Friday Fun: “PolitiFact Can”


I was named in Sunday’s Providence Journal, in a PolitiFact article finding a tweet from my organization, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, “Mostly False.”  PolitiFact turned to the research director of the left-wing Economic Progress Institute (formerly the Poverty Institute) for help proving the Tweet something other than “True,” and I’m included by name because I pointed out that the EPI research director’s statement was simply false.  (Yes, the only plainly false statement in the whole thing was from the reporter’s go-to source for contrary evidence.)

How can one respond to such absurdity except with a parody song?  Herewith, Justin Katz and His Out-of-Tune Piano with “PolitiFact Can” (to the tune of “The Candy Man,” by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley,” from the film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory).

PolitiFact Can

Who could take a true thing
Sprinkle it with spin
Cover it with context ’till the truth is wearing thin?

PolitiFact.  PolitiFact can.
PolitiFact can because they write it like it’s news
And make the bias sound good.

Who can take a fact check
Put it to a vote
Help out politicians who are rowing the same boat?

PolitiFact.  PolitiFact can.
PolitiFact can because they write it like it’s news
And make the bias sound good.

Those reporters pick ev’ry little trick
From pedantry to omission
You could say it’s just their mission
We all know they’re really always out there fishin’

Who can troll on Twitter
For Sunday’s front-page spread,
Make you think their beat is building talking points instead?

PolitiFact.  PolitiFact can.
PolitiFact can because they write it like it’s news
And make the bias sound good,
And the bias sounds good because the media thinks it should.

  • Mike678

    It can be disheartening, but people that can reason see through the spin. The downside is that many just consume mindlessly.

    I’m thinking of joining the spin bandwagon. When I put my house on the market I’ll list it as waterfront. After all, with the sea rise, climate change hysteria, it soon will be, right? Admittedly, I left out the “in a thousand years” after waterfront, but for Politifact that will be enough for a ‘mostly true’. :)

  • Russ

    Who can misuse statistics,
    mangle Founders’ quotes and more,
    take funding from some billionaires
    to vilify the poor?
    The RICFP caaaaaan. The RICFP caaaan.

    Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Remember to tip your waitress… On second thought, stiff ’em. When factoring in every social program they hypothetically qualify for, they make more than you, and that’s a fact!

    • Mike678

      You are feared by strawmen, Russ. You set’em up and beat them senseless better than most. Good thing they don’t hit back…

      • Russ

        I rate my comment as “mostly true”. Justin would vilify the poor for free so it’s questionable whether the funding from billionaires is specifically for that purpose as the word “to” implies.

        • Russ

          Haha, doxing me. Guess I touched a nerve. What’s funny is Justin thinks it’s progressives who lack a sense of humor.

          • Mike678

            Many progressives do have a sense of humor–usually at others expense. They are generally less able to be the butt of said humor, however. Studies show progressives tend to ‘de-friend’ more than others over political differences–the vaunted “tolerance” and sense of humor they claim to have, one assumes. Not sure of the validity of the studies, but I have anecdotal evidence that supports it, so I’ll rate it “mostly true” :)

            I have yet to see Justin “vilify” the poor; please provide some justification for your accusation. No inferences colored by personal opinion please.

            I have attached is a link to a simplistic list of logical fallacies to help improve your reasoning skills. You will note quite a few examples in your current and past postings. To whit: the Strawman, ad-hominem, false cause, ambiguity, texas sharpshooter, overgeneralizations, and so forth. We all fall into the traps at times, but some make it a habit. Try harder, please.

          • Russ

            Yes, wasn’t trying to generalize about all conservatives.

            Call it an opinion if you like, but suggesting that the poor would rather not work is hardly flattering. I suspect Justin might think differently were he to spend any time actually talking with these folks instead of just whining about media bias and lack of “good faith”, blah, blah, blah when someone disagrees.

            (btw, texas sharpshooter is one I hadn’t seen before. nice one.)

            As well as it is possible to tell, “Russ” is Russ Conway, a vocal local progressive who works in healthcare IT, specifically assisting to implement a government-funded program designed to ensure maximum dependency of people on government. Over years of comments, he has proven that he is not here to engage in good-faith conversation, but to engage in the progressive tactic of using others’ openness and belief in free speech against them through mockery, disingenuous argumentation, and simple meanness. Commenters can decide for themselves whether (or when) his comments are worthy of response.