Independent Women’s Network – DON’T MISS – Opinion & Update

NOTE: The newly formed Rhode Island chapter of the Independent Women’s Network has partnered with the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity and The Ocean State Current to raise awareness among the public about the important issues facing families in our state. Look for more posts and more IWN guests to regularly appear on The […]

Servants of Christ for Life: Another Sidewalk Save – Life Saved

The mother was approached on the sidewalk right before entering through the gates to Planned Parenthood. She conversed with the Sidewalk Supporters for several minutes and batted every one of their abortion-objections away. She was listening, but adamant that she was getting an abortion that day.

How the Rhode Island Governor’s Salary Compares to Other States

In Rhode Island, the salary of the governor stood at $145,755 as of 2021, the 24th lowest among the 50 states. For additional context, the typical state governor earns between $147,000 and $150,000. Meanwhile, the overall cost of living in Rhode Island is estimated to be about 1.8% higher than the national average.

Minority Leader McCarthy predicts GOP to control House; Senate too close to call

The latest updates on the 2022 US Elections, including all Senate and House races. Updated regularly throughout election night, so you don’t have to!

Planned Parenthood revenue trending up as taxpayer funding increases

Planned Parenthood’s revenues increased 16% nationwide over the past four years as private contributions and government reimbursements and grants have risen. The reproductive care organization’s total revenues increased from $1.46 billion in 2016-17 to $1.71 billion in 2020-21, according to its annual report that was recently released.

Control of Congress at stake as Americans head to the polls on Election Day

Voters around the country head to the polls Tuesday to vote in a range of races, with dozens of governors’ seats and control of the U.S. House and Senate hanging in the balance. President Joe Biden has ratcheted up the rhetoric in recent weeks, repeatedly claiming “democracy is on the ballot” in these midterm elections.

GOD’s BEAUTIFUL LIFE: Boy With Facial Deformities, Given Up By Parents, Earns PhD

Originally printed in The Epoch Times by Louise Chambers, November 4, 2022 Boy With Rare Facial Deformities Was Given Up By His Parents, Grows Up to Earn PhD in Craniofacial Science A baby who was born with a rare genetic disorder that causes facial deformities was given a poor prognosis by doctors and abandoned by […]

THE TRUTH: Why COLUMBUS DAY Should Not be Canceled

NOTE: this column originally appeared on The Daily Signal, as:  The Truth About Columbus by Jarrett Stepman / @JarrettStepman / October 06, 2017 **** Is this the last time we can celebrate Columbus Day? A wave of cities have decided to remove the holiday from the calendar and replace it with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer credited […]

Led by Westerly Priest, Christian Clergy Unite Against “pornography” in K-12 Schools

COMMENTARY: The open letter below was co-signed by over a dozen Catholic and other Christian pastors in Rhode Island to protest the immoral “obscenity” and “pornography” that young students are subjected to in their K-12 schools across our Ocean State. At a higher level, the poisoning of young minds with inappropriate sexual content is part […]

U.S. Army recommends food stamps for soldiers struggling with inflation

The U.S. army is recommending soldiers apply for SNAP benefits, also known as food stamps, to help cover their rising costs from inflation. The U.S. Army cites the higher prices on a range of goods because of inflation in its recently released official guidance.

Cranston’s Library Director Responds to the Highly Protested Transgender Event.

Editorial comment: Below is the letter sent by the Library Director to the Cranston Public Library’s distribution list after it hosted the September 19 public educational event, which advised parents about the truth of what children are being taught about the transgender agenda in our schools; an event which spurred a multi-hundred person protest, along […]

3 Women Who Tried Transgender Transition Saw Their Lives Worsen

“All three women interviewed suffered from suicidal ideation and depression. Each believed that changing her name, pronouns, appearance, and hormones would solve her problems, yet each found her emotional state dramatically worsened as a result.” *** Reproduced from the Daily Signal and originally titled: These 3 Women Tried Transgenderism, and Then Stopped Gillian Richards / @gn_richards / September 19, […]

Radical reporting defiles Cranston’s transgender-in-schools public education event; biased media and vulgar activists

OPINION JOURNALISM: Radical left makes the argument that promoting gender-transition notions to students in schools is safer than parents who seek to preserve the innocence of their children. Cancel culture fails to cancel the event. Trans-species next? A public event designed to inform parents of what is being taught to their children in schools when […]

How the Gun Trafficking Problem in Rhode Island Compares to Other States

The United States has nearly 121 guns per 100 people, according to the Small Arms Survey, a Swiss-based research project. That figure may be higher today since it was reported in the organization’s report published in 2018 and was already an increase from 88 guns per 100 people in 2011. (These are states with the most gun purchases per person.)

Rhode Island Reports Fewer Gun Sales per Capita Than Most States This Year

Americans have more guns than anywhere else in the world, and gun sales in the U.S. continue to eclipse those in any other country. This is true both in terms of gun ownership by person and absolute sales. America, without question, is the gun sales and gun ownership capital of the world.

