Left’s “Tax the Rich” Plan, Means Avg. Family will be Poorer

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Public and private employee unions along with their Left-leaning allies and elected officials in Rhode Island, for years, have been seeking to punish success by raising taxes on wealthy residents. Why? So the state can spend more money on projects that benefit unions and big-government spenders. Oh, and, of course, in echoing their […]

Senator Tim Scott Unmasks the Failure of “Bidenomics” and the Left’s Tax & Spend Agenda

Originally published By Tyler O’Neil on The Daily Signal ATLANTA—Sen. Tim Scott exposed President Joe Biden’s economic record Friday, explaining why the president’s celebration of “Bidenomics” is an illusion. “The average American family has lost $10,000 of spending power because of Bidenomics,” the South Carolina Republican, a candidate for the 2024 presidential nomination, said at The […]

“Horror Bill”: RI once again plays lapdog to powerful unions

Originally published on FoxBusiness.com , July 13, 2023 by Kristen Altus, as … Rhode Island ‘horror’ bill a ‘test run’ for more Democrat-led states, experts warn Rhode Island to charge freelance, independent workers a $50 annual fee to retain status One Democrat-led state has passed a law that adds costly registration fees and privacy concerns […]

Summary of the Just Enacted Federal Fiscal Responsibility Act

On Capitol Hill last Thursday, the months-long debt-limit fight concluded with both the House and Sente voting to pass the Fiscal Responsibility Act (FRA). The passage of this package was not without controversy. Several conservative House Freedom Caucus members voted against the bill—meaning Speaker Kevin McCarthy had to rely on Democrats to get the bill […]

Coinbase says SEC suit puts tech jobs at risk

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission sued Coinbase Inc. on Tuesday, the commission’s second enforcement action in as many days.

Biden, McCarthy set to meet today as debt deadline nears

President Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy are expected to meet Monday after debt talks faltered over the weekend.

Fed: $15 Minimum Wage in Minneapolis Cost Jobs

EDITOR’S NOTE: Twin Cities Experiment Again Proves that Higher Minimum Wage Leads to Higher Unemployment . Cities all over the country are mandating that businesses raise their minimum wages. The claim is that minimum wages of $15, $20, or even $25 an hour are necessary for families to make ends meet. But studies have shown that minimum […]

U.S. faces ‘significant risk’ of breaking debt ceiling in first weeks of June: CBO

The government faces a significant risk of not being able to pay its bills without an increase to the debt limit.

Op-Ed: Universal charitable deduction helps people address needs in their own backyard

The Charitable Act would allow givers who don’t itemize to claim a charitable deduction and get money back on their taxes.

Facts About the Federal Debt Ceiling Negotiations

from SPN’s Dispatch from DC newsletter Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and Democrat President Joe Biden are the figureheads of a high stakes game of political chicken centered around our national debt ceiling. Since the beginning of the year, the President has insisted that debt ceiling talks should be separate from budget negotiations […]

Minority business growth the target of state program

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation said Tuesday it will provide $3 million in funding for the Rhode Island Minority Business Accelerator Program’s Intermediary-Based Initiative. The funding will be awarded through a request for proposals that are designed to support minority business enterprises.

Chariho Taxpayer Group Calls Foul on Union Backed Group Ahead of Key School Budget Vote

On Tuesday, April 4, Chariho residents will vote whether or not to approve a proposed $64.5 million budget for that regional school district, in a special referendum. As is often the case, the school budget vote pits union and school system backed groups who want to spend more … against taxpayer groups who seek to […]

RI Center Signs-on to National Letter to Congress to Repeal Biden’s Assault on Personal Retirement Funds

The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity and its CEO, Mike Stenhouse, urging US Congressional leaders to continue their efforts to repeal the woke Biden-Harris ESG rule on individuals’ 401k and other retirement accounts. The letter to House leadership applauds their efforts to repeal the Biden administration’s ESG rule and calling for Congress to continue […]

SENIOR ALERT: Bill Introduced to End State Taxation of Social Security

Senator Elaine Morgan introduces legislation to eliminate state tax on Social Security income Senator Elaine Morgan introduced legislation to completely eliminate the tax on Social Security income in Rhode Island.  Bill S84 specifies for tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2024, an individual may subtract from federal adjusted gross income all Social Security income. PROGRAMMING […]

