The Path To Lower Electric Prices Is Clear

Already ranking a dismal 45th on the overall Family Prosperity Index, Rhode Islanders will soon suffer from a 16-21% increase on their electricity bills, making matters even worse. We attribute these artificially high rates to state energy policies that serve to limit the supply of low-cost natural gas in the region and that mandate National Grid to purchase high-cost electricity from unreliable renewable energy producers. The way to spur private sector investment in expanded pipeline capacity is to provide market certainty by eliminating disincentives to produce and sell natural gas electricity.
The path to lower electric prices is clear. Every Rhode Island family and business now more clearly understands the real cost of electing progressive Democrats into the General Assembly, and of mainstream Democrats capitulating to their agenda. We lament that while much of the country is enjoying the benefits of abundant low-cost, low-emission natural gas electricity, Rhode Islanders are suffering from policies that lead to lower available supplies of natural gas.
The price increases should not be attributable to profit motives by National Grid. Rather, as advocated by progressives such as US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and State Representative Aaron Regunberg, the federal and state assault on low-cost fossil fuel energy, combined with mandates to sell high-cost green energy, have artificially distorted the free-market, leading to dramatic price increases … with no discernible and offsetting environmental benefit.

Haven’t you had enough of the failed progressive agenda? By speaking out, you can have a powerful impact on the debate in Rhode Island. Now is the time to adopt the free market ideas that can transform our home. The rigged system in the Ocean State has kept too many people out of the process. Rhode Islanders want a state government that works for everyone not just the chosen few. Don’t just sit back and wait for change. Your family deserves prosperity, and you must demand the proven free market reforms that can transform our state.

  • oceanstater

    of course the expensive electricity (three times the cost of conventional energy) from Deepwater wind was primarily promoted by Republican Carcieri and his administration, but Mike is so partisan he only wants to attack Democrats. We have a lot of bi-partisan problems!

    • Mike678

      Am I wrong in thinking that a Dem controlled legislature could have stopped this if they also didn’t support it? Last time I looked, Carcieri, wasn’t on the ballot. Many Dems that supported this are. Perhaps they need to go the way of Carcieri?