Parents United RI Condemns Woke Lawmakers’ Opposition to Parental Rights Legislation

Parents United RI is deeply concerned by recent statements made by certain elected legislators, who used the official RI legislative website and social media accounts to announce their intention to oppose multiple bills – before they were even introduced to the RI House Education Committee.

More Drama at the RICHMOND Town Council: Internal Spy?

This column was originally published on February 12 by Laurie Gaddis Barrett, head of #ParentsUnitedRI, on her “According to Laurie” Substack page, as: Spy vs Spy on Richmond Town Council Councilor Wilcox tattletales to Attorney General with outlandish claims against colleagues Newly elected Councilor Samantha Wilcox apparently finds it difficult to get along. A frequent […]

Pandemic And Lockdowns Are Not The Only Reasons For Poor Student Test Results

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, America’s students are posting lower test scores, amounting to historic learning loss. The school shutdowns, however, are not the only reason students’ achievement is declining, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Lesson for RI? Grass roots efforts displace radical leftist school board members with moderate/conservative parents in Florida. Will RI voters do the same?

The nationwide elections last week included more than just primaries for statewide office. In many areas, there were also elections for school boards and other regional positions. In Florida, conservatives celebrated unprecedented success in defeating radical left school board members with moderate and coservative candidates. Multiple county school boards, including Miami/Dade – one of the […]

Dr. Bostom Wins v Twitter. Did the State of RI Demand Suspension of His Account?

OPINION: Within hours of issuing to Twitter a July 14 legal letter of intent to sue, Dr. Andrew Bostom and his legal team won a major victory, when the embattled social media giant reinstated Bostom’s personal Twitter account. “After further review, we have unsuspended your account as it does not appear to be in violation […]

DEPOSITION taken from Dr. James McDonald in Parents United RI school mask mandate lawsuit

Yesterday, Dr. James McDonald, former RIDOH Interim Director and Medical Director, was deposed by attorney Gregory Piccirilli. According to sources who witnessed the deposition, McDonald, under oath, revealed what most close observers suspected all along; that most of the highly-restrictive pandemic measures recommended by RIDOH and adopted by the Raimondo and McKee administrations … were arbitrarily made, likely for political reasons to follow what we now know was a false government narrative, with little or no actual scientific or credible data basis.

Parents-United-RI Help Avoid Student Walk-out at Chariho

by Polly Hopkins This week (June 13), the Chariho School District faced a student planned walk out. Here’s the story… At Chariho High School, a teacher hung a PRIDE flag in her classroom. In the corner of the classroom, our American flag was rolled up as pictured in photos that students took. Those photos were […]

Parents Win Another Round in Lawsuit Against School Mask Mandates

Team Southwell is on a roll and parents across the state are celebrating. The over three dozen parent plaintiffs and their attorney have been racking up recent victories in Rhode Island’s Superior Court in the Southwell v McKee lawsuit against K-12 school mask mandates. Yesterday (June 6), Judge Lanphear ruled against the State’s motion to […]

Parents United Lawsuit Forces Providence Schools to Rescind Mask Mandate

Developing … In yet another victory for the Parents United plaintiffs against school mask mandates, Providence School swill go back to mask optional next Tuesday, May 31. Public documents include: Superior Court Stipulation School Department letter to parents The stipulation appears to represent a compromise, where both the RIDOH (one of the plaintiffs) and the […]

The Left’s War on Children

What are we doing to our children? The leaked news that the Supreme Court may be about to overturn its controversial 1973 Roe v. Wade decision has sent political shock waves across America. It’s also given new life to the left’s faux trope about “the right’s war on women.” But if we take a step back and take an […]

How RI Parents Stopped a Wrongheaded ‘Universal Vaccine Mandate’

Parental outcry killed a bill that would have mandated universal Covid vaccination, with monthly fines and doubled income tax as punishment
Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the political supremacists in seats of power cavalierly issued their edicts and their mandates, while the mainstream media cheered them on. Across America, the Big Media and their Big Tech and Big Biz allies have served as the official “hit men” for the Big Covid cabal.

Parents Union School Mask Lawsuit winning in Providence; Delayed Again in Superior Court

The relentless legal pressure applied by attorney Gregory Piccirilli, representing dozens of Parents Union plaintiffs, is producing major dividends, despite efforts by the McKee administration and the RI Department of Health to quash their lawsuit actions. In the original Southwell v McKee school mask mandate lawsuit brought by the Parents Union plaintiffs, the State of […]


Is the Providence mask mandate over? Parent’s Union congratulates Providence Schools and parents for dropping mask mandate after mask use for COVID 19 widely abandoned everywhere else.

Parent plaintiff pleads for “help” for his daughter suffering from school mask mandates

Case Number: PC-2021-05915 Filed in Providence/Bristol County Superior Court Plaintiff, Jonathan Barrett, is a resident of Glocester, Rhode Island. The reasons for his bringing this lawsuit are as follows: I have witnessed the deterioration and decline in my daughter’s interest in going to school and doing her best work while these mask mandates have been […]

#ParentsUnited appeal

Today LIVE at 4:00pm on the Ocean State Current- Justin Katz & Dr. Andy Bostom join us on #InTheDugout Lots to talk about!  Click here to watch on TOPICS: – Inside the #ParentsUnited appeal of school mask mandates with lead plaintiff Rich Southwell – Vax bribes for students? with Justin Katz, editor of Anchor Rising […]

#ParentsUnited File APPEAL To RI Supreme Court On School Mask Mandate

Today LIVE at 4:00pm on the Ocean State Current- Click here to watch on The Ocean State Current! STEN & guests discuss: -#ParentsUnited file APPEAL to RI Supreme Court re school mask mandate -CT Gov says #NoTCItax on gas -NK “fat test” update -Hopkinton Town Council chickens out -RI Freedom Fighter targeted – Domestic Terrorist? […]

Southwell v. McKee Court Ruling Puts Onus on Lawmakers #InTheDugout

In ruling against the plaintiffs, the judge essentially ruled that it is not within the purview of the court to over-rule a “political” policy that does not clearly violate a constitutional right. We’re joined by Richard Southwell and other parents to discuss the case: “As does every parent in this state, we are concerned with the […]

IN THE DUGOUT: To mask students or not to mask?

