UNBELIEVABLE: Trans Teen Removed from Parents Care, Then Sexually Abused

GIRL, GONE: A “Trans Teen” Was Removed From Her Parent’s Care. Then She Was Sexually Abused. This story by Genevieve Gluck , originally appeared on Reduxx.info on October 26, 2022 Michele and Roger Blair first reported the disappearance of their teen daughter, Sage Lily Blair, to the Appomattox, Virginia Sheriff’s Office on August 25, 2021. Sage, 14 […]

Cranston’s Library Director Responds to the Highly Protested Transgender Event.

Editorial comment: Below is the letter sent by the Library Director to the Cranston Public Library’s distribution list after it hosted the September 19 public educational event, which advised parents about the truth of what children are being taught about the transgender agenda in our schools; an event which spurred a multi-hundred person protest, along […]

3 Women Who Tried Transgender Transition Saw Their Lives Worsen

“All three women interviewed suffered from suicidal ideation and depression. Each believed that changing her name, pronouns, appearance, and hormones would solve her problems, yet each found her emotional state dramatically worsened as a result.” *** Reproduced from the Daily Signal and originally titled: These 3 Women Tried Transgenderism, and Then Stopped Gillian Richards / @gn_richards / September 19, […]

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