Pandemic on the Road to Tolls

In its defense of the RhodeWorks tolling scheme, we see our state government hiding behind two noxious clouds.

Beware Anti-Racist Indoctrination

The cult of “anti-racism” is not a cultural fad that parents can afford to ignore and let slip by.

The Science on Lockdowns

We shouldn’t use science as a talisman to ward off criticism, especially when it isn’t clear what the science says.

Ballot Harvesting Now a Problem for Providence Progressives

The surprise, here, is that a progressive machine with out-of-state funding isn’t helping Bell match his opposition.

Rending the Fabric of Society

Mark Zaccaria calls for politeness in the face of Antifa disruption filtered through legitimate Black Lives Matter protests.

Looking for Change with All the Wrong Task Force

Let’s play along and assume that the goal of the Municipal Resilience Task Force really is to develop innovative “strategies and policies to prepare for a post-COVID-19 future.”

Last Impressions #48: Journalist Blacklists Matter

Justin Katz warns of the danger created when mainstream journalists drop their objectivity to tilt stories in support of Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Shaping the Narrative of Protests in Rhode Island

The coverage of two recent political events in Rhode Island show how social justice journalists tweak their stories to silence opposition and give a sense of conformity among everybody else.

Pledging to Protect Taxpayers and Ourselves

Something as simple as a pledge can be a valuable statement that you’ve got reformers’ backs.

In the Dugout: Michael Farren of Mercatus

Michael Farren of Mercatus joins the show to talk about the dangers of corporate subsidies, and more.

Testimony That U.S. Turmoil Is Not Unprecedented

In the turmoil roiling our nation, we’re not seeing a popular movement of genuine frustration with an oppressive system. We’re witnessing a coordinated performance, decades in development, to convince the country to replace their system of freedom and democracy with a truly oppressive system.

Tiverton Spenders Blame Others When Money Comes Up Short

With an unusually large COVID-19 budget hit in Tiverton, the big spenders are looking for people to blame for not stopping their spending.

Blithe Acceptance of Tyranny

Once “you’re almost done” shifts to “we’ll let you know when you’re done,” many people will likely tell themselves internally, “Well, I’m done now.”

Watching the News Without the Scary Soundtrack

If Block Island tourists’ behavior isn’t having a measurable effect, maybe it isn’t actually “behaving badly.”

The Key Point on Union-Democrat Hegemony

Contrary to Ian Donnis’s suggestion, it is the labor movement’s fault that other interest groups don’t muster a comparable level of political activity, because it isn’t really a question of “don’t”; it’s “can’t.”

The Elusive Promise of Populist Unity

The disillusionment of progressives who leaned Bernie creates an opportunity to bridge a chasm, if only we could find a way to see it.

The Invisible Line Between Unions and the Far Left

This post reprints a section of the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity’s new report, “RI Union Political Spending: A Web of Corruption.”

Raimondo in Your Backyard

Why are Rhode Islanders tolerating Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo’s assumption of power so far beyond what the government of a free people ought to assume?

Leaving No Place for the Disagreers

It seems that leaving people an escape is intolerable to the Left, because overcoming the natural desire to live free of progressive rules requires that no other option seems possible.

Fairy Tale Political Battles on the Road to Polygamy

Legislation that purports to clarify the laws around who can be and is a child’s parent does much more, and reportage is telling in a more-profound way than the light tone indicates.

Journalism Off Its Track

Trends in journalism accord with the impression that many conservatives have of the coming progressive totalitarianism — that it will be some kind of mixture of revolutionary France, the Google playhouse office campus, and Mean Girls.

Elorza’s “Collection of Truth” for Reparations Is a Red Flag

If common sense and just moral reasoning have no advocates, then insanity will simply roll over us all.

The COVID Story’s Focus Isn’t Where It Should Be for a Free People

The narratives around COVID-19 may make for an easier and more-fun story to write, but they aren’t what we should demand as a free and independent people… unless that’s not what we are anymore.

One Way to Gauge Who You Would Have Been

In a recent Twitter thread, Princeton Professor Robert George gets at a question that has long interested me: How can you tell who you would have been in ages past — what side of a controversy you would have taken?

Let’s Not Overdo the RI History Revisionism

Ever since Rhode Island Speaker of the House Nicholas Mattiello invited accusations of ignorance by questioning whether there had ever been slavery in the Ocean State, the pendulum has been swinging the other way.

Discomfort in the Look

If it’s true that white people are becoming “uncomfortable in their whiteness” for the first time, it’s a fabricated phenomenon that is not healthy for our society.

Travis Rowley: Statues of Limitation

The toppling of statues won’t complete the neo-communist objectives, the radical restructuring of American life. But it’s not without purpose. And this is only the beginning.

Progressive Relativism Revives an Abstract Paganism

We long for meaning, but progressive relativism has revivified paganism as an abstract and all-extinguishing ideology.

Headlines Designed to Divide

If you were trying to sow division and promote civil unrest (and maybe civil war), you would promote the narrative of these CNBC headlines.

In the Dugout: Ray Rickman on Race in Rhode Island

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