Activists See Trend as Bank Cuts Off Rhode Island Gun Shop

A sudden end to Sovereign Bank’s relationship with Bullseye Shooting Supplies in Woonsocket may be part of a politically motivated national push to make the sale of firearms more difficult.

Back-Yard-Parking State Employee Got Overtime in Prior Years

As in recent articles from the Current, an investigative report from Tim White, of WPRI, shows another state employee whose funding comes from federal and other sources and whose work practices happen to be deserving of scrutiny.

Behavioral Healthcare Department Says Union Restrictions, Big Changes Increased Overtime

The state Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH) offers details about its high overtime costs, such as overtime pay during declared states of emergency and increased retirements after pension reform.

Union Rules and “Unique System” Drive Up Overtime for State Government Community Living Aides

Community living aides in group homes operated by the state government have been able to more than triple their pay with overtime and other salary enhancements. State officials cite union rules as a significant driver.

Another State Route to Riches: Institutional Attendants Earning Six Figures

Nursing assistants under a particular job title at government-run Eleanor Slater Hospital are taking home up to nearly $115,000 per year, with overtime and other enhanced pay.

Government Nurses Joining Quarter-Million-Dollar Club

The State of Rhode Island is reluctant to detail how nine employees of taxpayer-funded Eleanor Slater Hospital pull in over $100,000 each in extra pay.

Gary Alexander’s Long Commute and Rhode Island’s Big Compensation

RI resident and PA Secretary of Public Welfare Gary Alexander has come under media scrutiny in both states for using a state vehicle to travel between them. Less-reported information gives context to the issue and to the compensation of government officials generally.

Wind Power Supporters Challenge Allegations in Complaint to Attorney General

Contrary to what was alleged in a complaint filed with Attorney General Peter Kilmartin, the East Bay Energy Consortium (EBEC) has pursued a proposed wind power project in a fiscally responsible, open, and transparent manner, according to some of the government figures named in the complaint.

Wind Power Proponents Advance “Unlawful” Scheme at Taxpayer Expense, AG Complaint Says

RI taxpayers could be on the hook for a costly, unworkable wind power project that lacks and discernible environmental benefits if the East Bay Energy Consortium and its partners in government are permitted to overstep legal boundaries, a complaint with the attorney general claims.

Johnston Republican Mayoral Candidate Explains Arrest Record, Presents Blackmail Evidence

Johnston mayoral candidate Peter Filippi presents the Ocean State Current with copies of the mailings that have been send to his home. Filippi is convinced that is opponent, Joseph Polisena, the incumbent Democratic mayor, is at least partly responsible. Polisena denies the allegations.

Blackmail Allegations Beset Johnston Mayoral Race

The Republican mayoral candidate in Johnston says he’s being pushed out of the race; others say he’s raising legitimate question about union benefits.

November Deadline Looms for Municipalities to Submit Reports on Underfunded Pensions

Rhode Island has received national attention to implementing pension reforms that address unfunded liabilities. But the action has not been matched at the local level where retirement plans are set to implode

Dispute Over Proposed Shipping Venture in Quonset’s Davisville Port Continues to Rage

The Quonset Development Corp.’s denial of a business plan by Iceland shipper Eimskip sparks controversies, and different explanations of the reasons.

Bringing the Dependency Portal into Focus

The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity has created a page to trace the development of Rhode Island’s “dependency portal.”

Activists See Government Financial Motive Behind Halfway Houses

Re-entry programs for ex-convicts provide a valuable service, but some think they’re compromising public safety, with big dollars flowing in behind.

Cranston Residents View Halfway Houses as Potential Criminal Threat in Suburban Settings

Half-way houses intended to transition prison inmates back into society worry some in local communities.

A Decade of Moving Next Door

Rhode Island taxpayers have been fleeing the state since 2003, bringing their money and productivity with them; the trend can definitely be reversed, but it’s a choice that residents will have to make.

Rhode Island Succumbs to Obama DOJ Lawsuit, But Leads on Voter ID

Rhode Island’s voter ID law provides some protection against one-sided enforcement from the Obama administration of the National Voter Registration Act.

With Budget Commission, Woonsocket Deficit Problem Nearly Doubles

Addressing city’s pension shortfall, Woonsocket budget commission faces another $7 million annual deficit, addressing $46 million gap over five years.

Senator’s Wife Caught Up in RI Licensing

Sen. John Tassoni’s wife lacked a license for her day care center, but he won’t comment about whether RI’s licensing regulations are too burdensome.

Clarification on Pension Projections

The General Treasurer’s office clarifies, for the Current, a chart showing a brief period of pension investment returns below expectations.

Medicaid Waiver Reform Saved Tens of Millions, Although ObamaCare/ARRA Curtailed Savings

Despite some local journalists’ reports, RI’s Medicaid Global Waiver reform has saved $55.2 million within the first year and a half of implementation, and would have saved more but for ObamaCare and federal stimulus legislation.

UPDATED: Tax Reform and Medicaid Money-Go-Round

RI’s income tax reform affected taxpayers with little income beyond what they pay for medical care. As the state seeks to fill in the gap for low-income Medicaid recipients, the gravity of government complexity grows.

Rep. Trillo: Casino Research Should Seek Equal Revenue, Include Allens Ave.

Rep. Joseph Trillo supports a casino ballot question, but he has submitted legislation for a broader study of ways to increase RI’s gambling revenue, possibly including a casino on Allens Ave. in Providence.

Newport Grand Casino Legislation Quietly Amended Based on Twin River Study

In the space of three minutes, the Senate Committee on Special Legislation and Veterans Affairs had amended and approved legislation calling for a public vote allowing state-run casino operations in Newport Grand and Twin River without further economic analysis.

House Labor Committee Calls Out Ocean State Tea Party in Action… Again

Reps. Williams and Guthrie opened yesterday’s House Labor hearing with an objection to a legislative alert from the Ocean State Tea Party in Action that inferred legislators’ opinions on teacher-related issues. Reviewing the transcripts allows readers to decide who is misrepresenting what.

Consolidation Becomes a Battle for Power in North Kingstown

Proposals from North Kingstown school superintendent Philip Auger could change a balance of power that some already see as out of whack.

House Labor Chairwoman Williams Vents to Tea Party in Action

House Labor Committee Chairwoman Anastasia Williams paused a hearing, on Tuesday, to criticize an email that she had received, but sender William B. Palazzo disputes her description of the content.

New Group of Health-Industry Insiders Seeks Leverage in Exchange

Legislation to review healthcare mandates is scheduled for House Corporations Committee review; meanwhile, the local insurers and business interests are forming a group for leverage in the impending healthcare exchange.

3.5% of RI Land Preserved

In the past few months, the Department of Environmental Management has purchased land or the development rights for nearly 100 acres of land at a cost just under $1 million.

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