General Election Reaction: Hooray!

Where we’ve won, hooray! And where we haven’t, hooray for the new opportunities our current position presents.

An Election Day That Is Critical and Inconsequential

The sheer reality of the concern that government is too big and invasive suggests one way in which it doesn’t really matter who wins today.

Nationally Renowned Epidemiologist: Data Shows Gov’s Action to be Bogus

The Governor needs to stop trying to control our lives.

On the latest episode of our Mikes with Mics, nationally renowned epidemiologist, Dr. Andrew Bostom, explained that an “un-hysterical” analysis of the data does not support the Governor’s actions, which he called “bogus.”

Clay Johnson: Let Us Be Thankful

We are living through one of the most peaceful times in human history. Given the tumult of 2020, it is easy to lose perspective. The number of people living in poverty is plummeting – globally. And even with a pandemic raging, we are seeing extraordinary advances in our ability to fight disease. Whether together or apart, we will soon see the arrival of Thanksgiving – a pause to give thanks, and maybe gain some perspective.

Before we arrive at this pause, we have an election to endure. The Gaspee Project board is committed to advocating for free market principles and supporting conservative candidates. These principles lead to more freedom. Freedom leads to prosperity (jobs). History has shown this to be true.

Conservatives believe in the individual rights and a free society. This is why private property and a limited government are so important.

Aaron Lewis: In the Grey Zone

Are local hospitals withholding life-saving measures and allowing some babies to die?

Van Halen and Definition of an Era

From the other side of the millennium (and grunge), we’re fortunate that Eddie Van Halen’s era was one with audio and video recording so we can be reminded that it is possible to have moments of sheer enjoyment of our talents and others’.

Last Impressions #52: Stable Pods and Unstable Metonyms

Justin Katz reports the (unfortunately) not Not Real News about “stable pods” at URI, reviews local conservative happenings in Rhode Island, and talks about the metonymic dogmatism of the Left.

An Age Old Question About Teaching Reason

The danger of shifting definitions and moral commands will be clearer as the mob expands its circle of erasure, but the number of people remaining to come to each other’s defense shrink.

A Pattern of Avoiding Profound Possibilities

Nobody needs to be told that we’re in divisive times, right now, but we hear way too little about the most sure solution.

Last Impressions #50: The Laughable & the Ominous

A new Not Real News segment explores what RI politicians are really thinking, the Conservative Binder catches up on some right-leaning news from the state, and Justin discusses the Providence College lockdown and ominous economic news for the state.

Politicizing the Princess Bride?

To put money in the hands of politicians, the Hollywoodites are driving us toward complete disunion.

Can’t Life Just Be Life Again?

As we reach September 11, 2020, it seems as if the answer to the question seems to be, “As soon as you meet our demands.”

A Dark Cloud Loomis Over URI

If Rhode Islanders’ support for the University of Rhode Island appears to wane, some small part of the explanation will be the prominence of history professor Erik Loomis.

Design as a Bellwether of Urban Health

Why isn’t Rhode Island government interested in visually exciting architecture? Because our system makes paying off insiders too high a priority, says Mark Zaccaria.

A Warning About History Erasure

While we shouldn’t set the past in immutable stone as if it was perfect and inviolable, erasing it should not be our default choice.

Beware Anti-Racist Indoctrination

The cult of “anti-racism” is not a cultural fad that parents can afford to ignore and let slip by.

Use Your Voice – Huge Deficits Cannot be Plugged with Even Higher Taxes

Before the coronavirus crisis… the Ocean State was already hemorrhaging people, because of its existing cruel business climate. Now, Rhode Islanders cannot afford tax hikes to plug huge projected budget deficits.

Lawmakers are being pressured by public sector unions and the radical far left movement to put the burden on you… and to raise your taxes. That’s why the Center has launched a new counter campaign to the government-union led effort to raise taxes in RI. Take action now.

A Necessary Adjustment When Comparing 1968 to Now

Comparison of the Woodstock-era pandemic with COVID-19 has to take into account the ages of the population.

The Insidious, Evil Trick of “Anti-Racism”

To the extent that there is actually something like systemic racism, it is in the progressive identity politics that filters everything through the lens of race.

Ruggerio Loses Pro-Life Endorsement

How much difference this will make in a state where progressives are surging and our entire system of government appears designed to rig elections remains to be seen. In a state as far gone as Rhode Island, however, clarity is critical.

Vision of Raised Taxes Not the Answer for Economic Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has left Rhode Island with significant revenue loss after forced government shutdowns.

Now, legislators are being pushed by public-employee unions and the progressive-left to put the burden on you… and to raise your taxes. This is not a burden Rhode Island can bear.

Union Political Spending: A Web of Corruption

Not every teacher, first-responder, clerk, or other public servant considers themselves to be Democrats or part of the “progressive-left” movement in Rhode Island. Yet every employee who is member of a government union in our state is paying dues that directly support this extreme political agenda… along with the corrupt quid quo pro that comes with union political spending. A new report, from our Center, exposes that Rhode Island’s hyper-partisanship and radical agenda is funded by government union political spending: Click Here Now To Read It.

Fairy Tale Political Battles on the Road to Polygamy

Legislation that purports to clarify the laws around who can be and is a child’s parent does much more, and reportage is telling in a more-profound way than the light tone indicates.

Venson Jordan: The Beginning of the End of Racism in America

For many Black people in this country over the age of forty, the fear of losing the progress we’ve gained keeps us tethered to the abuser we were forced to wed.

Elorza’s “Collection of Truth” for Reparations Is a Red Flag

If common sense and just moral reasoning have no advocates, then insanity will simply roll over us all.

Roland Benjamin: $23,000/Student is Already More than Sufficient Funding

I have been close to these budgets. Very close.

A “lack of funding” cannot be the culprit for every decision from local officials that change services or reconsider programming. When a 1% or 2% fiscal nudge in anything is blamed, I seriously question the competence and/or the integrity of those using the argument.

One Way to Gauge Who You Would Have Been

In a recent Twitter thread, Princeton Professor Robert George gets at a question that has long interested me: How can you tell who you would have been in ages past — what side of a controversy you would have taken?

Let’s Not Overdo the RI History Revisionism

Ever since Rhode Island Speaker of the House Nicholas Mattiello invited accusations of ignorance by questioning whether there had ever been slavery in the Ocean State, the pendulum has been swinging the other way.

Ideals that Make America and Rhode Island Strong

Have a happy and proud Independence Day weekend. Now is the time to celebrate America’s great and noble ideals. Sadly in the Ocean State, the political class has taken too much from hard-working Rhode Island families and businesses. The chosen few have benefited from the broken system, while the rest of us have suffered.

Discomfort in the Look

If it’s true that white people are becoming “uncomfortable in their whiteness” for the first time, it’s a fabricated phenomenon that is not healthy for our society.

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