Fear Is How You Frame It

As we claw back our liberty little by little in the months ahead, we must adjust for the degree to which our opinions (and those of our neighbors) can be swayed by the Zeitgeist.

Games with Models, 5/26/20

Despite some measure of reopening, not to mention indication that willingness to follow rules is wearing thin, the numbers continue to improve for RI’s COVID-19 epidemic.

600 Physicians’ Letter: Governors Can No Longer Ignore Deaths & Dire Health Consequences of Lockdown

Wow, this letter to President Trump from six hundred physicians about the catastrophic health consequences of the needlessly prolonged COVID19 lockdown does not mince words.

More than 600 of the nation’s physicians sent a letter to President Trump this week calling the coronavirus shutdowns a “mass casualty incident” with “exponentially growing negative health consequences” to millions of non COVID patients.

“The downstream health effects…are being massively under-estimated and under-reported. This is an order of magnitude error,” according to the letter initiated by Simone Gold, M.D., an emergency medicine specialist in Los Angeles.

Games with Models, 5/22/20 Data

Today’s COVID-19 data release brought more positive news, particularly with hospitalizations, and it brought some questions about what the death numbers are actually showing.

Achorn and the Constitution

As Ed Achorn reminds us, the Constitution is only as strong as the people’s willingness to enforce it, and too many Rhode Islanders apparently believe our founding document can be waived if they’re scared or can claim that lives will be saved.

Games with Models, 5/21/20 Data

With the governor saying we should have shut down the state sooner and the unemployment rate having skyrocketed to its highest recorded number, daily COVID-19 numbers continue to improve.

Gary Morse: A Miraculous COVID-19 Recovery

A Rhode Islander who caught COVID-19 in Wyoming experienced a miraculous recovery from the edge of death after doctors used hydroxychloroquine.

Following the Coronavirus Data by Age Group

Reviewing updated COVID-19 data by age group, especially in light of recent findings about how many people have already had the disease without reporting it, suggests that we can move more quickly to open up and salvage our summer.

Games with Models, 5/20/20 Data

COVID-189 hospitalizations in Rhode Island continue to rise, but the reason continues to be fewer discharges, which returns us to the suspicion that the numbers aren’t really providing the information we really need to know.

Games with Models, 5/19/20 Data

The one-day increases in reports of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths aren’t what we want to see, but they aren’t yet an indication of a worrisome trend.

UPDATED: A Big Drop-Off in Games with Models, 5/18/20 Data

Despite a week’s passing since RI entered Phase 1 of reopening, the numbers continue to improve at an accelerating rate, raising questions about the governor’s decision to slow down.

Games with Models, 5/16/20 Data

A brief pause in the rapid decrease of COVID-19 hospitalizations in RI may be clearing out.

Games with Models, 5/15/20 Data

COVID-19 reports for RI remain generally positive despite a slight increase in hospitalizations (which may indicate people who returned for elective surgeries this week but tested positive along the way).

Urban Testing and Games with Models, 5/14/19

The trends for COVID-19 in Rhode Island continue to move generally in the right direction, while differences in test results in urban areas might have implications for our response to the pandemic.

More on Density and Games with Models, 5/13/20 Data

To present the point about population density in a way progressives might understand, a comparison that leaves open the possibility of racism might help. Meanwhile, RI’s COVID-19 outlook continues to improve.

Correction: Survival Rate is Over 98.7%.  Slow-Walk Re-Open is Unnecessary.

In a prior post, I had noted that the survival rate of COVID-19 in the United States is 94%. I was mistaken. In fact, the survival rate is 98.7%. From Health Affairs:

The IFR-S in the US was estimated to be 1.3% …. The overall IFR for COVID-19 should be lower when we account for cases that remain and recover without symptoms.

Games with Models, 5/12/20 Data

The Ocean State’s COVID-19 picture continues to improve while Rhode Islanders await the effects of mild loosening of restrictions.

Despair and Games with Models, 5/11/20 Data

Across all of the various measures, COVID-19 is on the decline in Rhode Island, reminding us that the next question is what our thresholds for faster reopening should be.

Howard Is Dishonest, but at Least He Pretends to Debate

Just like progressives use “science” as a talisman rather than a system of understanding, Sam Howard deploys “math” not as an actual discipline, but as a framework for lies and insults.

Games with Models, 5/8/20

As COVID-19 deaths continue to remain stubbornly consistent, as other measures decline, it should begin to change the way we think of the disease.

A Racist Disease (?) and Games with Models, 5/7/20 Data

Focusing on the racial attributes of Rhode Islanders who’ve tested positive for COVID-19 can obscure the information that is critical to understand about the disease.

The Deaths We Don’t Know About, Yet, and Games with Models, 5/6/20 Data

The positive trends continue. All that can really be said is that my simplistic model seems to expect that things would be improving a little more quickly than they are, but that’s a good problem to have.

In the Dugout: RI DEM Head’s Scheme for Revenue in “Climate Change” Lawsuit

A Travesty of Ages and Games with Models, 5/5/20 Data

As COVID-19 numbers in Rhode Island continue to improve, we should note that those at risk from the disease are different from those at risk from an economic shutdown and realize that we may have made a terrible mistake in our response.

Games with Models, 5/4/20 Data

Rhode Island’s daily reports on COVID-19 are settling into a pattern over the past few days. The number of total cases is growing more slowly each day, and hospitalizations are generally down, while deaths continue to increase at a more or less steady pace.

Continuation of the COVID-19 Lockdown is Even More Indefensible in Light of Survival Rate

As noted, the survival rate of COVID-19 in United States is over 94%. Now for the implication of this data point with regard to our government’s choice of course – an onerous and heavily damaging lockdown.

Contrary to the Impression We May Have, Survival Rate of COVID-19 in United States is Over 94%

This is to offer an important data point about COVID-19 that doesn’t get much attention. The United States has, to date, experienced 1,092,815 confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19.  64,283 of those cases, or 5.88%, have resulted in death.  To be clear, 5.88% of people who got the disease have died from it, not 5.88% […]

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