Poll: Americans say economy is in trouble

Americans think the U.S. economy is in trouble, according to a new poll.

Dr. Andrew Bostom on his Resurrection from Twitter Purgatory

RI’s legacy media refuses to cover the Twitter Files “inconvenient science” story of Dr. Bostom. 

Is RI’s “Tripledemic” Yet Another Government and Media Contrived Crisis?

Already local Rhode Island media are amplifying RI clinician and public health official warnings about a pediatric respiratory illness “tripledemic.”

NY pet stores will be banned from selling pets

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed Senate Bill S1130/Assembly Bill A4283 into law on Thursday. The legislation will prohibit retail pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits.

Republicans call for impeachment of DHS head, cite surge at border

A group of U.S. House Republicans on Tuesday called for the impeachment of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Rhode Island pot sales top $1.6 million in first week

Rhode Island’s pot shops saw brisk business during their first week of operation under a new state law allowing retail sales, according to a state agency.

American Birthright Leader: RIDE’s new SOCIAL STUDIES standards critiqued as “woke” & “politicized”

American Birthright Leader: RIDE’s new SOCIAL STUDIES standards critiqued as “woke” & “politicized”

This Is the Poorest City in Rhode Island

Among the six places in Rhode Island with available data and populations of at least 25,000, Woonsocket ranks as the poorest. The typical Woonsocket household earns $44,310 a year, compared to the statewide median household income of $70,305.

Did Twitter Also Interfere in Brazil’s Recent Elections? Catastrophe approaching?

Earlier this year, The Ocean State Current posted an interview with Cesar Marques, a Brazilian citizen who was in Rhode Island for business, about the volatile post-election powder-keg that was brewing in Brazil, amid claims and protests by millions of election fraud. The November 14 interview with Marques on In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse […]

RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity Signs Letter to US House Judiciary to Oppose Title IX Rule Changes

The national coalition letter below, which was emailed yesterday to Rep. Jim Jordan, was co-signed by the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity along with 69 other national and state organizations. The letter requests that Report Language be added to the Department of Education Appropriations Bill that would bar the DOE from making proposed changes to […]

Defeated Congressional Candidate, Waters, Seeks Appointment to Providence School Board

Allen Waters, who just two weeks ago lost his bid to unseat longtime incumbent US Congressman, David Cicilline, is seeking a new position as a member of the Providence School Board. Waters is an outspoken supporter of educational freedom and school choice. The city of Providence this year amended its charter such that the School […]

AGs demand health-care worker COVID vaccine mandate ends

Attorneys general from 22 states are urging the Biden Administration to end its mandate requiring health-care workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine if they’re employed by operators receiving Medicare and Medicaid funding.

Spotify Test

This is a test of podcasting with Spotify Live— click the button below to be taken to our show!

Election Integrity in Arizona? WATCH: Dozens of Voters Describe How Ballots NOT Counted

On Tuesday morning, The Gateway Pundit reported that when polls opened in Maricopa County at 6 am on Election Day, voters were told that the tabulators were not working. This was happening across Maricopa County and resulted in long lines and voters being told to go to another location to vote.

Planned Parenthood revenue trending up as taxpayer funding increases

Planned Parenthood’s revenues increased 16% nationwide over the past four years as private contributions and government reimbursements and grants have risen. The reproductive care organization’s total revenues increased from $1.46 billion in 2016-17 to $1.71 billion in 2020-21, according to its annual report that was recently released.

Just in – ASTONISHING: RI Supreme Court Allows Portsmouth & Bristol Government to Direct Voters Who to Vote For!

Updated Nov 7, 3:15 PM … RI’s Supreme Court has DENIED the RI GOP appeal, alleging unlawful election interference. Voters will be implicitly directed how to vote in Portsmouth and Bristol. “They can make laws as they go along,” said a disappointed Sue Cienki, RI GOP chair. “They (just) created a large hole for a […]

Rhode Island voters to decide three bond measures totaling $400 million in November

On Nov. 8, voters in Rhode Island will be deciding on three bond measures totaling $400 million.To put a legislatively referred bond question before voters, a simple majority vote is required in both the Rhode Island State Senate and the Rhode Island House of Representatives. In Rhode Island, the state General Assembly must ask voters to issue general obligation bonds over $50,000, except in the case of war, insurrection, or invasion.

Rhode Island’s Minimum Wage Among the Highest in the Nation

With decades-high inflation eroding incomes, families around the country are struggling to make ends meet. The problem is especially pronounced for those in minimum wage jobs, as the federal minimum wage stands at $7.25 an hour – and in 20 states, the minimum wage matches the federal figure.

