DAILY SIGNAL: ‘It’s Almost Everywhere,’ Scholar Says of China’s Infiltration of America’s K-12 Schools

China’s infiltration of American K-12 schools is “almost everywhere,” according to Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars. “That is, in every state that we’ve looked at, we have found instances of it, but I would say it’s concentrated in the feeder schools to elite education, which means mostly West Coast and East […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Alabama GOP Says No to Teachers Unions’ Money in School-Related Elections

Alabama Republicans have told teachers unions to stay out of their school-related elections. The Alabama Republican Party recently voted to ban GOP candidates for the Alabama Board of Education, local school boards, and county school superintendent from accepting donations from teachers unions. John Wahl, chairman of the Alabama GOP, says the change was needed to […]

DAILY SIGNAL: ‘It’s a Little Late,’ Lawmaker Says of Biden’s Executive Order on US Investments in Chinese Technology

President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Wednesday aimed at restricting U.S. investment in certain Chinese high-tech, including artificial intelligence, microelectronics and semiconductors, and quantum information technologies. Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn., however, thinks “it’s a little late.” “China has been stealing our technology for decades,” says Green, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. […]

DAILY SIGNAL: ‘Egregiously Obvious’ That Biden Admin Violated First Amendment Rights, Tech Policy Expert Says

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, recently tweeted a lengthy thread in hopes of exposing Americans to the so-called Facebook Files. Using all capital letters, Jordan wrote July 27: “THE FACEBOOK FILES, PART 1: SMOKING-GUN DOCS PROVE FACEBOOK CENSORED AMERICANS BECAUSE OF BIDEN WHITE HOUSE PRESSURE.” Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, also has tweeted about […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Ohio Faces a Time for Choosing on Abortion

I recently spent a weekend with dear friends and their newborn baby boy. At only 2 weeks old, their son can’t do much, except eat, sleep, and move his arms and legs around. As a new mom, my friend said she has watched her son make movements that she recognizes are the same movements she […]

DAILY SIGNAL: How Feminist Movement Drew Ideology From the Occult

The English Romantic poet Percy Shelley, who died in 1822 at age 29, played a significant role in developing the ideas of the feminist movement, author Carrie Gress says. Ideas of the “the occult, smashing the patriarchy, and free love” played a significant role in Shelley’s writing and ideology, says Gress, author of the new […]

DAILY SIGNAL: State Schools Chief Seeks Answers on District’s Reported Ties to Chinese Government

Parents Defending Education’s new report, “Little Red Classrooms,” offers some worrisome information about China’s reach in U.S. K-12 schools through so-called Confucius Classrooms. The report notes that Parents Defending Education “uncovered contracts that show Confucius Classrooms, or other Chinese government-backed programming, are still in operation” in a number of schools throughout the U.S., including Tulsa […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Abortion Activists Turn to Legislation to Target Pregnancy Care Centers, Pro-Life Advocate Warns

Pro-abortion forces have moved from physically attacking pro-life pregnancy care centers to weaponizing legislation against them, according to the Rev. Jim Harden. In recent months, “we started to see an ebb in the violent attacks against pro-life entities and a rise in potential weaponization of legislation specifically targeting pro-life activity in the public square, and […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Is China Influencing What Your Child Is Learning in School?

Parents Defending Education has released a new report that offers some unsettling information about the reach of the People’s Republic of China in U.S. K-12 schools through so-called Confucius Classrooms. “Confucius Classrooms are a program that is intended to teach children Chinese language and culture, which on its face sounds benign, but some of your […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Better Late Than Never? Biden Quietly Acknowledges 7th Grandchild

President Joe Biden has finally publicly acknowledged the existence of his seventh grandchild. After 5 p.m. on Friday night, People magazine published an exclusive statement from the president recognizing 4-year-old Navy Joan Roberts, the daughter of first son Hunter Biden and ex-girlfriend Lunden Roberts. “Our son Hunter and Navy’s mother, Lunden, are working together to […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Surprising What Is — and Isn’t — in 3rd Trump Indictment, Legal Expert Says

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday was indicted for a third time, and “it’s striking that there’s really nothing new in the indictment,” Steven Bradbury says. The latest indictment by special counsel Jack Smith is “all based on what we already knew publicly from the work of the January 6th committee and from all the […]

DAILY SIGNAL: How Unrest in France After Police-Involved Killing Compared With Riots After George Floyd’s Death

Protests and riots erupted following the police-involved fatal shooting of 17-year-old French citizen Nahel Merzouk, who was of Moroccan and Algerian descent, on June 27 in France. Lora Ries, director of the Border Security and Immigration Center at The Heritage Foundation, says “certainly what happened in France takes us directly back to 2020” after the […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Ukraine Drones Bring War to Moscow. Russia Threatens Use of Nukes.

Russian officials say three Ukrainian drones targeted Moscow over the weekend, and one of those drones struck a skyscraper in the city.Ukraine has now taken responsibility for the attack. “Gradually, the war is returning to the territory of Russia—to its symbolic centers and military bases, and this is an inevitable, natural, and absolutely fair process,” […]

DAILY SIGNAL: BUSTED: Why Hunter Biden-Justice Department Plea Deal Collapsed

Hunter Biden and his lawyers walked into a courtroom prepared to enter a plea deal with the Justice Department last week. The deal fell through. President Joe Biden’s son was prepared to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges and to lying on a gun purchase form. The DOJ lawyers and the younger Biden’s attorneys […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Why This Philanthropist Is Halting His $400,000 Gift to Arizona State University

Tom Lewis is among America’s most generous philanthropists. Over more than 20 years, his T.W. Lewis Foundation has funded causes helping children and families, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations like The Heritage Foundation. But he’s now taking a different approach with colleges and universities after a controversy at Arizona State University. Lewis pulled his funding […]

