Originally published by Stephen Dinan in the Washington Times, June 29, 2023 Black justices battle over meaning of equality in affirmative action case Justice Clarence Thomas on Thursday offered a majestic view of America waiting to be unshackled from the evils of racial discrimination that began with slavery, persisted through segregation and most recently manifested […]

Whitlock: Jim Brown, Unlike Bill Russell, was a Real Man & Hero

Originally published by Jason Whitlock, as: Unlike his peers and successors, Jim Brown refused to sell out Jim Brown never sold out. That’s his legacy. He couldn’t be bought or compromised. He epitomized the kind of masculinity America now rejects as toxic. Brown, 87, died on Friday. People will struggle to accurately define him. He’s […]

Was the SUPER BOWL a Victory over White Supremacy?

Originally published By JASON WHITLOCK “Black America’s broken family structure explains the coaching and quarterback disparities far more than racism.” “Baby-mama culture and Deion Sanders explain Eric Bieniemy’s failure to land a head coaching job” According to corporate media, one of the biggest stories at this year’s Super Bowl was the shared skin classification of […]

JASON WHITLOCK: Skin color (of NFL coaches) loses relevance when you authentically believe we were all created by the same higher power

Tampa coach Todd Bowles rejects media’s racial script By JASON WHITLOCK, October 14 Mike Royko inspired my journalism career. He looked nothing like me or anyone in my family. Royko wrote a syndicated column for the Chicago Tribune. His columns badgering local politicians and ridiculing American presidents and celebrities earned him the 1972 Pulitzer Prize for […]

Jason Whitlock Commentary: I choose to live in reality and disavow delusion. Black children sentenced to “Lord of the Flies” existence

Democrats sentence black children to ‘Lord of the Flies’ existence By JASON WHITLOCK (compelling commentary The Current pulled from the Internet. Send your comments to OceanStateCurrent@RIFreedom.org ) Beelzebub killed James Lambert, a 73-year-old Philadelphia man. Beelzebub is one of the seven princes of hell. In biblical times, Beelzebub was a god worshiped in Ekron. He […]

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