Appearance on Newsmakers to Talk Same-Sex Marriage

Video (and one-paragraph summary) of Justin’s appearance on WPRI 12’s Newsmakers show about same-sex marriage.

Dan Harrop Concedes in Race for RIGOP Chair

After a strange and contentious week, RIGOP chairman candidate Dan Harrop has withdrawn from the contested race, clearing the way for Mark Smiley to begin his tenure in that role.

Yale Law Graduate Documents President Obama’s Assault on the First Amendment in New Book

Author George Shuster tells Kevin J. Mooney that the First Amendment is the last line of defense for U.S. freedom and has been under increased attack under the current President.

Rep. Mattiello, Sen. Gallo Accused of “Spreading Misinformation” About Sex Offenders and Homeless Service Centers

Now that they are up for re-election, Democratic Majority Leader Nicholas Mattiello and his close ally Sen. Hanna Gallo, also a Democrat, are posturing as forceful advocates for neighborhood safety in Cranston.

Free Market Agenda Needed to Counteract Power of Insiders, Say Center for Freedom and ALEC Speakers

The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity held a press conference, Thursday, to draw attention to an alternative approach to turning around the state’s economy, titled, “Get Government Out of the Way.”

RI GOP Delegates Sidestep Conflict Between Ron Paul Supporters and Republican Leadership

Conflict with Ron Paul supporters at the RNC raises debate about Northeast Republicans and intraparty debates.

Rhode Island’s Pursuit of “Dependency Portal” Vindicates Gov. Christie’s Veto of Exchange, N.J. Delegation Says

By resisting the health care exchange system included as part of the new federal health care law, Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey has put himself in a stronger position to safeguard taxpayer interests, according to key figures in the state’s delegation to the National Convention in Tampa, FL.

New Jersey Republican Delegation Responds to Voter Fraud in Rhode Island

In response to the voter fraud scandals that have beset Rhode Island over the past few days, top figures in the NJ Republican Delegation told the Ocean State Current that electoral irregularities are “rampant” and “widespread” in their own state.

Forbes Columnist Credits Candidate Riley for “Pro-Growth” Message, Calls Nixon “The Worst President” of His Lifetime

Forbes columnist Louis Woodhill praises GOP congressional candidate Michael Riley for emphasizing “pro-growth” policies during event in East Greenwich. Woodhill also compares current economic conditions with the Great Depression of the 1930s and identifies Nixon as the “worst president” of modern times.

10 News Conference – Justin and RIFuture’s Bob Plain

Video and an off-stage anecdote from Justin’s appearance on 10 News Conference with Bob Plain, hosted by Jim Taricani.

On State of the State: Getting RI Involved and on Track

Justin is his contrarian self on State of the State with John Carlevale.

GOP Congressional Candidate Riley Sees Merit in Raimondo’s Hedge Fund Strategy

GOP Congressional Candidate Michael Riley says RI Treasurer Gina Raimondo’s hedge fund strategy might make sense, depending on execution.

Costantino, Ferguson, and Roberts Describe “Unified Infrastructure”

The audio in which RI Health & Human Services Secretary Steven Costantino, Health Benefits Exchange Director Christine Ferguson, and Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts describe their vision of dependency portals.

Nationally Recognized Investigative Reporter Joins the Ocean State Current

Kevin Mooney has appeared on Breitbart and Glenn Beck.

Gallogly: Discount Rates and the Oversight Spotlight

Dept. of Revenue Director Gallogly comments on pension issues and communities on the brink of state oversight.

On Dan Yorke to Discuss Woonsocket Raises

Audio of Justin’s appearance on the Dan Yorke Show relates to the larger questions of structure and strategy that Rhode Island has to answer.

A Free-Market Catholic’s Conversation with the Bishop, Part 3 of 3

The Current interviews Roman Catholic Bishop of Providence Thomas Tobin, part 3 of 3: illegal immigration; perceptions of an oppressive state.

Keith Anderson, Teacher and Right-to-Work Advocate, also Candidate for General Assembly

East Providence High School teacher Keith Anderson is running for the district 29 House seat, from Coventry.

A Free-Market Catholic’s Conversation with the Bishop, Part 2 of 3

The Current interviews Roman Catholic Bishop of Providence Thomas Tobin, part 2 of 3: no political box; healthcare and political lessons; school choice

A Free-Market Catholic’s Conversation with the Bishop, Part 1 of 3

The Current interviews Roman Catholic Bishop of Providence Thomas Tobin, part 1 of 3: welfare and charity; “a global authority”; solidarity and subsidiarity; giving authority over to the state.

RNC Co-Chair: Optimism, Work, and Tools, but No Money

On a visit to Rhode Island, RNC Co-Chairman Sharon Day promises local Republicans tools, access, and optimism, but not money.

Star Kids for the Children Left Behind

The Star Kids Program, in the East Bay, helps the children that Rhode Island might otherwise leave behind to close the graduation gap.

Laffey Movie Catches Mood, but That Might Be a Different Kind of Success than Hoped For

Justin reacts to an initial screening of Stephen Laffey’s movie, Fixing America.

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