A Novel Purpose for Campaign Funds

Regulating candidacies shrinks the pool of candidates and ensures that the successful politician will often be the one with the greatest talent for corruption.

Shot in the Arm or Permanent IV?

Does anybody else see headlines like the following, from WPRI, and think it sounds kind of like our state is on life support?

The Working Day of RI’s Aristocracy

The most direct evidence that something is very, very wrong in RI government is that a mayor can be so out of touch that he’d think working a standard workday justifies double pay.

Civics Bill Misfire

Stanley Kurtz has written on National Review Online about the Republican-led bill currently in Rhode Island’s General Assembly to require a pernicious form of civics education in Ocean State public schools.

Racist Journalism in Rhode Island

Perhaps it’s evidence of a sea change in journalism schools over the last decade, but it seems as if local news media outlets are taking the final steps into pure propaganda for the racist left-wing ideology.

How the Ocean State Should Spend Its Federal COVID Relief Funds

The old saying goes, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” but advocates of the left-wing’s modern monetary theory (MMT) want you to think there is. Read about the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity’s suggestions for use of federal COVID-19 aid.

RI in Crisis While Our Progressive Leaders Self-Gratify

If we are going to revive our economy, we have to revive our sense of responsibility and become more engaged in what’s happening around us.

Vestis Virum Facit Versus Verba Virum Facere

Progressive Democrat State Senator Jonathan Acosta may be correct on the policy of a State House dress code, but for a reason that illustrates why he’s devastatingly wrong as a teacher.

COVID Compliance and Killing Kids

Although the bureaucratic experts who continue to suppress our lives (and the journalists who enable them) might believe differently, numbers showing that compliance rules had little, if any, effect on the pandemic aren’t some interesting abstract datapoints on a page.

Lockdowns and the Health of the Polity

If the United States had a properly functioning representative democracy, a lot of lockdown-state politicians would be feeling massive heat and near certainty of defeat for themselves and their parties.

A Key Chart on Economic Climate Change

Our state and federal governments are using their regulatory and policing power to shut down an industry sector to make themselves and their fashionably green friends rich and powerful at the expense of our rights, our prosperity, and increasingly our lives.

Why Is RI Failing? Don’t Ask the Media; Blame Them.

Rhode Island’s government is failing on every level. You’d think a news media that’s serving the public would be behaving as if that were the case.

The Left’s True Seed of Collapse

Think about how bizarre a world it must be for a law school not to want somebody involved in a history-book-level case as a professor, even for a single course.

The Republicans’ Sexist Progressive: Fenton-Fung

An identity-politics bill submitted by Fenton-Fung is so shockingly in-your-face in its progressivism that it’s difficult to see how conservatives could possibly consider supporting her if it isn’t a mistake or an aberration.

When Once Credibility Has Been Squandered

After a year of hearing that any death of somebody who tested positive for COVID counted as a COVID-related death, some Americans may be reluctant to set a high bar for evidence of harm from cutting-edge vaccines.

When the Government Doesn’t Care

Perhaps this isn’t the time to be throwing roadblocks in front of the U.S. economy? Nah. It isn’t the progressive puppeteers who’ll suffer.

Two Non-Tax Reasons to Vote Against the Bonds on March 2

The bonds on the ballot this week are the sort of thing that government officials do when the people paying the bills are last in the line of their concerns.

RI Education Insiders Lack Incentive to Succeed

Having Rhode Island so thoroughly under their command, insider special interests have little incentive to perform. No matter how central their role in some failure, they can be assured that they will gain by the supposed solution.

The Cost of Pandemic Field Hospitals

In an environment where fear has arguably been promoted beyond what the pandemic justified, the costs of preparation for the worst have to be added to the tally.

Putting a Smiley Face on Desperation

If the Public’s Radiiiiio wants to serve the public, its reporters should begin digging into the actual story of small business in RI, although it’s one where the Secretary of State and the political establishment will have to be challenged rather than simply cited as if they’re experts by virtue of their political success.

Can the COVID Education Wasteland Change the Political Dynamic?

Will the narrative vulnerability of the education-reform cause still hold in the face of the COVID response’s educational wasteland? It would be nice if somebody would take some sort of action to help us find out.

The Lopsided Value of Voter Data

As citizens call for increased transparency from government, we have to be vigilant about what is transparent and what is not.

Smiley Out the Ethical Door

Brett Smiley’s exit from the executive branch in Rhode Island exposes one of the central conceits of ethics laws.

The Fraud Begins Where the Fraud Ends

Of course, the left-wing cabal would have massive incentive to cheat so as not to be out on that limb of blatant disregard for fair play and still lose.

McKee’s RI-Same-Old COVID Task Force

With this panel, McKee seems to be sending a signal about who really matters in the state. That may not be his intent, but it’s something upon which he’ll have to improve quickly now that he’s achieved the big chair.

Congressional Democrats’ Exception to the Law

Some politicians (perhaps an entire political party) think they are the exception when it comes to adhering to laws, standards, and basic good governance.

The Cost of the Pause: 6,300 RI Jobs

We can hope most of these jobs are coming back as we speak, but it’s unlikely that all of them are. The effects of the state’s COVID response is going to be massive and long-term.

Day One of the Unity Regime: Suppression of Speech

The Rhode Island National Guard and State Police are complicit in a partisan attempt to suppress free speech from a particular point of view, and neither our politicians nor the news media nor the self-proclaimed civil rights advocates care one bit.

Providence Government’s Fight Against Residents

At a press conference of the city government to announce new policies, what could it mean for a speaker to pledge to “fight” and “take back our city”?

COVID Coming to an End in RI Despite the Queen?

With scary news that RI has one of the worst COVID-19 infection rates in the world, it’s worth revisiting a concept about which we’ve heard absolutely nothing in the Rhode Island media: active cases.

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