Tiverton Recall Demonstrates Why Our Team Must Fight If We Are To Win


There old axiom says that for evil to prevail, all it takes is for good people to remain silent. The same is true in politics: When those who support tyranny are organized and engaged, while those who believe in freedom are silent, the tyrants will win.

Case in point, Tiverton, Rhode Island, where petulant progressives organized their allies across the state to successfully recall two local pro-freedom town officials, who chose not to conduct their own anti-recall get-out-the-vote campaign, and who are now out.

One of these town officials was our Center’s own Justin Katz. Facing a highly unique set of  circumstances, he and his colleague developed a corresponding “not to participate” local tactic. However, their opponents ran this local off year ballot question like a statewide election, exposing the statewide machine of the left. Marshaling support from unions and the progressive-left, the anti-liberty activists were able to raise money to fund five separate mailers, mainly from statewide unions and from a progressive front for the National Education Association; to organize a general-election level of mail ballots for this special election; and to actively engage in aggressive get-out-the-vote tactics.

The ‘search and destroy’ mentality of the left is a great threat to our democracy. Their first step is to fretfully position losing an election as tantamount to totalitarianism, as they see themselves as the only one who can legitimately hold power. Similar to what we are seeing in Washington, D.C, progressive elitists, after being defeated in general elections, make-up fake conspiracies, whip themselves into a frenzy, recruit other gullible partisans who fall for their contrived lies, then motivate them to take any and every action to drive their opponents out of office. 

And, all too often, our team refuses to engage, fearful of the blowback if they choose to stand up against the PC crowd and fight for our closely held principles. Thankfully, in Tiverton’s case, Justin Katz and Rob Coulter are indeed true and proven-freedom fighters, otherwise they would not have been elected in the first place … they simply deployed a passive campaign tactic that did not work.

Unless we want to keep electing policy-makers who will continue to raise our property taxes, this Tiverton experience has provided a road-map for how our team should respond in future more traditional elections. Inspiring and turning-out our team’s base is a vital key to victory.

The alternative tactic would have been to proactively organize those of us in the pro-freedom movement, and to engage in active battle. Instead, groups like the Tiverton Taxpayers Association, the nearby Portsmouth Concerned Citizens, Newport Concerned Citizens, the Republican Party, the RI Tea Party, the pro-life movement, second amendment advocates, The Gaspee Project, and our own RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity were asked to remain on the sidelines. 

It is the job of our Center to stand-up and take the arrows for freedom, confident that, in the end, we will prevail. But sadly, over our Center’s eight years, we have encountered far too few other warriors who will join us in opposing the regressive-left agenda. Will we continue to just sit back and allow progressives to destroy our state and drive away even more of our beloved family and friends? How much more of what we call the “Great Ocean State Exodus” can we endure?

If freedom is to prevail, as Ronald Reagan demonstrated against communism, and as Donald Trump is exhibiting against the deep-state swamp, every battle must be fought on every front, and only in doing so can victory be achieved.

We have had enough. It is time for business-people, concerned citizens, moms and dads to become engaged and to run for office or to volunteer for a pro-freedom group. It is time for those groups to organize themselves into an effective fighting force. And if you cannot give your time … it is your moral responsibility to financially support those who will fight the good fight. 

I and our Center have been offering leadership in this area for years, but we are going to “need a bigger” army. Are you with us .. or against us?