Mobility Has Held, but Perception and Perspective Have Changed

Economic mobility has improved or held steady over the past half-decade, but public perception is otherwise. Arguing hopelessness or dependence may reinforce the trend.

Laffey Movie Catches Mood, but That Might Be a Different Kind of Success than Hoped For

Justin reacts to an initial screening of Stephen Laffey’s movie, Fixing America.

Melville & the Current – Finding Meaning in Life

On what grounds do we choose which of the three options for life’s big question (fight, surrender, or adjust) to pursue, and (relatedly) what are we intending to find or accomplish by heading upstream, downstream, or cross-stream?

Inequality and Economic Dust

Ash Wednesday seems an appropriate day to consider ruminations on economic inequality, from James Nuechterlein’s “Public Square” column in last April’s First Things (subscription required): … the connection between inequality and hard times is so prevalent in folk wisdom that expressions of alarm over the nation’s distribution of income followed in the wake of the […]

Marriage Is to Change and Unify, Not to Acknowledge Perfect Compatibility

As a social institution, marriage is a force to overcome differences, not an acknowledgement of preexisting and perfect compatibility.

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