Bused to the End of the Line and Back

For your “Yes, next question” file, consider the Newport Daily News headline, “Do school bus companies have a monopoly in R.I.?”

An Age Old Question About Teaching Reason

The danger of shifting definitions and moral commands will be clearer as the mob expands its circle of erasure, but the number of people remaining to come to each other’s defense shrink.

Your Money (and Liberty), There for the Taking

At each step, the imposition of new rules and technology seems minor and maybe justified, but eventually, the people find themselves tangled in a network of regulation and taxation.

Journalistic Neutrality in Rhode Island

When “neutrality” starts to mean the journalist’s beliefs are unimpeachable and others don’t count, viewers should adjust their expectations.

More than Just a Tax Increase from Raimondo

Our state’s record following the COVID-19 recession shows Raimondo’s approach to the economy simply doesn’t work. And now she wants to make things worse with taxes?

Randomness and Fairness in Electoral Process

In a small, probably inconsequential, way the order of candidates on Tiverton’s ballot for Town Council provides a test case for trusting the system.

A Pattern of Avoiding Profound Possibilities

Nobody needs to be told that we’re in divisive times, right now, but we hear way too little about the most sure solution.

Government Tracking Your Health Through the Sewer

The thing with encroachments on our liberty is that they always seem far off… until they’re at your door.

Is This the “Recovery” You Want?

The very people who are imposing our terrible response to COVID-19 will soon be moving forward with a suggested solution for the consequences, and we shouldn’t accept it.

The Same Old “Shut It Down” Tune on SCOTUS Confirmation

When the sentiment just after an electoral loss is that “the resistance” has to “get dirty” and “use any means necessary, short of violence”? Where do they go from there?

Wrong Direction Rhode Island: Employment

According to the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training (DLT), the unemployment rate actually went up in August.

A Problem with Mail Ballot Mania

The political debate over proliferating mail ballots is a pretty straightforward illustration of how debates go between the Left and the Right.

Income Distribution “What Ifs”

“Proofs” of systemic inequality tend to skip over important points.

Politicizing the Princess Bride?

To put money in the hands of politicians, the Hollywoodites are driving us toward complete disunion.

A One-Sided Concern About Procedures

A trio of “good government” groups is no better than the governor when it comes to using the excuse of COVID-19 to skirt the processes of representative democracy.

Can’t Life Just Be Life Again?

As we reach September 11, 2020, it seems as if the answer to the question seems to be, “As soon as you meet our demands.”

A Dark Cloud Loomis Over URI

If Rhode Islanders’ support for the University of Rhode Island appears to wane, some small part of the explanation will be the prominence of history professor Erik Loomis.

Bias in the Exploration of Loopholes

Rhode Islanders have reason to have a growing sense that the benefit of the legal doubt will always be applied unequally as insiders continue to find “loopholes” in the rules that they have helped to create.

The Guidelines for Thee

As compliance inspectors fan out across the state and the state spends money to remind Rhode Islanders to follow the rules, Governor Raimondo shows by example that the rules don’t apply to everybody equally.

A Warning About History Erasure

While we shouldn’t set the past in immutable stone as if it was perfect and inviolable, erasing it should not be our default choice.

Beware Anti-Racist Indoctrination

The cult of “anti-racism” is not a cultural fad that parents can afford to ignore and let slip by.

The Science on Lockdowns

We shouldn’t use science as a talisman to ward off criticism, especially when it isn’t clear what the science says.

Ballot Harvesting Now a Problem for Providence Progressives

The surprise, here, is that a progressive machine with out-of-state funding isn’t helping Bell match his opposition.

Looking for Change with All the Wrong Task Force

Let’s play along and assume that the goal of the Municipal Resilience Task Force really is to develop innovative “strategies and policies to prepare for a post-COVID-19 future.”

Trump Car Caravan Down the Media Memory Hole

The narrative appears again as mainstreamers in Rhode Island watch Sunday’s Trump caravan go by.

Do School Districts Have Leaders or Managers?

Why are our expectations for the professionals who operate something as important as our education system so low?

Pledging to Protect Taxpayers and Ourselves

Something as simple as a pledge can be a valuable statement that you’ve got reformers’ backs.

Testimony That U.S. Turmoil Is Not Unprecedented

In the turmoil roiling our nation, we’re not seeing a popular movement of genuine frustration with an oppressive system. We’re witnessing a coordinated performance, decades in development, to convince the country to replace their system of freedom and democracy with a truly oppressive system.

A Coronavirus Case for School Choice

RI Republican Senator Gordon Rogers notes a COVID-driven move by the governor that illustrates the case for school choice all the time.

Mail Ballot Fraud Never Happens… Wait, What?

Partisans and the news media can repeat that there’s no evidence of voter fraud until they’re blue in the face, but I’d venture to estimate that a majority of Americans would be suspicious.

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