We are LIVE on #InTheDugout today at 4:00pm… WATCH LIVE ON TWITCH To mask students or not to mask? It’s now in the JUDGE’s hands! Parent-plaintiff-team analyze closing arguments in their big case vs Gov McKee. Plus, Dr Andrew Bostom on age 5-11 vaccine approvals… WATCH: Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by becoming […]

IN THE DUGOUT: #ParentsUnited lawsuit & Doc Skoly update

LIVE AT 4:00PM CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT ON TWITCH – #ParentsUnited lawsuit & Doc Skoly update – Sten’s take on election results – Pastor Dave on CHARIHO school committee CORRUPTION – Brave GLOCESTER school committee member who voted to defund RI Assoc of School Committees WATCH: Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by […]

In The Dugout: Closing Brief In #ParentsUnited SOUTHWELL vs MCKEE Lawsuit Against School Mask Mandates

TODAY 4PM #InTheDugout Click Here To Watch LIVE on twitch Sten reviews the “closing brief” in #ParentsUnited SOUTHWELL vs MCKEE lawsuit against school mask mandates How the RIDOH’s medical basis for emergency action was “systematically dismantled” + Judge Flanders provides legal analysis Click Here To Watch LIVE on twitch Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism […]

#InTheDugout: Dr. Andy Bostom is back

We are LIVE on #InTheDugout today at 4:00pm… WATCH BY CLICKING HERE BIG SHOW TODAY: Dr. Andy Bostom is back – free to talk publicly – to discuss the #ParentsUnited lawsuit and how he and the plaintiff team DISMANTLED the RI DOH scientific case & how K-12 school mask mandates could soon be STRUCK DOWN! […]

Updates on 4 MAJOR STORIES

Updates on 4 MAJOR STORIES LIVE AT 5:00PM #InTheDugout WATCH LIVE ON TWITCH NEWS: -Sten BLASTS RI DOH for suffering > Doc Skoly suspension -The TRUTH about the N.Kingstown recall petition –#ParentsUnited plaintiffs SCORE BIG again in court -Providence punishes teacher Ramona Bessinger Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by becoming a charter member of the […]

#InTheDugout: McKee administration losing BIG TIME

McKee administration losing BIG TIME in the #ParentsUnited lawsuit vs school mask mandates Watch LIVE NOW on TWITCH. Also at 5:00PM on #InTheDugout – latest on Doc Skoly + Ramona Bessinger & NK school committee updates And my stinging commentary today’s Covid press conference


Quick Pitch #InTheDugout update on #ParentsUnited lawsuit against school mask mandates PARENTS WIN ANOTHER DAY IN COURT, as Dr. Andrew Bostom’s “expert” testimony systematically demolishes the State’s bogus medical claims! Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by becoming a charter member of the Ocean State Current. As our liberties are under constant attack – and […]

#InTheDugout: PARENTS persecuted as “domestic terrorists” & “insurrectionists”?

The most chilling scenario & most important show we will have produced to date. MUST SEE- will RI parents bend the knee? When cherished constitutional advocacy becomes a jail-able offense? Doc Skoly stood tall. What will you do? Guests: -PARENTS persecuted as “domestic terrorists” & “insurrectionists”? 3 parents + Charles Calenda legal analysis, Sten’s commentary […]

QUICK PITCH UPATE: Dr. Skoly and #ParentsUnited Lawsuit

 LIVE at 12:30PM Quick Pitch update on TWO MAJOR STORIES – How DOC SKOLY is reacting to the SHUT DOWN order by the RI DOH – #ParentsUnited lawsuit to continue after major courtroom victories on Friday No one covers these stories like #InTheDugout ! Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by becoming a charter […]

#InTheDugout: Tyranny Targeting Kids

Guest: Nicole Solas KICKED OUT of SK town council mtng for questioning potential criminal activity WATCH NOW ON TWITCH -Heartbreaking Covid tyranny targeting kids -Nicole Solas vs. SK town council president -The Left’s new religion -Updates in #ParentsUnited mask mandate lawsuit: State response shows OPEN DISDAIN to plaintiff parents -Scathing Sten commentary Current StaffSupport local […]

Quick Pitch Update: 3 developments in the #ParentsUnited lawsuit

QUICK PITCH update on #InTheDugout: Three developments in the #ParentsUnited lawsuit against SCHOOL MASK MANDATES by the RI Gov and DOH. Plus, commentary on the irrationality of the mandates – and the legal burden they must meet. Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by becoming a charter member of the Ocean State Current. As our […]

Quick Pitch Update: RIDOH Issues Its Own EMERGENCY RULE Mandate

BREAKING: As The Current reported Thursday, RIDOH issues its own EMERGENCY RULE mandate, to protect against a likely defeat in the #ParentsUnited lawsuit case. Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by becoming a charter member of the Ocean State Current. As our liberties are under constant attack – and the dishonest corporate media fails to […]


ALARMING: RI DOH to unilaterally impose new CV-19 mandates, to protect against a legal defeat of McKee’s EOs. No process or transparency. REACTIONS from parents’ attorney, Judge Flanders, lead plaintiff, Dr. Andrew Bostom & Sten. In a MAJOR development, The Ocean State Current has just learned that the State of RI, desperate to preserve its […]

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