The new R.I. Declaration of Independence

Modified from the original Declaration of Independence to reflect current and specific issues relevant to the people of Rhode Island, with as little alteration to the original text, spelling, and themes. R.I. Declaration of Independence IN Virtual CONGRESS, JULY 4, 2023 The unanimous Declaration of the People of the thirty-nine cities and towns of Rhode Island When […]

Absurd & Evil View of Gaspee Days Parade Deserves Condemnation

by Mike Stenhouse On the same day that the historic Gaspee Days parade proceeded in its annual march down Narragansett Parkway and Broad Street in Warwick and Cranston, the Providence Journal deigned to publish on Saturday a hit piece on the observance of an event that many Rhode Islanders believe was the “unofficial start of […]

Joe Biden’s Speech Evokes ‘Napoleon The Pig’

If you know anything about me, you know that I will defend my conservative and constitutional principles to my last breath. Not to mindlessly advance some “right wing” agenda. But, because of history and my honest personal belief system, I am completely convinced that a society based on our great American founding principles of liberty, […]

Harvard Student’s Brave Senior Speech Condemns Anti-Americanism

As a Harvard graduate myself, it is encouraging to see that apparently not all students and staff at woke institutions like Harvard University have been indoctrinated by anti-American propaganda.

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