Narrative Battles and Games with Models, 7/13/20 Data

If we see an increase in hospitalizations, it may very well be an indication that fewer people are dying, which is good, and that people are in the hospital for other reasons, which isn’t an indication that COVID is overwhelming our resources.

Games with Models, 7/8/20 Data

Today’s data release from the state brings more non-dramatic continuation of trends.

On the Cusp of a Downgrade and Games with Models, 7/7/20 Data

As nationwide deaths move COVID-19 toward loss of its “epidemic” status, Rhode Island continues to see improvement.

Games with Models, 7/2/20 Data

The number of new COVID-19 cases in RI was higher today than it’s been, but the number of tests was up, and we’re still under 100.

A Note from Texas and Games with Models, 7/1/20 Data

We’ll see where this goes, but it remains entirely plausible to expect that cases will continue on the increase while serious cases and deaths continue to decline in Texas, while Rhode Island continues on its positive trends.

An Epidemic of Certitude and Games with Models, 6/30/20

There is a lot of talk about how facts and science are not matters of opinion, but with a large gap between what the facts show and the claims being made on that basis.

Raimondo’s Phony Science and Games with Models, 6/29/20 Data

Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo claims that she makes her decisions based on facts and science, but her restrained move to Phase 3 COVID-19 reopening shows that to be a false pretense.

A COVID Toe in the Water, Comorbidities, and Games with Models, 6/26/20 Data

As the world of COVID-19 news focuses on increased positive tests in Florida and Texas, Rhode Islanders should take not of other interesting (and telling) results.

Games with Models, 6/25/20 Data

The story of today’s COVID-19 data release for RI is one of revision. Numbers came in above my projections, but that’s largely because earlier data was revised up.

Games with Models, 6/24/20 Data

Rhode Island’s COVID-19 data is coming up to some milestones, and the conversation should start to transition to following economic recovery.

False “Despite” and Games with Models, 6/23/20 Data

Generally, the trends toward COVID-19 improvement continue in Rhode Island… despite people out and about, following the governor’s rules or following her demonstrated practices.

“I Can’t Breathe” and Games with Models, 6/22/20 Data

If RI data is relevant, loosening the economy is not associated with increased COVID-19 problems, although medicine is becoming frighteningly politicized.

Games with Models, 6/19/20 Data

It has now been two weeks since the large rally in Providence, including the governor’s naked-faced prayer session in the midst of the crowd.

Games with Models, 6/18/20 Data

Today’s data report is the first since early April that shows fewer than 1,000 “active”cases, defined with the assumption that the average case lasts 14 days.

Games with Models, 6/17/20 Data

The chart of hospitalization projections for this post is extended out to the end of July, by which time the model shows essentially none.

Counterfactual Deaths and Games with Models, 6/16/20 Data

If Rhode Island had taken an approach of masks, hygiene, and social distancing, it isn’t absurd to think the toll of the disease could have been reduced, while also limiting the amount of collateral damage to our economy and to our lives.

Games with Models, 6/15/20 Data

At this point, Rhode Island’s COVID-19 situation is improving so rapidly that adherence to minimum space between each stage of reopening is coming to seem obstinate.

Games with Models, 6/12/20 Data

And… we’re back down to double-digit daily new cases of COVID-19 in Rhode Island, according to today’s data release.

Games with Models, 6/11/20 Data

Nationally, the narrative seems to be leaning toward a post-rally/riot return to fear of COVID-19, but in Rhode Island, the daily update is pretty humdrum.

A Look at the Narrative and Games with Models, 6/10/20 Data

Trends in Arizona shouldn’t be taken as the warning sign for Rhode Island some insist it is, and RI isn’t in a position to be lecturing AZ, anyway.

Games with Models, 6/9/20 Data

An interesting observation from today’s COVID-19 data release from the RI Department of Health is that the number of positive cases was actually revised down.

Games with Models, 6/8/20 Data

If recent protests created a new breeding ground for COVID-19, it would have to stop an accelerating improvement of the results.

Games with Models, 6/5/20 Data

The most interesting thing about today’s COVID-19 update for Rhode Island was that yesterday was the single biggest day for testing, but with positive tests staying relatively steady.

Games with Models, 6/4/20 Data

Not much was newsworthy in today’s COVID-19 report for Rhode Island, so for a little bit of a hook, note a strange national headline.

Games with Models, 6/3/20 Data

The first single-digit hospital admissions day since March was just one of the bits of positive news on the COVID-19 front in today’s report.

Games with Models, 6/2/20 Data

Well, we’ll see what effect all the springtime rioting has had on Rhode Island’s COVID-19 situation, but for now, the trends are all in a positive direction.

Games with Models, 6/1/20 Data

As COVID-19 improvement continues in Rhode Island, we would do well to start looking for natural experiments and improving our understanding of the virus.

WPRI’s False Death Chart and Games with Models, 5/29/20

COVID-19 results continue to improve in Rhode Island, even the previously stubborn daily deaths… despite what one news team insists on reporting.

Age Differences in Effects and Treatments and Games with Models, 5/28/20

COVID-19 hospitalization and death rates are revealing when looked at by age group, especially with respect to government’s approach to the crisis.

Games with Models, 5/27/20 Data

Continuing good news and a few milestones on the COVID-19 front in Rhode Island.

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