I Did Not Speak Out, Because I Was Not Saje

One can agree or disagree with the governor’s strategy for handling COVID-19, just as one could agree or disagree with socialists and trade unionists when the Nazis came for them, but we shouldn’t give over our civil rights in the bargain.

WJAR’s Valicenti Editing: Don’t Trust Media to Protect Our Rights

At the outset of 2021, progressives and the local news media have sent a dangerous message to Rhode Islanders, an early symptom of metastasizing fascism.

Sales Tax and Government’s Break from the People

It behooves us to keep a watchful eye on how the incentives of government change and shift over time, and COVID offers many exercises for doing so.

TCI: The Next Step in Government by Fiat

The governor gave herself unprecedented power to make us do and not do things for our own good (from her perspective) with COVID-19, and there was never any reason to believe she would restrict that philosophy to the pandemic if she could get away with pushing the envelope. Well… she’s pushing the envelope.

Asymptomatic Spread Rare… as in Zero?

Asymptomatic spread is the core rationale for putting ourselves into martial-law lite, greatly restricting our freedoms, so it’s important for it to be continually evaluated and debated.

The Responsibility of the “Experts”

If you won’t do what you’re told of your own free will (with their helpful psychological tricks and manipulation) they’ll have to force you to do it.

Hate Speech: Another Warning from Venezuela

“Hate” laws are another area in which Americans will not be able to claim ignorance when we come to tyranny.

Rhode Island, It Isn’t You… It’s Them

If the people of Rhode Island are going to tolerate the queen’s destruction of our livelihoods as she attempts to contain outbreaks in our state, we ought to know why she can’t prevent them in her own inner circle.

Court Appointments and the Governor’s Power

Raimondo wants you to follow rules that she, alone, has developed and proclaimed. Whatever their thoughts about the coronavirus, Rhode Islanders should insist that she must follow the rules that our representative democracy purports to impose.

Magaziner, a Fiduciary Hypocrite

Only in a state where he knows he will never be questioned on ideological grounds could Seth Magaziner join in on a lawsuit like this.

Power Outages Wouldn’t Be So Common in a First-World State

The first step to fixing this problem is to be honest about it. Until we’re willing to do that, the outages will continue, and the haves will continue to invest in very non-green personal household generators.

Moving Social Media Beyond 230

The social media giants’ irresponsibility, bias, and dishonesty should put them in a position to have to make the next Nicholas Sandmann a billionaire.

Wolf Crying and Water Carrying in the Local News Media

It’s a sad testament to the state of modern media that journalists are happy to play along with the governor’s scare campaign to maintain her far-reaching emergency powers.

Raimondo in Line for National Scold

How Raimondo’s COVID-queen persona plays with the tens of millions of Americans who have a somewhat stronger view of their civil rights than Rhode Islanders may become an interestingly relevant question.

Arm’s Length for the Heir During the Very Serious Pandemic (TM)

If Governor Raimondo really thought the coronavirus represented a crisis, wouldn’t she be keeping her replacement in the loop?

State Senate’s Hard Left on Progressive Street

Political leaders who can look at an economy in which nearly 20,000 people stopped looking for work during a pre-COVID-surge month when the nation was recovering and in which there are 36,000 fewer jobs than a year ago and conclude that this is what’s needed are not just pandering. They’re dangerous.

How Bad Things Are in RI… Even Pre-Pause

There are 36,300 fewer jobs in Rhode Island than there were a year ago, and our governor is talking about tightening her shut-down policies and blaming our families in the process.

A Higher Purpose Than Building a Twitter Following

We cannot avoid the culture war anymore. It’s in everything we do.

Distracted from Important COVID Questions

Given the choice, Americans might very well choose not to sacrifice their holidays, their businesses, and their children’s education so as to maintain the fiction that a rapidly socializing government can manage complex systems like healthcare.

Tiverton on Track, with John Loughlin

Over on Tiverton Fact Check, for our Tiverton on Track show, I had a great conversation with John Loughlin, mainly about statewide politics.  Click the link above if you’d prefer the audio-only podcast. Here’s the video version:

A Complicated Relationship with Military Service

At least since the Vietnam War, our society has had a complicated relationship with military service, creating opposing clichés.

The Implicitly Pro-Government Media

Sometimes, reading private news sources seems like little more than a veneer on top of government messaging.

General Election Reaction: Hooray!

Where we’ve won, hooray! And where we haven’t, hooray for the new opportunities our current position presents.

An Election Day That Is Critical and Inconsequential

The sheer reality of the concern that government is too big and invasive suggests one way in which it doesn’t really matter who wins today.

The Doxing Site That Proves the Campaign Finance Concern

The evolution of the progressive dox-machine proves the point on campaign finance concerns.

Tyranny, Plain to See from Raimondo

Warnings have been issued from the Castle of Smith Hill that we peasants are misbehaving, and the Empress will have none of it.

Steve Laffey Jumps in for Gaspee Project – and Rhode Island

From a just-issued press release by Gaspee Project Chairman Clay Johnson:

Steve Laffey, the former Mayor of Cranston, has volunteered his time and voice to bolster an ad blitz for The Gaspee Project in the final week of the 2020 campaign season.

Laffey’s has recorded a radio spot and multiple robo-call ads that will run this week in support of 8 General Assembly candidates and the Republican party. In the spots, Laffey stresses how the Democrat party is no longer the party of JFK and has been taken-over by radical-left mobs, while the Republican party is still the party of Lincoln and stands for common-sense, pro-jobs policies.

Also this week, a second round of mailers, social media ads, and print ads by Gaspee are expected to run, which in combination with previous Gaspee election materials, will reach almost one-hundred thousand households, social media accounts, print ad readers, and radio listeners.

Thanks very much to Steve Laffey for doing this. He understands, as many of us do, that Rhode Island would be very poorly served by the election of far left, “progressive” candidates who will push to put on steroids the misguided, leftie policies that have already damaged the state: raising of taxes (often disguised as fees, tolls and budget scooping) even higher; ratcheting up of already burdensome regulations (that often pose as a redundant effort at diversity) on business; more encroachment on private property rights; and the cramming down of effectively non-existent, exorbitantly expensive, politically correct energy sources.

(Seriously, “progressive policies” has to be one of the biggest oxymorons in the history of political branding.)

If you are alarmed at the prospect of the expansion of these non-progressive policies in Rhode Island, please consider pushing back by donating to the Gaspee Project to bolster the reach of these radio ads and mailers.

No Hiding the Mainstream Narrative

Mainstream news coverage of the ongoing protests in Providence isn’t serving the community; it’s serving a political cause.

Rule by Submission

The extraordinary powers by which Raimondo is governing Rhode Island are floating in this gray area between law and regulation on the one hand and suggestion on the other, and it’s about time lawsuits started.

The Silver Lining of 2020

It is now a fully settled cliché that the year 2020 is a sort of cosmic beacon for madness and chaos. Maybe yes… and maybe no.

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