DAILY SIGNAL: The Breakdown of the Social Contract

Why is there so much division in America, and how is our society breaking down? R.R. Reno, editor of First Things and author of “Return of the Strong Gods: Nationalism, Populism, and the Future of the West,” joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss the obligations of the elites, marijuana, and the future of religion […]

DAILY SIGNAL: How Men Can Play Irreplaceable Role in Creating Culture of Life

Herbie Newell and his staff at Lifeline Children’s Services journey with many women through unplanned pregnancies. Over the years, Newell has come to see that “abortion isn’t about liberating women.” “It is the sexual ‘liberation’ of men,” he recently wrote for The Washington Stand. For too long, the role of men has been ignored or […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Growing Up in Foster Care, Tori Hope Petersen Just Wanted the World to Know She Was ‘Not a Bad Kid’

Tori Hope Petersen lived in 12 foster homes before she aged out of the system at 18. As a child, Petersen says she desperately wanted people to stop stereotyping her just because she was in foster care. “I just wanted to show people that I wasn’t a bad kid, that I was good,” Petersen says. […]

DAILY SIGNAL: After Being Canceled, She Pivoted to Journalism

Can artistic expression thrive under heavy-handed ideology? That’s the challenge facing artists, writers, and actors in Hollywood and elsewhere who must increasingly toe an extreme, rigid “woke” line to remain employed by culture-making institutions. Libby Emmons, the editor-in-chief of The Post Millennial—a conservative news website based in Canada—explains how she was canceled in the theater […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Jesse Wiese Found God While in Prison. Now He’s Helping Others Become Better Citizens.

Jesse Wiese knows from firsthand experience what life is like behind bars—and what it takes to reenter society. He served seven-and-a-half years in prison for robbery before joining the organization Prison Fellowship and later graduating from law school. Today, he is vice president of program design and evaluation at Prison Fellowship, where he oversees the […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Rep. Trent Kelly Explains Threat China Poses to America

What kind of threat does China really pose to America? And is America ready to face that threat? In the areas of agriculture, cybersecurity, and economics, China threatens our nation, Rep. Trent Kelly, R-Miss., says.China has “infiltrated our universities. They’re buying our farmland. They’re stealing technology,” Kelly says. But China is not the only concern. […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Border Towns, Martha’s Vineyard, and the Reality of Illegal Immigration

“We don’t have the services to take care of 50 immigrants, and we certainly don’t have housing.” These remarks were made by a Martha’s Vineyard local after 50 illegal migrants arrived last week on the resort island off the coast of Massachusetts. This lady didn’t realize Martha’s Vineyard was just invited to the Biden Illegal […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Conservatives Gain Ground With Latino Voters. How Can Those Gains Be Made to Stick?

Latinos are becoming an increasingly important part of building a coalition. Shifts in allegiance in places like the Rio Grande Valley of Texas indicate that they aren’t a group that has become totally beholden to the Left. The question is, how do conservatives best court Latinos, and what is the voting bloc most concerned with? […]

DAILY SIGNAL: He’s Fresh Back From Ukraine. Here’s What He Saw.

As Russia continues its unprovoked war against Ukraine, the situation on the ground becomes more dire. Ukraine has managed to push Russian troops back from many of its cities, but the mass graves and buildings reduced to rubble are indications that the conflict is far from over. How do the Ukrainian people feel? And what […]

DAILY SIGNAL: The Mainstream Media Is Dying. Here’s What Will Take Its Place.

CNN, MSNBC, and ABC News all have ratings in the toilet. Public trust in mainstream media outlets has plumbed new lows as Americans realize they’re being fed a steady diet of propaganda. So what’s going to fill that hole in the information ecosystem? Programs such as “Counterpoints,” a new digital talk show hosted by Ryan […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Is National Conservatism the Future of the Movement?

Conservatism has existed as a philosophy since the founding of the republic. As the country has evolved and grown, so too has the political ideology that has guided America through its toughest trials. Conservatism again stands at a possible point of evolution. Much has been said about national conservatism, both for and against. Nate Hochman, […]

DAILY SIGNAL: State Education Freedom Report Card Is In. Here’s Who Aced the Test and Who Failed.

Report card day. From elementary school to high school, the release of report cards still strikes fear, joy, and every emotion in between in the hearts of students. But The Heritage Foundation has just flipped the script on report cards by ranking states, not students, on education freedom.(The Daily Signal is the news outlet of […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Why ‘Voter Suppression’ Is a Myth

When Georgia and other states began passing new election laws, the political left called it voter suppression. But is voter suppression actually taking place in America? Do safeguards such as voter ID requirements discourage voting? In his new book “The Myth of Voter Suppression: The Left’s Assault on Clean Elections,” Fred Lucas dives into the […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Should Conservatives Fight Fire With Fire, Seek to Cancel the Left?