DAILY SIGNAL: How the Radical Left Infiltrated American Institutions, Chris Rufo Explains

Chris Rufo is at the forefront of exposing critical race theory, DEI, and the radical Left’s agenda to undermine traditional American values. His new book, “America’s Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything,” is a history of the Left’s key figures and its playbook for infiltrating America’s institutions and indoctrinating our children. The book, […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Surprisingly, ‘Barbie’ Offers Empowering Message for Women

Many of us walked into Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” expecting another major brand to go woke. Much to our surprise, Gerwig’s interpretation leans back into Barbie’s origins—empowering women. She ignores some, though not all, of the political trends. Hari Nef, a biological male, is playing a transgender doctor version of Barbie in the movie, but the […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Pulling Back Curtain on ‘Erosion of Parental Rights’ in California

Parents are losing the right to parent in California, according to Karen England. A bill has been introduced in California stating that if parents “do not affirm your child’s gender confusion, it’s put in the same category as abuse, and it is supposed to be considered when you’re battling in a custody battle,” England says. […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Government Doesn’t Have Right to ‘Take Whatever It Wants of Your Labors,’ Federal Budget Expert Says

It’s the duty of Congress to use American tax dollars responsibly, Richard Stern says. American taxpayers deserve to know where their money’s going because “the government doesn’t have the moral right to walk up and take whatever it wants of your labors because a bureaucrat thinks they know better than you how to use the […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Rosas’ 2020 Riot Coverage Changed How Americans View Journalism

Julio Rosas, senior writer for Townhall and the author of “Fiery but Mostly Peaceful: The 2020 Riots and the Gaslighting of America,” joined me at the Turning Point Action Conference in Palm Beach, Florida, to delve into the rise of citizen journalism and the necessity of wading into the most dangerous situations to expose the […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Massachusetts Parents at Risk of Losing Religious Exemption on Vaccinations of Their Kids

The sun was shining in Boston on July 1 as I sat at a picnic table looking out over Boston Harbor, the very harbor that about 250 years earlier Colonists dumped tea into in protest of British taxes. As a Massachusetts native, I am proud of my state’s history in the fight for freedom and […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Jimmy Carter and ‘Biden Malaise’: Is History Repeating Itself?

President Joe Biden has a lot in common with one of his fellow Democratic White House predecessors, according to columnist and author Kimberley Strassel. In her new book “The Biden Malaise: How America Bounces Back From Joe Biden’s Dismal Repeat of the Jimmy Carter Years,” Strassel details the parallels between Jimmy Carter’s 1977-1981 presidency and […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Consumers’ Research Head Breaks Down Dangers of ESG Policies in Investing

Will Hild, executive director of Consumers’ Research, has a message for everyday Americans. “Here’s the only definition of ESG you really need to remember,” Hild says, talking about environmental, social, and governance standards. “ESG is when the financial services industry uses their market power to push through environmental and social policy that they could not […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Sen. Hawley Blasts Biden’s Decision Authorizing Sending Reserve Troops to Europe

President Joe Biden’s decision to authorize reserve troops to be sent to Europe is “a sign that the Ukraine policy has become just another endless war,” Sen. Josh Hawley says. “I mean, this is all about Ukraine. This is exactly what I said would happen, that we have to send more troops there,” says Hawley, […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Sen. Cruz Warns of Long-Term Consequences If Flow of Fentanyl Into US Isn’t Stopped

Sen. Ted Cruz says “a whole lot more Americans dead” will be the No. 1 long-term impact if the flow of the illicit drug fentanyl into the U.S. is not stopped. “You look at last year: We had over 100,000 overdoses last year. That’s the highest rate of overdoses in the history of our nation,” […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Reporter Savannah Hernandez Describes Massive Religious Protest Against Anti-Catholic Bigotry

Field reporter Savannah Hernandez was one of the only reporters on the ground covering the massive religious protest against anti-Catholic and anti-Christian bigotry. Hernandez joins today’s episode of “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss the protesting against the Los Angeles Dodgers honoring the anti-Catholic “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” — a group of trans-identifying and queer […]

DAILY SIGNAL: What’s at Stake If FBI Isn’t Fixed

The FBI needs to be fixed, because it has become a threat to the fundamental liberties of Americans, Steve Bradbury of The Heritage Foundation argues in a lengthy new white paper released this week. “The liberty of the American people is under threat from politicized national security agencies, exemplified by the abuses of the Federal […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Georgia State Lawmaker Explains Why She Quit Democratic Party

State Rep. Mesha Mainor won election as a Democrat in 2020 to serve the people of Georgia’s General Assembly District 56. But a Republican will now represent the solidly blue Atlanta House district. On Tuesday, Mainor made headlines when she announced she was leaving the Georgia Democratic Party “establishment” due to her support for school […]

DAILY SIGNAL: How Proposed EPA Electric Vehicle Rule Would Compromise Auto Safety

A proposed Environmental Protection Agency rule that “would limit tailpipe emissions so that in order to comply, auto companies would have to sell 60% of new vehicles as electric by 2030” would adversely affect the safety of cars. So says Diana Furchtgott-Roth, director of The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Energy, Climate, and Environment. (The Daily […]

DAILY SIGNAL: ‘Sound of Freedom’ Has ‘Nothing to Do With Politics,’ Angel Studios CEO Says, Rebutting Film’s Critics

The anti-human trafficking film “Sound of Freedom” has raked in more than $41 million since opening on July Fourth.  Variety has praised the movie, saying it “makes the desire to ‘take action’ seem more than an action-movie gesture.” And World magazine called the movie a “wake-up call, reminding Americans of the evil that’s perpetrated both […]

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