What’s Really In Your Best Interest — Cooler or Warmer?


This week on “What’s Really In Your Best Interest? ” I discuss Rhode Island’s Cooler & Warmer fiasco. This rollout is yet another instance of government incompetence in the Ocean State. The arrogant response by Governor Gina Raimondo’s administration was perhaps even more telling; oozing contempt for those of us who honestly felt little connection with their marketing scheme. For years, our Center has been promoting family-friendly policies that directly benefit all Rhode Islanders, while opposing government-centric special interest deals for corporations, unions, and other insider groups. Rhode Island families deserve better than their elitist schemes.

  • disqus_4SRYzOEtQx

    No state works SO HARD at punishing its citizens and killing small businesses with job-losing tax policies. It consistently ranks dead last in Kiplinger’s Tax Havens and Hells yearly reports year after year, business rankings, etc.

    CONGRATS on the astounding and ever-continuing stupidity of RI “leaders” to ruin a gorgeous little state with their unbelievably corrupt ideas and relationships with sleazeballs they call “friends.” NONE OF YOU are friends to us Rhode Islanders.

    • ShannonEntropy

      You sound like an honest hard-working person ,, disqus_4SRYetc

      That is why you and those like you will suffer your entire lives here

      The SECRET to living well in Li’l Rhody is figuring out how to get folks like YOU to pay for their own life·style

      Becoming a teacher firefighter cop city or State employee is the obvious way to go …. now all you need is to “know a guy” to get there !!

      • disqus_4SRYzOEtQx

        I used to work for the Bristol-Warren school district. What a mess the kids are these days. Horrible kids come from horrible parents–never again will I darken a school’s door in RI.

        Paying for myself is what I do and wish I could continue to do–but I resent paying for every loser on the street as well. THEY need to fend for themselves instead of being welfare parasites suckling off the taxpayers’ teats.

        I’m starting a business in another state where I can hire about 19 people without failing before I even try (RI’s motto!). There’s NO WAY this state is hospitable to any industry except the graft/nepotism one. I’ll miss the island life when we leave Aquidneck….

        • ShannonEntropy

          There’s NO WAY this state is hospitable to any industry except the graft/nepotism one.

          So I see we are in basic agreement on the business climate here

          I still have a residence here but pulled out business-&-investment-wise years ago

          I feel really bad for folks like my brother-in-law … who just turned “full retirement age” and owns a large metal fabrication company and the property it sits on and wants to sell it all and retire tomorrow … but what idiot would buy a large commercial property & business in this State ??

          He will be paying to prop up this corrupt State until the day he dies … like so many others who can’t figure out an escape route out of here

          • disqus_4SRYzOEtQx

            SAD situation for your brother. I used to design jewellery for 9West, Givenchy, Richelieu, etc…talk about a decimated industry! I suspect only a non-profit will be brave enough to buy his property–and a non-profit status is something I seriously considered since that’s a halfway chance of surviving in RI tax-wise. Suggest your brother to talk to some big hospitals or govt agencies….? The capital gains tax in RI is horrific–he doesn’t want to face it, trust me. If he can unload it for what he put into it and keep his capital gains profit under a small cap, he should find a buyer eager to snatch his property up cheaply. The key is to get OUT from under that in any way possible.

            Folks need to read Kiplinger’s Tax Havens and Hells for Retirees. FABULOUS information. Plan on moving and adjusting to the idea of living in a new place. RI isn’t going anywhere, and visiting it is easy enough. But living in RI doesn’t pay the bills…staying in RI because of family or friends is nuts unless they are paying one’s bills.

            But RI folks are afraid to leave the state (or go over the bridge!) for a good job or to make their money go farther. I’ve lived in NC, OH, Alaska, etc–this country is TOO BIG AND GORGEOUS to be a slave to tax-toxic policies and foolish “leaders”! RI is the prettiest state and I love it for a hundred reasons….but the only ones who do well here are welfare/halfway house sorts. RI has the 3rd or 4th highest payout in every imaginable welfare benefit, and most of them have ZERO TIME LIMITS whereas other socialist-driven states have a 5 year limit or some such plan. Not the case with our stoopid “leaders” and their welfare programmes.

          • ShannonEntropy

            As a Warwick “Senior Citizen” I am entitled to basically FREE LUNCH every day


            Bonus feature =► I can walk there in about 15 minutes

            Unfortunately the lovely Mrs ShannonEntropy says even tho we live frugally that is TOO frugal for us

            I guess my point is … stuff like my free lunch is why taxes are so high here

            p.s. I was born in Ohio … nice place to be from

          • disqus_4SRYzOEtQx

            OHIO! Funny! I am sitting in Oxford, OH right now–we own a home in RI but my husband is earning his PhD at Miami. We’ve got one more year to go….I lost my job in RI 4 years ago, so it was good timing as I now travel between both states to do repairs on the RI house….the OH house desperately needs repairs, too, but my priority is the RI one since it is worth 10x more than this house (I bought in Newport when the market was super low….lucky!). One of my sisters lives in the Canton area. Our part of OH is incredibly depressed, but my sister’s part is flourishing. Crime’s an issue being in the middle of a triangle between Dayton, Cincinnati and Indianoplis–gangs coming to the college town to pillage, rape and mug kids.