The radical left wields immense cultural power in America. When a conservative crosses them, intentionally or otherwise, he or she is met with a volley of vile, leftist hatred. The left ruthlessly tracks down any information about the conservatives, their jobs, friends, and family and attempts to cancel them. The left views the loss of […]

DAILY SIGNAL: China Is at Taiwan’s Door and America Isn’t Ready

Already rocked by the war in Ukraine, the world uneasily looks toward Asia and the Chinese Communist Party. The authoritarian state has cast its gaze toward the small island of Taiwan and dreams of conquest. America inevitably will be drawn into any potential conflict between China and Taiwan, but author and defense expert Elbridge Colby […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Free Speech May Improve Your Mental Health, Psychologist Says

In a world of “safe spaces” and politically correct speech, clinical psychologist Chloe Carmichael says she believes that society needs more free speech, not less. Free speech can help individuals grow and learn as they explore and debate ideas with others, Carmichael says, adding that it even improves anxiety and depression. “I think that stopping […]

DAILY SIGNAL: New Founding Builds a Commercial and Cultural Network to Fight Wokeness

Woke corporations are increasingly embracing the left’s political agenda and taking aim at the values we as conservatives cherish. So what can we do about it? Matt Peterson is cofounder of New Founding, president of New Founding Media, and host of “The Matthew Peterson Show.” He’s fighting back against woke corporations and joins “The Daily […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Without Religion, New Book Contends, Conservatism Doesn’t Exist

Conservatism has a long and storied history. It evolved with various times and places, and adapted to fit the needs of rising generations. But one thing has remained consistent in conservatism throughout the ages, says Yoram Hazony, president of the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem and chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation. Conservatism and religion are […]

DAILY SIGNAL: ‘Seven Decades of Service’: British Policy Expert Reacts to Queen’s Passing, Explains What’s Next for Monarch

Queen Elizabeth II passed away Thursday. She was 96 years old. Queen Elizabeth II was the longest reigning monarch in British history, serving as the sovereign of the nation for 70 years. Nile Gardiner, director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at The Heritage Foundation, and a foreign policy researcher for former British Prime […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Team Biden Wants to Redefine Sex. Here’s How You Can Stop It.

The Biden administration is playing games with the definitions of sex and gender. President Joe Biden has proposed changing the definition of the word “sex” in Title IX, a portion of the Education Amendments of 1972 that prevents discrimination on the basis of sex within public education. Biden would redefine sex to include gender identity […]

DAILY SIGNAL: California’s Energy Grid Is a Mess. Here’s How to Fix It.

As California continues to push for so-called green energy policies, its energy grid is suffering. Residents of the Golden State have been forced to deal with rolling blackouts on top of skyrocketing energy prices. But how much of this energy crisis may be laid at the feet of California’s government, and how much is out […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Who Is Liz Truss and How Will She Govern as UK’s New Prime Minister?

The United Kingdom has a new prime minister. Liz Truss, a member of the Conservative Party, officially became the U.K.’s newest head of government Tuesday. But who is Truss, and what does her rise to power signify for the U.K. and its relationship with the United States? Nile Gardiner, director of the Margaret Thatcher Center […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Persecution of Christians ‘Intense’ in Up to 60 Countries Across Globe, Faith Leader Says

There are estimated to be more than 360 million Christians facing persecution for their faith around the world today, according to Open Doors USA, an organization that advocates on behalf of the persecuted church. While persecution of Christians is severe in nations like North Korea, there are about “50 to 60 countries where there is […]

DAILY SIGNAL: A Media Coach Assesses White House Press Secretary’s Briefing Room Blunders

Being the White House press secretary is a notoriously hard job. The press secretary must be up to date on every policy issue engaging the president and his team. The position requires the person who holds it to be articulate, confident, honest, and transparent, while also keeping sensitive information with care. Unfortunately, current White House […]

DAILY SIGNAL: ‘Children Cannot Consent to Puberty Blockers.’ Meet Activist Dad Who Talks to Strangers. 

The transgender movement is “a social contagion,” says Chris Elston, also known as “Billboard Chris.” Elston has drawn international attention for his work to defend children against gender identity ideology. Wearing billboards on his front and back that say things like “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers,” he travels throughout Canada and the U.S. having […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Fauci, Other COVID ‘Authoritarians’ Will Face Accountability in ’23, BlazeTV’s Deace Says

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s year-end retirement doesn’t mean he will avoid congressional oversight and accountability, said Steve Deace, author of “Faucian Bargain: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History.” On Aug. 22, Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, or NIAID, and chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Professional Adventurer Colin O’Brady Offers Practical Step on How to Achieve Your Goals

From the time he was a child, Colin O’Brady knew he wanted to climb Mount Everest. It was a childhood dream that easily could have fallen by the wayside as a result of the demands of adulthood. Today, at the age of 37, O’Brady has climbed Everest not once, but twice. O’Brady’s passion to accomplish […]

DAILY SIGNAL: CRT Infects Military Academies, Medical Schools, Bill Jacobson Says

Critical race theory has marched its way through many of America’s educational institutions. Angry elementary school parents noticed during the pandemic that their kids’ teachers were more inclined to teach them that white people were evil than to teach them to read. Unfortunately, critical race theory—which views everything through the lenses of race and oppression—also […]

DAILY SIGNAL: We Don’t Have a ‘Mass Incarceration Problem’ in America (and Other Myths About Police and Crime)

The tumultuous summer of 2020 prompted Americans to question our country’s criminal justice system. Fueled by the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, political leaders and the media used these examples and others to attack police, prosecutors, and the rule of law. Today, we know they peddled a false narrative. Unfortunately, we’re seeing the […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Thanks to Biden, Americans Who Never Attended College Still Have to Pay for It

President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan is inclusive. Even if you never attended a college course, you still have the opportunity to pay for your fellow Americans’ degrees. Biden announced Wednesday that the Department of Education is canceling $10,000 in student loan debt for Americans earning $125,000 a year or less. Biden also announced […]

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