Ben Watson, ex Patriots Star & Pro Life Champion: Value Every Life

“Keep pressing on until abortion is not only unthinkable, but for so many who think that it is necessary, it will no longer be necessary.” Benjamin Watson, Former NFL football tight end With the Super Bowl this Sunday, I thought it was only fitting to share with you remarks by pro-life champions on and off […]

Democrat for CD-1 Race Responds to his Major Flip Flop on Key Abortion Issue

State Representative Stephen Casey, long heralded as a pro-life Democrat and who voted against RI’s landmark pro-abortion legislation in 2019, unable to withstand the pressure from the Left and the debate stage, suddenly reversed course at a recent debate and declared he supported a woman’s “right to choose”, even to the point of stating that […]

Rhode Island Right to Life: RI Senate Committee VOTE on Taxpayer-Funds for Abortion

The Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on the so-called “Equality in Abortion Coverage Act” (2023-S0032) on Tuesday.

Children Taught to Hate? A Disturbing Incident at the RI State House Abortion Debate

by Anthony D’Ellena, RI Chapter Leader for Turning Point USA, from his Twitter feed (@AnthonyDEllena) Today, I witnessed a deeply disturbing incident at the Rhode Island State House. While I was in the West Gallery watching the session, a woman and her young daughter, who couldn’t have been more than 6 years old, were also […]

The Left are the real extremists when it comes to abortion policy

Who really holds the extreme position on abortion? The Rhode Island House of Representatives will vote this coming Thursday, April 27, on a bill (2023 — H5006) that will allow for state taxpayer-funding for abortion-on-demand in Rhode Island, both through the state-managed Medicaid program and through state employee health benefits programs, by removing statutory prohibitions […]

Ready, SET, DEBATE! Sten and Dr. Andy Bernstein, Objectivist Discuss Abortion

Why do conservatives continually lose the public debate on the issue of abortion when it’s really the progressive left which holds the non-mainstream and extreme views on the issue? Watch the #InTheDugout clip now!

Pro-Abortion Arguments Parallel Pro-Slavery Arguments

Originally published January 24 by Erick-Woods Erickson as … The Arguments of Abortion Are the Arguments For Slavery It is actually remarkable that one of the things conservatism has preserved the best in the United States is a culture of life.  Just as secular liberals have had to rebrand again as progressives since people stopped […]

Pop Star Kaya Jones Warns Women After ‘Painful’ Previous Abortions: ‘You Never Get Over it’

by ALANA MASTRANGELO, originally published on Breitbart News, January 9, 2023 Former Pussycat Dolls singer Kaya Jones recently revealed that she has had three abortions in her past, and regrets getting them. The singer added that her experience with abortion has been “painful beyond measure,” and that you “never get over it.” “It is something […]

Taxpayer Funded Abortions Back On The Agenda in RI

Bill Would Fund Abortions for State Employees and Medicaid Recipients Abortion Advocate Claims Failure to Fund Abortions with State Tax Dollars is “Discriminatory and Racist” PROVIDENCE – On the second day of the new legislative session in Democrat-dominated Rhode Island, publicly-funded abortion-coverage for state employees and Medicaid recipients is back in play. On Thursday, Rep. […]

Another Sidewalk Save – Another Life Saved

The mother was approached on the sidewalk right before entering through the gates to Planned Parenthood. She conversed with the Sidewalk Supporters for several minutes and batted every one of their abortion-objections away. She was listening, but adamant that she was getting an abortion that day.

GOD’s BEAUTIFUL LIFE: Boy With Facial Deformities, Given Up By Parents, Earns PhD

Originally printed in The Epoch Times by Louise Chambers, November 4, 2022 Boy With Rare Facial Deformities Was Given Up By His Parents, Grows Up to Earn PhD in Craniofacial Science A baby who was born with a rare genetic disorder that causes facial deformities was given a poor prognosis by doctors and abandoned by […]

Strong Words Towards Seth Magaziner From RI Right to Life

RI Right to Life says, “Check your anti-Catholic bigotry and your facts Mr. Magaziner” after a report of attacks on Mayor Allan Fung for his membership in the St. Thomas More Society of Rhode Island, a well-known mainstream fraternal society of Catholic lawyers and judges.  

WANTED: State Police Seek ID of “man in green jacket” who perpetrated the Friday Night of Rage violence

As suggested weeks ago by Mike Stenhouse on his In The Dugout video podcast, it now appears that the RI State Police have finally shifted their attention away from the peace-keeping efforts of Providence police officer, Juann Lugo, and are now searching for the mysterious “man in the green jacket” who started the violence at […]

Center’s Statement on SCOTUS decision to repeal Roe

STATEMENT on SCOTUS’s REPEAL OF ROE. Constitutional order restored to our republic. 6/24/22: Regardless of where one might stand on the abortion debate, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity encourages all Rhode Islanders to appreciate that the U.S. Supreme Court acted under with full constitutional authority in its repeal today of the Roe v […]

Barth Bracy: What SCOTUS’ Repeal of ROE means for RI

from an email by Barth Bracy, Executive Director or RI Right to Life Breaking – Roe v Wade Overturned Just moments ago, the Supreme Court released its opinion in the Dobbs v Jackson abortion case from Mississippi and, as has been anticipated since the unprecedented leak of a draft opinion in May, they have overturned […]

Tyler Rowley: March for Life Bus Trip – Reserve Now!

It’s not too late to reserve your spot at the most important March for Life ever, and Servants of Christ for Life will help to get you there with an unforgettable trip.

Providence Summer Reading List Promotes Critical Race Theory, Graphic Homosexual Sex, and Abortion To Children

The school year is ending. Parents who have children in the failing Providence Public School System are turning to the official school sponsored summer reading list to supplement their child’s education during the break. For many, their hope may be to find educational materials that can make up for the time lost during the pandemic, instead they will find a list of books that promotes Critical Race Theory (CRT), graphic descriptions of both giving and receiving sodomy, and abortion of the unborn… all promoted to children fourteen and up.

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