Chariho Taxpayer Group Calls Foul on Union Backed Group Ahead of Key School Budget Vote

On Tuesday, April 4, Chariho residents will vote whether or not to approve a proposed $64.5 million budget for that regional school district, in a special referendum. As is often the case, the school budget vote pits union and school system backed groups who want to spend more … against taxpayer groups who seek to […]

RI Center Signs-on to National Letter to Congress to Repeal Biden’s Assault on Personal Retirement Funds

The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity and its CEO, Mike Stenhouse, urging US Congressional leaders to continue their efforts to repeal the woke Biden-Harris ESG rule on individuals’ 401k and other retirement accounts. The letter to House leadership applauds their efforts to repeal the Biden administration’s ESG rule and calling for Congress to continue […]

The PUBLIC & Stenhouse submit testimony OVERWHELMINGLY in support of bill to repeal RIDE’s curricula mandate powers

The Ocean State Current has obtained the testimony below, as submitted earlier today by Mike Stenhouse from the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity …  **** March 23, 2023 TO:                         House Committee on Education FROM:                   Mike Stenhouse, CEO, RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity SUBJCET:             My […]

Presidential Town Hall: ‘Fixing America’ Comes to Cranston

America faces the most severe financial crisis since the Great Depression, warns a former Rhode Island Mayor Steve Laffey who last month announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election.

Ocean State Current to Conduct PRESIDENTIAL TOWN HALL FORUM

The Ocean State Current will host a “town hall” style forum with U.S. Presidential candidate, Steve Laffey, this Friday, March 17, at 12:30 PM at the Chapel Grille restaurant in Cranston, Rhode Island. . Laffey, the former two-term mayor (2003-2007) of the city of Cranston, Rhode Island and 2006 Republican primary candidate for the U.S. […]

Ocean State Current to Conduct PRESIDENTIAL TOWN HALL FORUM

The Ocean State Current will host a “town hall” style forum with U.S. Presidential candidate, Steve Laffey, this Friday, March 17, at 12:30 PM at the Chapel Grille restaurant in Cranston, Rhode Island. . Laffey, the former two-term mayor (2003-2007) of the city of Cranston, Rhode Island and 2006 Republican primary candidate for the U.S. […]

BREAKING: State of R.I. REJECTS Settlement Offer Put Forward by Judge in Southwell v. McKee School Mask Mandate Lawsuit

A settlement based on suggested guidelines put forth by Judge Jeffrey Lanphear of the Rhode Island Superior Court was rejected this morning by the State of Rhode Island after a behind-closed-doors meeting in chambers at the state courthouse. The plaintiffs were willing to accept the settlement, which would have effectively ended the Southwell v. McKee […]

Courageous RI is a Scam to Indoctrinate Students and the Public

Intrepid parent activist and head of Parents United RI, Laurie GB, weighs in on Twitter with her thoughts on Tuesday’s press conference announcing the launch of the federally-funded Courageous RI org. . Mike Stenhouse, CEO, for the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity calls the group’s mission a scam intended to further indoctrinate students, teachers, […]

Hypocrisy Unlimited: Hollywood’s Secret Counterfeit Vaccine Network

by Roger Simon. Originally published by the Epoch Times, February 27 Last week, I had a remarkable phone call with a person—I’m equivocating to protect their identity, although I assure you that person was either male or female, not in the least transgendered—from my former home in the Los Angeles area, regarding Hollywood and COVID-19 […]

Only 2 Candidates to Vie for Chair of RI GOP

The Ocean State Current has confirmed that only two candidates will compete to serve as the next Chairman of the RI Republican Party; Giovanni Cicione from Barrington and Joseph Powers from Cranston, each of whom had previously filed their names. However, despite rumors of other individuals interested in running, no additional candidates filed by yesterday’s […]

2 VICTORIES: Center co-Signs National Coalition Letter Earns Congressional Opposition to Biden’s WOKE 401(k) Rule

The RI Center for Center for Freedom & Prosperity, earlier this month signed a national coalition letter urging Congress to oppose a federal attack on citizens’ 401(k) pension savings. The letter opposed Biden’s Department of Labor rules that would allow environmental extremists to divert hundreds of billions of dollars of Americans’ pension savings into green […]

Honoring Place of the First Veterans of America Scheduled to go Extinct in Newport

Militia Common, also known as Liberty Square – a tiny triangle of grassy land located at Farewell and Marlborough Streets in Newport – is a significant piece of Newport, and Rhode Island, and American, and world history about to go extinct.

