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The Ethics Commission Considers the Blogger Versus the Eponymous Son

Town Council Vice President John Edwards the Fifth appears to have obviously violated the state Code of Ethics, even if the Town Solicitor gave him the go-ahead and a mere blogger filed the complaint.

Soccer Salaries and the Outrage Contagion

The gender-war angle doesn’t provide very good perspective for economic issues; indeed, it might make sense for U.S. Soccer to increase gender pay disparities in the short term.

Preparing for the Future Without Experience of the Present

If we’re really under threat of cataclysmic climate change, why do the activists have to go back so far for examples and use on-paper predictions to suggest acceleration?

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August 2018 Employment: Employment Bubble Deflates & a Loss of JOI

Rhode Island’s employment numbers have done their annual downturn as the state falls the 49th on the Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI) after five years at 48th.

The Cost of Our Legislators

The General Assembly is irresponsible to debate and even pass legislation with no concrete sense of how much it will cost or why people don’t do as the legislators want independently.

Governor’s Priorities? DCYF Hires Down; Administration Hires Up

The Rhode Island House Oversight Committee is holding a hearing right about now on DCYF and the deaths of children that had been on their radar. The Ocean State Current took a look at staffing trends at DCYF compared to those at the Department of Administration during the last three years.

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Political Monday with John DePetro, No. 30: Gina v. Media and Teachers v. Families

For my weekly call-in on John DePetro’s WADK 1540 AM show, last week, the topics were Gina Raimondo’s battle of words with the news media, Warwick teachers’ sick out, and state worker buy-outs.

Open post for full audio.

Hypocrisy Isn’t the Point with Left/Right Depravity; Naiveté Is

They thing to remember regarding abuse of power is that the Devil switches sides, and conservatives build their political prescriptions around that insight.

It’s Time to Demand an Investigation of RI Voter Registration Process

In Rhode Island, it appears that the BOE and the Secretary of State’s office, over the years, have purposely left the door open for individuals to register to vote, and cast a vote, without ever providing personally identifying information as required by state and federal law. As I previously commented, the magnitude of these findings potentially shake the very foundation of our state’s democracy … and must be officially investigated.

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Investigative Report

DACA and a Back Door to Gubernatorial Favors

Governor Raimondo gets to know who helped fund her DACA-fee-payment campaign, but her office says the public cannot.

General Assembly Lawyers and Political Donations

Lawyers for the General Assembly, many part-time with full health benefits, appear to donate quite a bit to local politicians, particularly the Speaker of the House.

The Weight of Block’s Voter Fraud Report

The significance of Block’s voter-fraud findings depends what numbers one emphasizes, but the most reasonable number for concern is pretty big.

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Longer Twitter

The Necessary Caveat for Unionized Teachers

The Philosophical Root of Our Woes

For an Independent Investigation of Voting in RI

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Interviews & Profiles

Arthur Christopher Schaper: Cicilline’s “Grand Theft Auto” Sanctuary City

Arthur Christopher Schaper asks illegal immigration expert Jessica Vaughn about the consequences of sanctuary city policies under former Providence Mayor David Cicilline.

10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 46 (Congressional Debates)

Rob Paquin and Bob Plain discuss the candidates for U.S. Congress from Rhode Island (mostly by way of the issues).

10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 45 (Secretary of State Debate)

Rob Paquin and Bob Plain discuss a debate between candidates for RI Secretary of State and related topics.

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