Liberty Byte: Parents Targeted?

Liberty-minded parents in the Ocean State are being targeted by school committees. Committee have supported a set of radical CRT-based curriculum guidelines that subject children to a daily diet of critical race theory. Parents are fighting back, and have organized a coalition to oppose the proposed curriculum. School committee  officials have responded by trying to discredit the parents, and has even gone so far as to try to intimidate them into silence. This is an attack on our values, and it must be stopped. Parents will not be silenced, and they will not allow their children to be indoctrinated with critical race theory. The fight for liberty is underway in the Ocean State, and it starts with the parents.

Liberty Byte: Jon Riches of Goldwater on the BIG Nicole Solas win against the NEA

The left and their allies are perpetually trying to take a bite out of your liberties, but the center-right has a strong legal defense system to fight back against them and for your rights. Our guest is Jon Riches of the Goldwater Institute, who is defending South Kingstown mom Nicole Solas who is being sued […]

Liberty Byte: Grover Norquist on the TCI Gas Tax

Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform tells us why a proposed gas tax will take a bite out of your liberty. After all we’ve been through in the past year, why should we be punished for driving our vehicles? The prices for gasoline could soon rise dramatically for your family if a new stealth […]

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