“Kickback Capitalism” Undermines Economic & Medical Health

EDITOR’s NOTE: Fentanyl is the poison that is killing our fellow Americans. “Kickback Capitalism” is the poison that is killing our American economy and our politics. **** Originally published in the Wall Street Journal on March 5, by Andy Kessler as: The Rise of Kickback Capitalism What the government does best is throw your tax […]

Progressive Policies Stalling RI’s Economy; Lags Region and Nation

According to the RI Public Expenditure Council (RIPEC), Rhode Island’s economy continues to lag the New England region and the United States in several indicators of economic growth according to the Rhode Island Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Briefing for the fourth quarter of 2022, released today. After decades of liberal-progressive tax and spend polices, along with […]

Job growth surpasses expectations in November

The U.S. economy added 263,000 jobs in November, more than economists expected. The unemployment rate remained steady at 3.7%.

This Is the Poorest City in Rhode Island

Among the six places in Rhode Island with available data and populations of at least 25,000, Woonsocket ranks as the poorest. The typical Woonsocket household earns $44,310 a year, compared to the statewide median household income of $70,305.

David Williams: With Rocket Launch Comes a Payload of Red Ink

SLS rocket costs are only a small quadrant in a wider galaxy of wasteful mission spending.

Report: 41% of small businesses can’t pay rent this month

More than 40% of U.S. small business owners say they couldn’t pay rent on time or in full for the month of November.

Economics professor: Interest rates likely will continue to rise into 2023, lead to job losses

While high rates of inflation have hit the entire nation hard, some regions have experienced it more intensely. WalletHub reported Thursday that the Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI, metropolitan statistical area has experienced the 16th highest rise in inflation, based on two Consumer Price Index metrics: latest month versus two months prior and latest month versus one year ago. The metrics received equal weight in the report.

Unemployment rate rose in October

Newly released federal data show the economy created more jobs than expected but unemployment rose in October. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released the data, which showed the economy added 261,000 jobs in October, higher than the Dow Jones estimate of 205,000 new jobs.

Rhode Island putting federal, state funds to address housing crisis

A mixture of federal and state funding are being used to address Rhode Island’s housing situation. More than $166 million will be put to work to support the construction and preservation of affordable housing in the state, Gov. Dan McKee said. RIHousing has now opened a competitive funding round that will be used for financing those efforts throughout the state.

Rhode Island’s Minimum Wage Among the Highest in the Nation

With decades-high inflation eroding incomes, families around the country are struggling to make ends meet. The problem is especially pronounced for those in minimum wage jobs, as the federal minimum wage stands at $7.25 an hour – and in 20 states, the minimum wage matches the federal figure.

South Quay Terminal project to support Rhode Island’s Blue Economy

A program designed to bring jobs and advance Rhode Island’s economy broke ground Monday morning.

Gov. Dan McKee said the first phase of the South Quay Marine Terminal will create good-paying jobs and advance the state’s Blue Economy. The project, when finished, will serve as a staging area for the state’s wind turbine plan and will be a central hub for the region’s offshore wind economy.

Reed: Rhode Island to receive $48M in federal funding for highway projects

Federal funding to help Rhode Island fix bridges and roads is on the way. U.S. Sen. Jack Reed, D-RI, has announced the state will receive an additional $48.5 million to repair highway infrastructure through the Federal Highway Administration’s redistribution of funds for the month of August.

States reach $438.5M settlement with e-cig company Juul

Electronic cigarette company Juul will pay out $438.5 million to 33 states as part of a proposed settlement following a two-year investigation into the company’s marketing practices.

Judge issues permanent injunction on Biden ban on new oil and gas leasing on federal lands, waters

A federal judge sided with Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and 12 other plaintiff states in a Louisiana-led lawsuit, issuing a permanent injunction against the Biden administration’s moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal lands and water.U.S. District Court Judge Terry Doughty issued the permanent injunction, declaring that the president exceeded his authority when halting oil and gas leasing and drilling permits.

Feds: Food prices continued to surge in July, but overall inflation held steady

Consumer prices remained high in July but showed only a slight increase from June, a pause from months of surging prices. The Bureau of Economic Analysis Friday released the Personal Consumption Expenditure Index data, a key marker of inflation closely watched by the U.S. Federal Reserve when it makes its interest rate decisions.

Online portal to help Rhode Islanders with Child Tax Rebate

A new one-stop website has been created to help Rhode Islanders navigate the 2022 Child Tax Rebate. The Rhode Island Division of Taxation has set up an online portal to give guidance to families in the state to take advantage of the rebate of $250 for up to three children, Gov. Dan McKee said.

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