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An Educational Opportunity Ripe for the Taking

Our state and its education system were far from stable when the pandemic hit, and we can create something good from our current predicament if make this a period of transition, rather than of making due until we can get back to the same old, dysfunctional thing.

Antifa, QAnon, and News from Another Perspective

In a world of stark divisions and no mutually trusted source of information, how can we determine the reality behind seemingly mirror-imaged ideological groups?

Pandemic on the Road to Tolls

In its defense of the RhodeWorks tolling scheme, we see our state government hiding behind two noxious clouds.

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April 2020 Employment: COVID Flips the Table

Employment and labor force are among the first hard data we have of the effects of our state and nation’s response to COVID-19, and they aren’t pretty.

Updated 3/23/20 9:30 p.m.. COVID-19 by Northeast County: A NYC Crisis

As the federal government and states’ governors decide how much to clamp down on free motion, they should keep in mind the geographic specificity of coronavirus cases.

December 2019 Employment: Has the National Boom Finally Reached RI?

Checking in with Rhode Island’s employment and jobs numbers just before the annual revision by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we see overall a gradual improvement that lags the region and most of the country.

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Last Impressions #50: The Laughable & the Ominous

A new Not Real News segment explores what RI politicians are really thinking, the Conservative Binder catches up on some right-leaning news from the state, and Justin discusses the Providence College lockdown and ominous economic news for the state.

Mikes on Mics: September 17, 2020

Join CEO Mike Stenhouse and co-host Mike Collins live on their mics talking about the BIG issues in the Ocean State.
Today’s Topics:
Constitution Day
Mail Ballot Failure in MA
Disarming the Police

Primary 2020 Lessons

Mark Zaccaria considers the tea leaves visible after the Ocean State’s Democrat primary.

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Investigative Report

Apparent Unemployment Insurance Letters Sent to Mississippi

Apparent unemployment insurance correspondence from the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training (DLT) sent to an address in Mississippi joins the list of examples of problems handling the government program.

DOH “Whistle-Blower” Summoned to Ominous HR Meeting

An RI Department of Health employee fears retaliation as she’s ordered to attend a meeting with multiple state officials after going public with concerns about nursing home oversight during the COVID-19 pandemic.

David de la Cruz: East Providence PD Shut Down Religious Service in March

Days after an executive order from the governor forbade gatherings, the East Providence police shut down a church despite voluntary plans to limit risks.

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Longer Twitter

Wrong Direction Rhode Island: Employment

According to the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training (DLT), the unemployment rate actually went up in August.

A Problem with Mail Ballot Mania

The political debate over proliferating mail ballots is a pretty straightforward illustration of how debates go between the Left and the Right.

Income Distribution “What Ifs”

“Proofs” of systemic inequality tend to skip over important points.

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Interviews & Profiles

In The Dugout: DOH Whistleblower On Media Lockout

Mike Stenhouse brings Lisa Camuso back on the show to talk about how pervasively the Rhode Island media is ignoring her story of problems at the state Department of Health.

In The Dugout: Allen Waters on School Choice

US Senate Candidate Allen Waters joins CEO Stenhouse on this episode of “In The Dugout.” They discuss his support for the Center’s Catch-UP ESA program. This innovative policy idea would tap unspent federal funds to empower parents to customize supplemental programs for their children. These one-time Catch-Up ESAs, available to all qualified students in the state, would also immediately fill major gaps in the five-year Providence schools reform plan, by addressing current student needs. The program would be funded by unspent federal CARES Act funds.

In the Dugout: Ray Rickman on Race in Rhode Island

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