How to stop RI from descending into a society run by psychopaths! #InTheDugout – February 6, 2024

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: We’re diving into the stories that other media outlets shy away from. First up, we have an exclusive update on the DHS-URI scandal. While others turn a blind eye, we’ll dissect the latest developments and unravel the complexities of this underreported issue… Tune in now!

Embattled Father Josh Mello Sues Cranston Officials for Millions

In November 2023, two lawsuits were filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Rhode Island by embattled father Joshua Mello, whose story has been previously covered by the Current. Mello alleges that his constitutional rights were violated in criminal proceedings stemming from a 2021 arrest where he was found guilty of disorderly conduct and carrying prohibited weapons other than a firearm. The claims made by Mello are being denied by the defendants, school officials and police officers, who have called for the case to be dismissed.

Thirteen Republican Governors Pledge United Front for Border Security and State Self-Defense Rights Against Biden’s Policies

Thirteen Republican governors, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, gathered in Eagle Pass, Texas, to express their commitment to border security and states’ constitutional right to self-defense. They cited the U.S. Constitution’s self-defense clause and denounced President Biden’s lax immigration enforcement.

GOVERNMENT GONE WILD ON #InTheDugout – February 1, 2024

Are traditional American values on their death bed, because  governments – across the world – have gone off the rails in trying to do to much to try to protect us from ourselves and from false perceived dangers and narratives? We’ll explore this question today across a multitude of news stories, commentary, and interviews.

Parents Unite Nationwide to Thwart Horrific Bill: A Victory for Parental Rights Sparks Urgent Call to Action Across the Country

Parents unite against a disturbing “trans” bill, securing a victory for family rights. Urgent calls for nationwide action arise, revealing shocking details and urging awareness for the battle ahead.

Wuhan Wednesday: Uncovering the Indoctrination Agenda #InTheDugout – January 31, 2024

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: It is Wuhan Wednesday! We explore yet another contrived and government-promoted hoax… the false claims the left makes about conservative “disinformation” and the need for censorship of arguments that counter their false narratives.

Unmasking Extremism: Leftists Keep Up Their Attacks On Families And America #InTheDugout – January 30, 2024

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Dive deep into the complex and persistent issue of extreme Muslim antisemitism with renowned scholar Dr. Andy Bostom in this thought-provoking podcast, hosted by Mike Stenhouse. Join us as we unravel the historical roots, ideological foundations, and contemporary manifestations of antisemitism within certain segments of the Muslim world. Plus,  NorthKingstown School Committee Trans Madness to Forsake Parents and “Contempt” motion filed vs RIDOH for Defying Court Order.

Brown University Promotes Antisemitism via Extremist Curricula

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: As does the RI Department of Education with its woke Social Studies Standards, portraying our nation’s founding fathers as oppressors, a new report documents how many courses at Brown University depict Jewish people negatively as “settler-colonizers” in an effort to indoctrinate students with white supremacist nonsense. Click here to read the full report […]

Real Women Won’t Back Down #InTheDugout – January 25, 2024

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Today, we’re joined by women leaders taking a stand against the radically unfair playing fields being created by trans athletes in women’s sports. YOU KNOW THEY WON’T BACK DOWN! Plus, the Star Spangled Gamblers. Tune in today!

RI Government Colludes with Feds to Indoctrinate Students via “Media Literacy” Scam

It may sound innocuous, but the “media literacy” initiative underway in Rhode Island is actually a highly complex censorship scheme, involving multiple government agencies and organizations in Rhode Island, designed to indoctrinate students with a far-left worldview … all funded by the federal Department of Homeland Security.

Wuhan Wednesday: Doc Skoly Speaks #InTheDugout – January 24, 2024

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: It’s just another Wuhan Wednesday! Update on the Doc Skoly case from the man himself and his attorney. Plus, scenes from RI’s School Choice Festival, you don’t want to miss it!

How Conservatives Can Achieve Victory #InTheDugout – January 23, 2024

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Today we discuss Presidential Politics at a high level – how are Democrat and Republican Convention Delegates selected and what do they do, and two key issues – including the abortion debate – that are likely to define upcoming 2024 elections.

Rhode Islanders March for Life in Washington, DC

Amid falling snowflakes, pro-life activists including Rhode Islanders rally post Roe v. Wade at the the 51st March for Life. Coach Jim Harbaugh’s unexpected speaks in support and a movement at a crossroads. Does polling reveal how conservative politicians can use the abortion debate to win elections?


ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Step into the dugout with Mike Stenhouse today as he takes you to the frontline of the culture wars in a thought-provoking. Join the conversation as Sten explores the ideological battlegrounds shaping our society, engaging in insightful discussions that unravel the complexities of the modern landscape. Get ready for a deep dive into the clash of perspectives, values, and visions that define the ongoing war of ideas.

Is the Big Lie The BIG LIE? #InTheDugout – January 17, 2024

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Join Host Mike Stenhouse for a deep dive into our election system. Ned Jones, Director Citizens Elections Research Center joins us and local expert step into the dugout to give you the answers you need. 

