What’s Really In Your Best Interests? Overreach in Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Directive


On this episode of, “What’s Really In Your Best Interests?” I discuss President Obama’s recent transgender bathroom directive. The administration’s directive regarding transgender access to bathrooms in public schools can only be viewed as a blatant threat and yet another assault against the cherished American cornerstones of federalism, local governance, individual rights, and transparent government. Rhode Islanders should speak out against this growing federal intrusion.

Regardless of how you feel about transgender access to facilities, the process by which this executive action will be implemented is nothing short of pure corruption.

If ever there was a time for school choice, to empower parents with the choice to escape schools that do not respect their personal values, that time is now. This increasing trend of arbitrary and unconstitutional government by activist and elitist executives, often a direct affront to the values of the very people they claim to represent – is dangerous to the cornerstones of our great American democracy.

  • Lance Wilson

    These “Dear Colleague Letters” are not law. Of course the threat of withholding of federal funds is implied,but the Obama administration has stated they would not take that step (yet, but essentially the clock has run out on that anyway).

    The schools that rushed on the 2011 DCL regarding sexual violence on college campuses are finding now a backlash (over 90 counter lawsuits by accused males, costing millions of dollars according to Foundation for Individual Rights in Education). Hence, the smart move for schools (and the state) is simply follow the existing law and avoid rushing into the “suggestions” in the DCL.

    I completely agree this is another example of federal overreach; however, to stretch that point to “escape schools that do not respect their personal values” is quite the generalization.

    First, I assume your school choice is based on vouchers or other public dollars flowing back to parents to choose – well, the acceptance of those dollars by private schools is going to subject them to Title IX and related laws, unless they apply for an exemption. The exemption would be based on faith-based principles, which then is going to test the concept of being exempt from federal law while accepting taxpayer funds. Sort of think unless Trump wins and there is a shift back in the SCOTUS where that decision would fall.

    Second, even locally, the catholic schools participate (mostly) in RIIL and thus accept RIIL’s pretty liberal transgender policy. Even Mount Saint Charles’ recent fiasco over this issue was based in “lack of facilities” (not faith based objection) and the school then backed off. Prout School, on a different issue, apologized to parents for having a speaker who (to me) essentially spoke church doctrine because many RI catholics’ values are not quite in sync with the church’s teachings.

    I understand a few catholic schools do not equal all private schools and school choice (along with choice in other areas the public sector services) may be a good thing in general, but using this specific issue, other than the general point of federal government overreach into what is for most a locally funded and locally controlled service, is a bit over the top.

  • Mike678

    We are in the silly season. This is little more than the Dems raising social issues in an attempt to get the Republicans to also weigh in on these issues and then be painted as “intolerant.” Leave the social issues to the states to fight…focus on security and the economy as these effect 300 million vice a few thousand….