The Ocean State Current is dedicated to honest and independent journalism. Often the best stories come from our grassroots supporters.

We want your news tips and editorial ideas. Whether it’s illicit goings-on in your school district, an infringement on our parental or constitutional rights, or a suggestion for “Sten Reacts” …

Now, you can easily submit your tips by completing the form below. Or, if you prefer, just email us the information at

What are you submitting a tip for ... an incident or a suggestion for "Sten Reacts"? If for "Sten Reacts", describe why you think the item should be reacted to. If an incident, what specifically happened? Who was Involved? Where did this happen? When did it happen?


It is vital that we document or validate your tip with links, files, or images that supports the tip described above.
For "Sten Reacts", please provide any link to the suggested audio or video clip, or the news story. For an incident, similarly send us the online evidence. One link per line.
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