Pornographic Book “Gender Queer” Outrages Parents At North Kingstown School Committee

CRT Book HEader

With over a hundred in attendance at a North Kingstown School Committee meeting last night, numerous citizens and parents spoke out against sexually explicit content being made available to children as young as fourteen in a book that was previously promoted by the public school system library. 

One mother gave emotional public comments that her young children were experiencing mental health issues and distress over their biological sex. Her children self-identify as non-binary. She said they were exposed to the book called “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe. She proceed to tell the committee that the depictions of oral sex along with descriptions of masturbation confused and upset them.

She said that the book should not be given to children because of its graphic sexual content, but her comments fell on deaf ears with the progressives on the committee supporting the pornographic book.

The crowd was approximately eighty percent opposed to exposing to children to the book with about twenty percent in support of the book. 

Other citizens testified on the content of the book, and against critical race theory in the curriculum. 

Near the end of the meeting the crowd exploded in angry yells that the book was pornography targeting children, and that superintendent Phil Auger should resign. Auger sent an email saying that the pornographic book is “age appropriate.”

Rhode Island State Senator Bridget Valverde was in attendance. Her husband Will Valverde was the first person to make a public comment to the committee, and spoke in favor of the book. The text contains graphic images of oral sex on penises and a strap on dildo, and is available to children in high school including freshmen. Senator Valverde did not speak during the meeting. 

Concerned parents and public school teacher Romona Bessinger held up large signs during the meeting showing the content of the book.

Bessinger has gained national attention after appearing on #InTheDugout with Mike Stenhouse, where she provided visual proof of CRT being taught in the classroom.