2020 Was the Deadliest Year for Rhode Island in the Last Decade

2020 was a tumultuous year in the United States. Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment surged and gun sales spiked. The murder of George Floyd also rattled confidence in law enforcement and sparked nationwide protests. Amid the turmoil, homicide cases jumped by nearly 30%, the largest single-year increase on record.

Volunteer CANCELED & FIRED in South Kingstown as Town Censors Its Own Senior Center

In essence, I was being censored and told what I can and cannot say.  Furthermore, if I raise a subject I must also deliver an opposing viewpoint which I refused stating the opinions of the assembly may have an opposing opinion which is exactly the purpose of the CE meetings. I contend my opinion is my own however mandating I take an opposing view forces me to betray myself which I will not do to satisfy their new mandate.

Jewish university appeals to Supreme Court after it is ordered to approve LGBT club

The oldest Jewish university in the U.S. has now appealed to the Supreme Court as the next step in a lengthy battle over whether the religious school has to recognize an LGBT club. The legal battle began last year when a group of students and alumni of Yeshiva University took their university to court, demanding the school endorse an LGBTQ Pride Alliance club on campus.

This Is the City With the Most Gun Stores in Rhode Island

here are over 393 million guns in circulation in the U.S., according to estimates from the Small Arms Survey, far outnumbering the national population of 327 million. In the United States – the only country in the world home to more civilian-owned guns than people – guns are big business.

14 Providence police department employees made more than $200,000 in 2021

Luis San Lucas is a captain in the Providence Police Department who was paid $278,194 in 2021, making him the city’s highest paid employee. According to city records, San Lucas earned a salary of $130,299 and garnered another $85,286 in overtime. He also received a payment in 2021 of $60,052 for overtime involving events that the city provides police protection.

Rhode Island’s gaming revenue rebounding since COVID-19 lockdowns, data reveals

Rhode Island’s gaming revenue in several categories was cut in half at the height of pandemic-induced lockdowns, according to financial data from state officials. In most instances, it is, however, on the rebound. A comb-through of financial data posted to the Rhode Island Department of Revenue Lottery Division’s website provides a snapshot of revenues brought in from traditional lottery games, video lottery terminals, table games and sports betting or, as it is more formally known, sport book.

Poll: Democrats don’t want Biden to run again in 2024

A majority of Democrats do not want President Joe Biden to run for reelection in 2024, according to a new poll. The New York Times/Siena College numbers released Monday show that only 26% of Democratic voters surveyed want Biden to receive the party’s nomination in the next presidential election in 2024. The poll found 64% of Democratic voters want a different candidate to lead their ticket.

Democratic state attorneys general, nearly two dozen, support new federal gun rule

A coalition of 20 state attorneys general, all Democrats, are backing a federal gun rule in court. The Final Rule, as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives named it, would enable law enforcement officials to trace any homemade guns used in crimes. In addition, the rule limits trafficking the weaponry.

History Repeats Itself Once Again

No matter how or where, humanity has always had an unquenchable thirst for progress. From setting out to explore new lands from the Americas to the Moon, we have always pursued to enhance our lives and knowledge beyond that which prior generations before us have stopped. But, as of now, we have hit a wall […]

Drag Queen Story Hours Spread form West Warwick and East Providence

Over the weekend, drag queen story hours targeting children of all ages were held at the West Warwick Civic Center and Weaver Library in East Providence. The events featured performances in drag by individuals going by the names of Miss Haley Star, Imogen Dragons, and Russel Sprouts. These events were hosted by library staff in order to teach children about homosexual lifestyles.

Report gives New Hampshire’s economy high ranking

(The Center Square) – New Hampshire boasts one of the strongest performing economies in the nation, according to a new report from the personal finance website WalletHub. Monday’s release of its 2022’s States with the Best & Worst State Economies sought to determine which states are pulling the most weight amid the economic uncertainties caused […]

OPINION: Independents are seldom independent by choice

While American politics continues to play out like a roller derby grudge match between Democrats and Republicans, off camera more and more voters are choosing not to affiliate with either party as the number of registered independents continues to grow. The share of independents has moved so far upwards the last few decades that moderate party line voters are an endangered species.

Rhode Island becomes 19th state to legalize marijuana

Marijuana is now legal to be consumed by Rhode Island residents age 21 and over. Gov. Dan McKee signed Senate Bill 2430, which makes it the 19th state to legalize marijuana, and sets regulation, taxation, and the market of the drug. The legislation provides for expungement of civil and criminal marijuana possession charges that is to be completed by June 1, 2024.

Harvard Student’s Brave Senior Speech Condemns Anti-Americanism

As a Harvard graduate myself, it is encouraging to see that apparently not all students and staff at woke institutions like Harvard University have been indoctrinated by anti-American propaganda.

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