Parent plaintiff pleads for “help” for his daughter suffering from school mask mandates

Case Number: PC-2021-05915 Filed in Providence/Bristol County Superior Court Plaintiff, Jonathan Barrett, is a resident of Glocester, Rhode Island. The reasons for his bringing this lawsuit are as follows: I have witnessed the deterioration and decline in my daughter’s interest in going to school and doing her best work while these mask mandates have been […]

#ParentsUnited appeal

Today LIVE at 4:00pm on the Ocean State Current- Justin Katz & Dr. Andy Bostom join us on #InTheDugout Lots to talk about!  Click here to watch on TOPICS: – Inside the #ParentsUnited appeal of school mask mandates with lead plaintiff Rich Southwell – Vax bribes for students? with Justin Katz, editor of Anchor Rising […]

#ParentsUnited File APPEAL To RI Supreme Court On School Mask Mandate

Today LIVE at 4:00pm on the Ocean State Current- Click here to watch on The Ocean State Current! STEN & guests discuss: -#ParentsUnited file APPEAL to RI Supreme Court re school mask mandate -CT Gov says #NoTCItax on gas -NK “fat test” update -Hopkinton Town Council chickens out -RI Freedom Fighter targeted – Domestic Terrorist? […]

Southwell v. McKee Court Ruling Puts Onus on Lawmakers #InTheDugout

In ruling against the plaintiffs, the judge essentially ruled that it is not within the purview of the court to over-rule a “political” policy that does not clearly violate a constitutional right. We’re joined by Richard Southwell and other parents to discuss the case: “As does every parent in this state, we are concerned with the […]

IN THE DUGOUT: To mask students or not to mask?

We are LIVE on #InTheDugout today at 4:00pm… WATCH LIVE ON TWITCH To mask students or not to mask? It’s now in the JUDGE’s hands! Parent-plaintiff-team analyze closing arguments in their big case vs Gov McKee. Plus, Dr Andrew Bostom on age 5-11 vaccine approvals… WATCH:

IN THE DUGOUT: #ParentsUnited lawsuit & Doc Skoly update

LIVE AT 4:00PM CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT ON TWITCH – #ParentsUnited lawsuit & Doc Skoly update – Sten’s take on election results – Pastor Dave on CHARIHO school committee CORRUPTION – Brave GLOCESTER school committee member who voted to defund RI Assoc of School Committees WATCH:

In The Dugout: Closing Brief In #ParentsUnited SOUTHWELL vs MCKEE Lawsuit Against School Mask Mandates

TODAY 4PM #InTheDugout Click Here To Watch LIVE on twitch Sten reviews the “closing brief” in #ParentsUnited SOUTHWELL vs MCKEE lawsuit against school mask mandates How the RIDOH’s medical basis for emergency action was “systematically dismantled” + Judge Flanders provides legal analysis Click Here To Watch LIVE on twitch

#InTheDugout: Dr. Andy Bostom is back

We are LIVE on #InTheDugout today at 4:00pm… WATCH BY CLICKING HERE BIG SHOW TODAY: Dr. Andy Bostom is back – free to talk publicly – to discuss the #ParentsUnited lawsuit and how he and the plaintiff team DISMANTLED the RI DOH scientific case & how K-12 school mask mandates could soon be STRUCK DOWN! […]

Updates on 4 MAJOR STORIES

Updates on 4 MAJOR STORIES LIVE AT 5:00PM #InTheDugout WATCH LIVE ON TWITCH NEWS: -Sten BLASTS RI DOH for suffering > Doc Skoly suspension -The TRUTH about the N.Kingstown recall petition –#ParentsUnited plaintiffs SCORE BIG again in court -Providence punishes teacher Ramona Bessinger

#InTheDugout: McKee administration losing BIG TIME

McKee administration losing BIG TIME in the #ParentsUnited lawsuit vs school mask mandates Watch LIVE NOW on TWITCH. Also at 5:00PM on #InTheDugout – latest on Doc Skoly + Ramona Bessinger & NK school committee updates And my stinging commentary today’s Covid press conference


Quick Pitch #InTheDugout update on #ParentsUnited lawsuit against school mask mandates PARENTS WIN ANOTHER DAY IN COURT, as Dr. Andrew Bostom’s “expert” testimony systematically demolishes the State’s bogus medical claims!

#InTheDugout: PARENTS persecuted as “domestic terrorists” & “insurrectionists”?

The most chilling scenario & most important show we will have produced to date. MUST SEE- will RI parents bend the knee? When cherished constitutional advocacy becomes a jail-able offense? Doc Skoly stood tall. What will you do? Guests: -PARENTS persecuted as “domestic terrorists” & “insurrectionists”? 3 parents + Charles Calenda legal analysis, Sten’s commentary […]

QUICK PITCH UPATE: Dr. Skoly and #ParentsUnited Lawsuit

 LIVE at 12:30PM Quick Pitch update on TWO MAJOR STORIES – How DOC SKOLY is reacting to the SHUT DOWN order by the RI DOH – #ParentsUnited lawsuit to continue after major courtroom victories on Friday No one covers these stories like #InTheDugout !

#InTheDugout: Tyranny Targeting Kids

Guest: Nicole Solas KICKED OUT of SK town council mtng for questioning potential criminal activity WATCH NOW ON TWITCH -Heartbreaking Covid tyranny targeting kids -Nicole Solas vs. SK town council president -The Left’s new religion -Updates in #ParentsUnited mask mandate lawsuit: State response shows OPEN DISDAIN to plaintiff parents -Scathing Sten commentary

Quick Pitch Update: 3 developments in the #ParentsUnited lawsuit

QUICK PITCH update on #InTheDugout: Three developments in the #ParentsUnited lawsuit against SCHOOL MASK MANDATES by the RI Gov and DOH. Plus, commentary on the irrationality of the mandates – and the legal burden they must meet.

Quick Pitch Update: RIDOH Issues Its Own EMERGENCY RULE Mandate

BREAKING: As The Current reported Thursday, RIDOH issues its own EMERGENCY RULE mandate, to protect against a likely defeat in the #ParentsUnited lawsuit case.


ALARMING: RI DOH to unilaterally impose new CV-19 mandates, to protect against a legal defeat of McKee’s EOs. No process or transparency. REACTIONS from parents’ attorney, Judge Flanders, lead plaintiff, Dr. Andrew Bostom & Sten. In a MAJOR development, The Ocean State Current has just learned that the State of RI, desperate to preserve its […]

Quick Pitch Update: Breaking Headline News On Parents United Lawsuit #InTheDugout

Quick Pitch Update: Breaking News on Parents United Lawsuit #InTheDugout

In The Dugout: TWO Major Updates – Parents Lawsuit and Dr. Bostom

More on the #ParentsUnited LAWSUIT filed today challenging school mask mandates #InTheDugout Dr Andrew Bostom on the medical claims in the complaint