Travis Rowley: Pride Goeth Before the Summer


“Pride is spiritual cancer:  It eats up the very possibility of love, or contentment, or even common sense.” — C.S. Lewis

What You’ll See at Gay Pride Events

Warning: Vulgar and Graphic Sexual Content

You should be prepared to see spontaneous simulations of anal and oral sex. The participants will portray it as exciting and fun. And the crowd will deem it hilarious. Parents of the progressive order will be there with their 12-year-old sons and their 9-year-old daughters.

Fools. All of them.

Attend any number of publicly held Pride events across the country and you’re likely to witness these lewd celebrations of homosexuality spawn frenzied pockets of sexual radicalism. No casual onlookers are immune.

Performances of exotic dance are part of the program. There will be “twerking” and the “grinding” of genitals. You’ll see the nearly-nude in suggestive duds, flaunting every sexual variety imaginable. Men will be grasping whips as they adorn leather outfits stitched for acts of sadomasochism. You’ll see some of the most deranged people you’ll ever encounter. You’ll likely see several individuals mocking traditional Catholic garb and culture. You’ll see people expressing their support for abortion and a host of other left-wing causes. Topless women usually make an appearance. Men with a severe lack of fashion sense will be everywhere — the drag queens. And it’s common to find some people sporting strap-on dildos, or costumes that resemble vaginas, penises, and condoms.

Democratic politicians will be present, solidifying their status as “allies.”

I’ve collected some photographs from Rhode Island and across the country at this link, because seeing is believing.

The Political Left

None of these public displays disturb progressive Democrats. Instead, they reserve their horror for those moments when predictable figures dare to object.

Last week, leftists everywhere convulsed the moment Bishop of Providence Thomas Tobin reminded Catholics via Twitter to “not support or attend LGBTQ ‘Pride Month’ events” because “they promote a culture and encourage activities that are contrary to Catholic faith and morals” and “are especially harmful for children.”

While normal people shrugged and scrolled to the next tweet, online progressives began to lash out with vicious charges of “hate” and “bigotry” — perhaps the majority of which employed the cheap and nonsensical footnote of the Church’s own child sex scandal, effectively arguing that Catholics may no longer speak out when harm could possibly befall children.

Yes, that is the progressive plan to better safeguard children as we move forward — to severely limit the amount of people who may address the homosexual culture that was so heavily intertwined with the Church scandal to begin with.

Hypocrites. All of them.

This especially includes President of RI Pride Joe Lazzerini, who shamelessly distorted the Bishop’s sentiments across several media platforms last week, informing thousands of Rhode Islanders that the Bishop had “called on Catholics to abandon … the LGBTQIA+ community” and that “he directly called LGBTQIA+ people harmful to children.”

Lazzerini organized a protest outside the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, calling for Tobin’s resignation. “We are taking Pride directly to them,” Lazzerini gloated.  In addition to a chorus of drag queens, he was joined by Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza (who brought his young child along) and Democratic State Representatives Moira Walsh, Chris Millea, and Marcia Ranglin-Vassell.

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The Affirmation of You

The hypersexual character of Pride events is not only undeniable, it’s their entire point and purpose. There’s no shortage of gay rights activists who openly stress the need to shatter society’s “heteronormativity” through various methods of “diversity training.”

We need only listen to Josh Kilby, the drag queen known as “Naomi Chomsky” who recently read books that are “affirming to the LGBT community” to dozens of children at “Drag Queen Storytime” at the Fall River Library. Commenting on Drag Queen Storytime, Kilby explained, “[This is] all about celebrating inclusivity and diversity.”

Kilby is an avowed communist who openly posts on social media about the online strangers he “just want[s] to f**k” and how he “love[s] eating ass.” He was the runner-up for the “Ms. Gay Rhode Island 2019” competition, remarking that “15 years of activism has prepared me for” the position.

And Democrats everywhere echo Kilby’s sentiments. When it was confirmed that Bristol’s Rogers Free Library would be hosting “Draq Queen Story Hour” this month, the Bristol Democratic Town Committee applauded the decision, noting that their town “is ready to celebrate diversity.”

It is crucial to understand that this is how leftists plan to remedy the widespread social ills discovered within homosexual corridors – particularly “the suicide rates in the LGBTQIA community,” as both Kilby (and Lazzerini) clarified several days ago on WPRO. That is, by affirming every sexual inclination. “Just knowing that it’s okay will save lives,” Kilby believes.

In regard to sexually expressing himself before a crowd of children, Kilby rationalized, “I have nothing to be ashamed of. I know who I am, it’s 2019. It’s time.” Addressing conservatives who cringe at the thought of introducing kids to the entire sexual landscape, Kilby believes they “aren’t giving children credit for being able to handle complex social issues.”

Progressives think they are helping kids. So the rest of us will just have to navigate our families through this new sexual jungle for years to come.

As gay-atheist Kevin Broccoli of Motif Magazine threatens, the Church’s “only hope of survival is to evolve with the times.”

Priests & Radicals

All of the shock value at Pride events is, in fact, the “diversity” that justifies the madness. To create a better world, you need to see it.

And to ultimately alter Church teachings, your children need to see it.

Progressives believe thousands of years of careful philosophy and religious instruction are primed for ridicule and renunciation. Enough of us just have to understand that drag queens and homosexuals are people, too. As if Catholics and conservatives don’t understand that already. As if this is about anything other than a rejection of traditional sexual ethics — a dispute between priests and radicals.

But that’s not a debate progressives will allow anyone to engage in. Their activist impulse is to simply convince as many people as possible that you are an “antiquated” and “hateful bigot,” mocking Christianity while lifting portions of Christ’s message for themselves.

“The Bible says love thy neighbor,” Lazzerini explains. “We are trying to teach love and acceptance,” Kirby claims. “I’d suggest you read the parts of the Bible that promote acceptance and compassion,” Broccoli advises the Bishop.

These are their responses to plain outcries over public indecency.

We are way past privacy. This is “Pride” — the boast that man has nothing to apologize for, and that has often been regarded as the first and worst of all sins.

No matter how “unfortunate” Democratic Governor Gina Raimondo considers Tobin’s tweet to have been, the Bishop was correct to lead his flock to higher ground.


Travis Rowley is a former Tea Party / Republican activist.

Featured image: A cropped segment of a photo posted on Rhode Island Pride’s Facebook page.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    I have to say that I find most of the pictures in this post disgusting. More so if I were present there with children. I am reminded of the time my 6 year old daughter and I stumbled onto a nude beach. I wonder how much of this would be permitted in a heterosexual “Pride Parade”.