Is the RI Department of Education About to be Sued for Violating Parental Rights?

The Ocean State Current has obtained a copy of a letter sent to RIDE Commissioner, Angelica Infante Green, from FAIR, the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism, requesting a response from the Department about changing its “Guidance for Rhode Island Schools on Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students” policies … which FAIR claims are unconstitutional. According to […]

Election Waves: LisaMarie Leavitt, Candidate for RI House District 31

Join us for an ELECTION WAVES interview featuring LisaMarie Leavitt for Rhode Island House of Representatives District 31 with Mike Stenhouse. In our ELECTION WAVES series, we will conduct a series of interviews and debates with candidates running for office in Rhode Island. Her ELECTION WAVES interview is premiering at 9:00am on Saturday, October 22, 2022 or on demand after!

RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity Mourns the Passing of its Founding Chairman, Dr. Daniel Harrop

His Civic, Religious, Philanthropic, and Professional Accomplishments Earned Him the Center’s Highest Honor in 2018 The of RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity mourns the passing of its founding Chairman, Dr. Daniel Harrop, who died unexpectedly this past Thursday evening.     “Dr. Harrop lived a quiet and unassuming, but enormously influential life,” said the Center’s CEO, […]

Election Waves: James Lathrop, Republican Candidate for General Treasurer

Join us for an ELECTION WAVES interview featuring James Lathrop, Republican Candidate for General Treasurer with Mike Stenhouse. In our ELECTION WAVES series, we will conduct a series of interviews and debates with candidates running for office in Rhode Island. His ELECTION WAVES interview is premiering at 9:00am on Saturday, October 1, 2022 or on demand after!

Strong Words Towards Seth Magaziner From RI Right to Life

RI Right to Life says, “Check your anti-Catholic bigotry and your facts Mr. Magaziner” after a report of attacks on Mayor Allan Fung for his membership in the St. Thomas More Society of Rhode Island, a well-known mainstream fraternal society of Catholic lawyers and judges.  

U.S. Army recommends food stamps for soldiers struggling with inflation

The U.S. army is recommending soldiers apply for SNAP benefits, also known as food stamps, to help cover their rising costs from inflation. The U.S. Army cites the higher prices on a range of goods because of inflation in its recently released official guidance.

Taxpayer watchdog group lays out agenda for fighting inflation

A taxpayer watchdog group has released an “anti-inflation agenda” that it says the federal government should follow to combat the persistent inflation felt across the country. The Washington, D.C.-based National Taxpayers Union said in the recent policy paper that the agenda “could make modest and near-term contributions to reducing inflation, even though monetary policy at the Federal Reserve will still have the largest role to play.”

Election 2022: McKee ekes out Rhode Island primary win

Gov. Dan McKee survived four Democratic challengers to secure a chance at a full term as Rhode Island’s governor. McKee, who took office in March 2021 when then-Gov. Gina Raimondo accepted a position in President Joe Biden’s administration, squeezed past top challenger Helene Buonanno Folkes in Tuesday’s primary by a mere 2.7% of the vote, in unofficial results.

States reach $438.5M settlement with e-cig company Juul

Electronic cigarette company Juul will pay out $438.5 million to 33 states as part of a proposed settlement following a two-year investigation into the company’s marketing practices.

COVID-19 emergencies linger throughout U.S. 30 months into pandemic

In October 2020, the Michigan Supreme Court stripped Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of the unilateral powers she was using when she declared a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whitmer had been using a 1945 law – which was prompted by a three-day race riot in Detroit three years earlier – that had no sunset provision in it and didn’t require approval by the state legislature.

Nearly 5 million foreign nationals have entered the U.S. illegally since Biden took office

Since President Joe Biden took office and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas altered federal immigration policies, roughly 5 million people from over 150 countries have entered the U.S. illegally, according to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol data and border agents who provide “gotaway” numbers to The Center Square. “Gotaways” is the term CBP uses for those who’ve intentionally entered the U.S. illegally and evaded law enforcement who haven’t made asylum or immigration claims. While CBP collects “gotaway” data, it does not report that information publicly. The Center Square obtains that information from border agents themselves.

2020 Was the Deadliest Year for Rhode Island in the Last Decade

2020 was a tumultuous year in the United States. Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment surged and gun sales spiked. The murder of George Floyd also rattled confidence in law enforcement and sparked nationwide protests. Amid the turmoil, homicide cases jumped by nearly 30%, the largest single-year increase on record.

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