Theodore Vecchio: Representing Rhode Islanders Now the Road Less Traveled


It seems that the road less traveled is almost never traveled anymore. Our leaders, whether it be local, state, or federal government, take the path of least resistance — the easy way out — almost every single time. Kick the can down the road, pass the buck, and all the related.

After the government has failed to maintain our infrastructure with the billions of dollars taxpayers supply it locally, statewide, and federally, officials introduce a new user fee and label it “economic development” and “job creation.” The collective “leadership” bullies this proposal through both the Rhode Island Senate and House with superior effectiveness, signs it into law, punishes disloyal public and private entities, and moves on.

Next up on the agenda: providing illegal aliens with the legal ability to operate motor vehicles. The sentence doesn’t even make rational sense, but alas it doesn’t seem to need to in the legislators’ eyes. If the irrational government in our dying state passes this fundamentally ludicrous bill then it will actually be more difficult for my American-born child to get his driving permit than it will be for an illegal alien. Are you guys kidding me?

I took my son to the Cranston DMV for his permit test, and I was informed that I need his original Social Security card and his original birth certificate as well as proof of residency in this state. I only had his birth certificate, his Social Security number, and his CCRI-passed driver-education certificate, so I couldn’t get him his six-month permit.

According to this bill, illegal aliens will be granted driving privileges with far less documentation (considering they are illegal), and in fact if they meet certain requirements, they do not even have to take the written exam. For God’s sake, do they even have to be able to read English?  Maybe deep in the infrastructure plan, there is a hidden sign allocation fund for multiple immigrant languages? The statement below is actually taken from the bill text regarding one method of documentation acceptable:

(iv) Any other documentation deemed by the administrator to be reliable proof of the applicant’s name, date of birth, and place of birth

Hey, while we are at it, maybe we can add a special location for the illegals to obtain said driving privileges. A fast pass of sorts, to get them in and out of the DMV with efficiency. A special illegal resident line, considering they need only documentation deemed by the administrator as good, they should move right along. Quick, easy, effective. I’ll just take a number and wait.  Then at the State House, I’ll sit and watch as the morons who are supposedly more educated, more intelligent, and have the best interests of the state in mind bully me right out of my spot in line.

For the full text of this insane bill proposed check out this link. I hope that you will not only read the bill, but be angry enough to contact your representatives and ask them to stop giving away the privileges that we worked hard to obtain.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    When I took my daughter for her driver’s test in Massachusetts, she was refused because my car had a floor shift and a console. Who knew? Another father loaned her his car with a column shift. I suppose I should have started speaking Spanish.