Left’s “Tax the Rich” Plan, Means Avg. Family will be Poorer

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Public and private employee unions along with their Left-leaning allies and elected officials in Rhode Island, for years, have been seeking to punish success by raising taxes on wealthy residents. Why? So the state can spend more money on projects that benefit unions and big-government spenders. Oh, and, of course, in echoing their […]

“Horror Bill”: RI once again plays lapdog to powerful unions

Originally published on FoxBusiness.com , July 13, 2023 by Kristen Altus, as … Rhode Island ‘horror’ bill a ‘test run’ for more Democrat-led states, experts warn Rhode Island to charge freelance, independent workers a $50 annual fee to retain status One Democrat-led state has passed a law that adds costly registration fees and privacy concerns […]

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