citizen children in the form of welfare, SNAP etc., now that it’s been basically ADVERTISED on the front page of a major newspaper? Thanks.

  • Warrington Faust

    “I think this article will only serve to ENCOURAGE many more pregnant illegal alien women to flock to Rhode Island. ”

    Some years ago, I was shown a book published, or distributed, in Haiti. It listed the pros and cons of the various states. It gave the addresses of the various social services agencies and even named the workers who could be thought of as a “touch”.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Warrington ,

    It is well-established that the majority of illegal immigrants are NOT here to “work hard and build a better life” as immigrant advocates like to say ,, but are in fact on welfare

    … but TANF ( “welfare” ) and SNAP ( “food stamps” ) are just a drop in the bucket compared to the Big Ticket items they cost the taxpayers: educating their children; incarcerating them for all the crimes they commit; and all the free medical care they get

    As for them “hiding in the shadows” … here are a few of them “hiding in plain sight” ,, their more typical tactic =►


  • William B. Palazzo

    Wonderful. Welcome to Rhode Island.

  • williamfhoran

    In the projo article a de facto message e.g. advertises RI as a welfare & illegal aliens sanctuary state served by the for profit welfare delivery industry. This has advanced the race to the bottom and a failed state in all so many ways. Hence having served the totalitarian socialist & progressive Marxist cabal end game..