Medicaid & the Long Term Care Crisis

This column, written by RI resident and healthcare expert Gary Alexander, originally appeared in the Washington Times on January 15, 2024 Medicaid, a vital program for indigent and disabled Americans who need long-term care, is facing a crisis of sustainability. The program, initially designed to assist those with insufficient means, is commonly exploited by loopholes […]

Dr. Andy Bostom and Challenging Anti-Semitism #InTheDugout – January 16, 2024

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Join Host Mike Stenhouse for a deep dive into the culture wars. Dr. Andy Bostom sheds light on Islamic anti-Semitism, exploring its historical roots and contemporary implications. Plus, don’t miss Sten’s insightful preview on Rhode Island Gov. McKee’s State of the State, and the common-sense perspective on current developments. Tune in for a thought-provoking analysis at the intersection of culture, politics, and ideology!

Are Warwick City Workers Criminally Wasteful? Widespread Waste, Inefficiency, and Abuse

Exposing the shocking reality of municipal mismanagement in Warwick, where widespread waste, inefficiency, and potential criminal actions are revealed. Uncover the impact on taxpayers and question the accountability of local authorities. Watch the attached videos for undeniable evidence.

Chariho Forgotten Taxpayers’ Speaker Series Highlights Concerns Over School Curricula

Join the Chariho Forgotten Taxpayers’ Speaker Series Fundraiser featuring Ramona Bessinger, an experienced ELA educator. Discover the concerns surrounding changes in school curricula including racial hostility and Antisemitic sentiments. Bessinger’s insights, featured on major news outlets, highlight the urgent need for parental awareness.

RI Insurance Superintendent Must Say “No” to Crony Corporatism

OpEd by Mike Stenhouse Will Rhode Island’s insurance Superintendent prevent retirees from being the next victim of government’s assault on families? The Covid lockdowns, rampant spending, oppressive regulations, and misguided green energy mandates have eliminated jobs, destroyed our education system, and led to hyper local inflation. Let’s hope the retirement security of Ocean Staters is […]

Unpacking The Academic Anti-Americanism Sweeping Our Country #InTheDugout – January 11, 2024

For the past few months one of the major national discussions has been about anti-semitism. But after that fateful October 7 day, it’s finally becoming clear to more and more US citizens one of major forces causing this Academic anti-Americanism – Harvard, at RIDE, and per a new report at Brown. Is there really any difference between one academic supremacist and another?

Real Women Won’t Back Down #InTheDugout – January 10, 2024

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Grover Norquist, Representative Brian Newberry, and Sten discuss Ronald Reagan Legacy Day and provide some advice for Speaker of the House Joe Shekarchi! Don’t miss it, tune in today!

Grover Norquist On The Legacy Of Ronald Reagan #InTheDugout – January 9, 2024

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Grover Norquist, Representative Brian Newberry, and Sten discuss Ronald Reagan Legacy Day and provide some advice for Speaker of the House Joe Shekarchi! Don’t miss it, tune in today!

The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity Pushes for Ronald Reagan Day

The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity urges Governor McKee to declare February 6th as ‘Ronald Reagan Day.’ Discover the push to honor Reagan’s legacy and the state’s historical stance on this tribute.

Education Supremacists Are Taking Us Back To The Dark Ages #InTheDugout – January 4, 2024

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Find out how political and education supremacists have brought us back to the Dark Ages! Today, Bob Chiaradio is our exclusive guest and bring us up to speed on some of the outrageous actions of the Westerly school district!

Did Claudine Gay Just Ruin The Women’s Movement? #InTheDugout – January 3, 2024

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Does the fall of Harvard’s Claudine Gay also exemplify the decline of the women’s movement? Dr. Phyllis Chesler, a “second wave” feminist, joins us! Tune in!

The Left’s ASSAULT ON THE FAMILY #InTheDugout Radio with Mike Stenhouse & Elaine Morgan – December 20, 2023

GET READY FOR THE GRAND SLAM OF LISTENING EXPERIENCES! Tune into #InTheDugout Radio with Mike Stenhouse and Elaine Morgan today from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM LIVE and then ON DEMAND for our worldwide debut!

Left’s Disdain for Common Sense #InTheDugout – December 14, 2023

The Left’s disdain for common sense, science, and reality plus their mythical narratives are hurting Rhode Island families in so many ways

Understanding Israel & Hamas with Doctor Mackubin Owens #InTheDugout – December 13, 2023

Dr. Mackubin Owens on the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. Plus, Larry the Liberty Guy Pinch hits with the latests news and views in the Ocean State!

PARENTS WIN! #InTheDugout Radio with Mike Stenhouse & Pat Ford – December 12, 2023

GET READY FOR THE GRAND SLAM OF LISTENING EXPERIENCES! Tune into #InTheDugout Radio with Mike Stenhouse and Pat Ford today from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM for our worldwide debut!

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