The GOV’T Got EVERTHING Wrong About Covid-19

The below content is from a February 23 Tweet by @justin_hart – with over 1 million Views and 6500+ Retweets . WATCH our March 1 In The Dugout podcast when Dr. Andrew Bostom join Sten to discuss this comedy of errors: *** To repeat. They. Got. EVERYTHING. Wrong. Transmission of the disease—wrong Asymptomatic spread—wrong […]


Richmond, RI – With battlelines already being drawn on the Chariho School District’s budget, the Forgotten Taxpayers PAC demands that school officials leverage the state-wide data in the uniform chart of accounts (UCOA) to find savings. There is a real opportunity this budget season to move away from an endless ratcheting of the budget up […]

Governor McKee Refuses to Explain Highly Selective Enforcement Against Dr. Skoly

Late last month, Dr. Stephen Skoly’s legal team, New Civil Liberties Alliance, filed a response to the State of Rhode Island’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit he had filed for “arbitrarily and unlawfully” ending his surgical practice and for violating his First Amendment rights. Background: On October 1, 2021, the Rhode Island Department of Health and then-Director Nicole Alexander […]

Was the SUPER BOWL a Victory over White Supremacy?

Originally published By JASON WHITLOCK “Black America’s broken family structure explains the coaching and quarterback disparities far more than racism.” “Baby-mama culture and Deion Sanders explain Eric Bieniemy’s failure to land a head coaching job” According to corporate media, one of the biggest stories at this year’s Super Bowl was the shared skin classification of […]

More Drama at the RICHMOND Town Council: Internal Spy?

This column was originally published on February 12 by Laurie Gaddis Barrett, head of #ParentsUnitedRI, on her “According to Laurie” Substack page, as: Spy vs Spy on Richmond Town Council Councilor Wilcox tattletales to Attorney General with outlandish claims against colleagues Newly elected Councilor Samantha Wilcox apparently finds it difficult to get along. A frequent […]

RI Congressmen, Cicilline & Magaziner, Vote to Decriminalize Violent Crime in DC

House Votes 250-173 To Block DC’s New Soft-On-Crime Criminal Code Washington, DC’s city council – over the opposition of the mayor – approved a looney measure that moves toward decriminalizing violent crime in the nation’s murder capital. Good news: Republicans in the House were unanimous and they were joined by 31 Democrats to overturn the law. […]

It Does Happen: Elections Commissioner Pleads Guilty To Ballot Fraud

Originally published by the Conservative Brief on January 12, 2023, written by Martin Walsh *** A former county elections commissioner in New York has pleaded guilty to applying for absentee ballots in the names of other registered voters. “Jason Schofield, age 43, of Troy, New York, pled guilty today to unlawfully using the names and […]

BREAKING: N.Kingstown Boys Basketball Bus Stopped by Police

DEVELOPING … Updated at 3:10 pm … The Current has been informed that the bus was stopped by BEFORE last night’s game in Cumberland (not after the game as originally reported), the players in question were taken off the bus by the Athletic Director, suspended for at least that game, and their parents were called […]

Representative Mike Chippendale Responds to the Continued Assault on RIers 2nd Amendment Rights

Watch the Representative’s interview on In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse by clicking here. Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by becoming a charter member of the Ocean State Current. As our liberties are under constant attack – and the dishonest corporate media fails to hold public officials accountable – The Ocean State Current has […]

A Message to Rhode Island Policy-makers on RIDE standards

In 2019, the Rhode Island General Assembly passed enabling legislation that empowered the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) to develop curricula for various subjects that would be pushed down to every school district in the state … in essence, removing authority from local school districts and, instead, granting near-absolute power to RIDE to mandate what […]

EXTRA INNINGS: Ramona Bessinger… the actual & SHOCKING lesson plans

See the Rhode Island Department of Education plans to poison kids’ minds on #InTheDugout … Sten’s interview with Ramona Bessinger; the actual & SHOCKING lesson plans: -Condom instructions? -All to be HIDDEN from parents?


WATCH LIVE the contentious school committee meeting in Chariho tonight at around 6:00pm. Will CLAY JOHNSON be seated?

Pro-Abortion Arguments Parallel Pro-Slavery Arguments

Originally published January 24 by Erick-Woods Erickson as … The Arguments of Abortion Are the Arguments For Slavery It is actually remarkable that one of the things conservatism has preserved the best in the United States is a culture of life.  Just as secular liberals have had to rebrand again as progressives since people stopped […]

Was R.I. part of the Left’s Dark Money Scheme to Influence Elections?

The Center for Tech and Civic Life forms an $80 million Alliance to push left-wing voting policies. Earlier this week, the Honest Elections Project (HEP) released a report in conjunction with the John Locke Foundation, exposing the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence as an $80 million left-wing initiative launched to target local election offices and […]

MODERN DAY SLAVERY? How Trucking Industry Combats Human Trafficking

The Rhode Island Trucking Association (RITA) reminds the public that January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month and Wednesday, January 11, is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

Poll: Americans say economy is in trouble

Americans think the U.S. economy is in trouble, according to a new poll.

Dr. Andrew Bostom on his Resurrection from Twitter Purgatory

RI’s legacy media refuses to cover the Twitter Files “inconvenient science” story of Dr. Bostom. 

Is RI’s “Tripledemic” Yet Another Government and Media Contrived Crisis?

Already local Rhode Island media are amplifying RI clinician and public health official warnings about a pediatric respiratory illness “tripledemic.”

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