PolitiFacting in the Service of Extremism Is a Vice

The journalists at PolitiFact RI appear to be okay with military presumptions against Americans provided it’s in opposition to the Tea Party.

First Draft of the President’s Syria Resolution

Multiple media sources have published the first draft of the resolution on attacking Syria that the President will send to Congress for approval.

Obama Ruins a Coinage

War policy that unites the Left and Right and economic policy that favors the 1% raises the question whether there’s any rationale for supporting the president’s administration beyond rank partisanship.

June 5 Notebook

Civilian Control of the Government
38 Studios but 1 Witness
6 Economic Development Bills, 4 No Votes
2 National Security Appointments

The Box That’s Formed by Being Watched

A “surveillance state” doesn’t just snag those who are overtly criminal, and it can affect a society most profoundly by adding risk to creativity.

The Mouse That Designs Its Own Trap

A politically correct American Left encourages Americans to turn their eyes away from horrors that illustrate that which euphemisms cover, whether it’s infanticide or global jihad.

The Business of Ending World Poverty

The World Bank’s deadline for solving global “extreme poverty” echoes a charity proposed by Herman Melville’s Devil, with a lesson that applies the world over.

Public Safety vs. the Constitution

Video of security personnel emptying a suburban home of its residents in order, ostensibly, to search for the fugitive terrorist in Boston raises questions about the nation’s slide away from the Constitution.

Guest of Honor

A short story from December 2001 is once again (or still) relevant, in the wake of the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing.

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