PragerU: Fund the Children, Not the Schools

Why is it that parents have so little control over where their children go to school? Unless you homeschool or send your child to a private school, you’re at the mercy of the government and the Teachers Unions. That needs to change. Corey DeAngelis, National Director of Research at the American Federation for Children, explains why.

#InTheDugout: McKee administration losing BIG TIME

McKee administration losing BIG TIME in the #ParentsUnited lawsuit vs school mask mandates Watch LIVE NOW on TWITCH. Also at 5:00PM on #InTheDugout – latest on Doc Skoly + Ramona Bessinger & NK school committee updates And my stinging commentary today’s Covid press conference


Sten ON A TEAR 5PM #InTheDugout Watch LIVE ON TWITCH Topics: -settles BoSox ground-rule-double controversy -Guest, Nicole Solas, domestic terrorist, files POLICE REPORT, Jim Crow/DOJ – Westerly CRT on nat’l news -Doc Skoly & #ParentsUnited update -Economic & Health Dep’t malfeasance

In The Dugout: CRT Advocate “Brown Not Black” Shocking Comment

Today’s show is live at 5pm. Watch it then share it on social media! Topics: CRT Advocate “Brown not Black” – are you kidding me? More Stenhouse on Whitehouse TCI “word salad” in RI Senate Guests: ‘To This We’ve Come’ – scene 2 with opera singer Claire Gaspee Project lawsuit has its day in court […]

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