Why are Cranston Schools Refusing to Investigate the Disturbing Josh Mello Affair?

As of the posting of this updated story (June 21, 2022),  the Cranston school committee has not indicated whether or not it will investigate how a father and legal guardian of one if its students may have been improperly or even illegally removed from an authorized list to care for his own child. SEE JOSH’S […]

Providence Summer Reading List Promotes Critical Race Theory, Graphic Homosexual Sex, and Abortion To Children

The school year is ending. Parents who have children in the failing Providence Public School System are turning to the official school sponsored summer reading list to supplement their child’s education during the break. For many, their hope may be to find educational materials that can make up for the time lost during the pandemic, instead they will find a list of books that promotes Critical Race Theory (CRT), graphic descriptions of both giving and receiving sodomy, and abortion of the unborn… all promoted to children fourteen and up.

Drag Queen Story Hour Targets West Warwick Children

Plans are well underway for the West Warwick Public Library to hold an event called “Drag Story Time!” targeting children ages 0-6 to attend at the end of June. This event is moving forward despite calls from parent groups to cancel as a result of the controversy surrounding the subject matter. 

Apparent Unemployment Insurance Letters Sent to Mississippi

Apparent unemployment insurance correspondence from the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training (DLT) sent to an address in Mississippi joins the list of examples of problems handling the government program.

DOH “Whistle-Blower” Summoned to Ominous HR Meeting

An RI Department of Health employee fears retaliation as she’s ordered to attend a meeting with multiple state officials after going public with concerns about nursing home oversight during the COVID-19 pandemic.

David de la Cruz: East Providence PD Shut Down Religious Service in March

Days after an executive order from the governor forbade gatherings, the East Providence police shut down a church despite voluntary plans to limit risks.

At the Top of the Patronage Network

Conspicuous relationships between powerful people and employees of the Convention Center Authority are just snow on the sharp point of the tip of the iceberg of RI’s patronage network.

A Progressive Summer (Reading List)

An uproar of progressive complaints led to book mentioning God to be removed from lesson plans, while the official Providence school’s summer reading list contains sexually explicit and politically charged novels including one that details a pedophiliac relationship.

Special Delivery! Conservatives Receive Anonymous Progressive Hate Mail

At least five Rhode Island conservatives received Progressive hate letters in the mail to their homes. Chad Callanan, Sean Todd, Andy Deutsch, Rhode Island GOP Chairwoman Sue Cienki, and Senator Gordon Rogers were the targets of the coordinated mailings. The identity of the sender is unknown.

Advocate Is Victim of Threatening Phone Call from Criminally Insane Asylum

Should the criminally insane have unsupervised access to cellphones while in prison?

Cienki Wins RIGOP Chairmanship Race While Supporters Hope For Rejuvenated Conservative Movement

The process to pick a new leader for the Rhode Island Republican Party is over. After an unusually competitive race for chairman of the RI GOP— the conservative faction has triumphed. Chairwoman Suzanne McGee Cienki has been elected to lead the party for the next two years.

Republican Chairman Candidate Showdown At Providence GOP Meeting

In the final leg of the race for the new chairmanship of the Rhode Island Republican Party, three of the four remaining candidates squared off at the Providence GOP Chair Candidates Forum on Monday night.

Large Crowd At R.I. State House In Opposition To Removing Abortion Restrictions

An overwhelmingly pro-life crowd of Rhode Islanders gathered at the State House to oppose the Reproductive Health Care Act (RHCA).The bill would expand abortion in the Ocean State removing existing restrictions from state law.

UPDATED: Trillo’s Wife Accosts Dentist at PAC Dinner Over Quid Pro Quo Rumor

Candidate Joe Trillo’s wife allegedly accosted a dentist after a PAC dinner expressing anger over rumors that her husband’s candidacy is part of a deal to procure a judicial appointment for their daughter.

Civil Rights Erode Under Arbitrary Law in Tiverton

When Tiverton’s new library director canceled a town Republican event on short notice, last week, she proved the importance of citizens’ vigilance for their basic civil rights.

For Government Unions, Layers Upon Layers of Deals

Warwick fire fighters’ sick time benefit would be the envy of any private-sector employee, but apparently even what’s in the contract wasn’t good enough.

Progressive Cranston Action Network Holds Pro-Illegal Immigration Rally Outside Cranston City Hall

Under thirty people rallied in front of Cranston City Hall on Monday evening to protest Mayor Allan Fung’s campaign promise to side with Rhode Island families over prisoners who have illegally immigrated to the United States when elected Governor.

Antifa Protest Attendee Arrested for Striking Veteran with Bike Lock (Updated)

Samson Racioppi, an Army veteran and libertarian, was allegedly struck on the back of his neck by a member of Antifa with a bike lock following a protest in front of the Rhode Island State House on Saturday. Alexander Carrion was arrested by Providence Police for the violent attack.

Tolls Force ATA Lawsuit That Could Cost Rhode Island Taxpayers Millions In Legal Fees

After years of citizen outrage against truck-tolls in the Ocean State, the American Trucking Associations and three motor carriers representing the industry are bringing a federal lawsuit against the State of Rhode Island on constitutional grounds likely to cost taxpayers millions.

Providence College Responds to Questions on Goodwin’s Restraining Order

Providence College responds to questions from the Current on Vice President Kristine Goodwin’s restraining order against Michael Smalanskas.

PC or PC? Vice President Goodwin Takes Out Restraining Order Against Smalanskas

Michael Smalanskas, who was recently the center of an open debate battle with progressive activists over a bulletin board he posted educating students about traditional Catholic marriage, has been barred from campus and has had a restraining order taken out against him by Vice President for Student Affairs, Kristine Goodwin.

Catholic Bishop to Smalanskas: Providence College at a Crossroads

Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence has written a letter to the Providence College student under attack for his pro-marriage bulletin board saying that the college must decide a path between Catholicism or being “just one more progressive, secular bastion of political correctness.”

Pro-Lesbian Bulletin Board in All-Girls Dorm Prompted Traditional Marriage Response

Motivation for the pro-traditional-marriage bulletin board at Providence College was an earlier board promoting lesbianism in an all-girls dorm, which appeared to receive more administrative support at the Catholic school than one supporting Church doctrine.

Providence College Student Threatened in Rape Cartoon After Promoting Catholic Marriage Belief

A Providence College student has become the target of protest and threats after promoting the traditional understanding of marriage at the Catholic college.

DACA and a Back Door to Gubernatorial Favors

Governor Raimondo gets to know who helped fund her DACA-fee-payment campaign, but her office says the public cannot.

General Assembly Lawyers and Political Donations

Lawyers for the General Assembly, many part-time with full health benefits, appear to donate quite a bit to local politicians, particularly the Speaker of the House.

The Weight of Block’s Voter Fraud Report

The significance of Block’s voter-fraud findings depends what numbers one emphasizes, but the most reasonable number for concern is pretty big.

Tracing the Mayor’s Money

While the Rhode Island media piles up the headlines against Providence City Council President Luis Aponte over misuse of campaign funds, blogger Johanna Harris is using campaign finance data as intended: to research Mayor Elorza’s donors.

Withheld FTE’s? Has State of RI Contributed to Delay of DMV Computer?

Did the State of Rhode Island contribute to the ten year old DMV computer saga by failing to provide adequate manpower for data migration? The Ocean State Current asked some questions – and got answers (of a sort).

The Wexford-Brookings Franchise in Rhode Island

The seemingly separate commercial and non-profit activity of organizations involved with Rhode Island’s centralized economic development plan has markers of a pre-designed package that will make its salespeople rich… rather, make them richer.

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