Planned Parenthood’s Music to Kill By


Here’s an interesting tidbit from the Providence Journal coverage of the large anti-Planned Parenthood protest held on Saturday morning:

There was no counter-protest Saturday from those who support abortion rights.

But about 10 Planned Parenthood volunteers wearing pink T-shirts that said, “We’re here to stand for Planned Parenthood,” tried to clear a pathway from the parking lot to the clinic. They also played a radio in an unsuccessful attempt to drown out the amplified voices of the antiabortion protesters.

Apparently, Rhode Island satanists couldn’t pull together the counter-protest that their Michigan coreligionists managed, pretending to waterboard bound women with breast milk.  But the playing of loud music might be a Planned Parenthood thing.  In Illinois, the clinic blasted ghoulish horror-movie music at the pro-lifers.

A source tells me the music deployed in Rhode Island was Blind Melon, which means it was very probably the song “No Rain.”  Recalling the cover of the album on which that song appeared, the official video begins with a young girl being laughed off a stage for tap dancing in a bumblebee costume.  Toward the end of the video she finds her bliss with a troupe of bee-costumed dancers in a field.

Somehow that message doesn’t seem in accord with Planned Parenthood’s defining occupation.  Of course, it must be difficult to pick a soundtrack to rebut public testimony that your organization facilitates cutting open the faces of unborn fetuses (with beating hearts) to harvest their brains.