Payroll Counts and Totals Under Governor Raimondo


A couple of days ago, Rhode Island House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan (R, Coventry, Warwick, West Warwick) was complaining to Tara Granahan on 630AM/99.7FM that Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo’s administration was dragging its heels on providing Morgan with information about new hires since the start of her administration.

As Tara and Patricia were saying on air, that should be an easy request for the administration to fulfill.  Filter all employees to the appropriate hire dates, and there you go.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to that tool, but for some overall sense of what the response will look like when it comes, I visited the state’s transparency site and downloaded the payroll for the relevant years.  Note that this data is by fiscal year, and the fiscal year 2017 dollar totals are projected “annual” pay and may vary in actuality, what with overtime and that sort of thing.  Also note that this is the entire state government, so it captures everything from courts to colleges.

My method was to search for full names (including middle initial) that did or didn’t appear in each subsequent year of payroll, which isn’t perfect.  If the state for some reason had a typo on a name (skipping a middle initial) or if somebody got married, or something, these numbers will be a little off, but it does give a rough picture.

Treating fiscal year 2016 as Raimondo’s first (that’d be July 2015 through June 2016), the state government has added 458 more employees than it lost during the two years of budgets that were implemented under this governor.  Those new employees account for an additional $30,639,475 in annual pay.


  • Kenneth Proudfoot

    Great work. Must be fun for someone to spend and spend money that is not theirs….

  • Paul Lefebvre

    I believe that the RI Ethics Commission will now look at Governor Raimondo’s relationship with Invenergy. Their continuous bankrolling of her ongoing re-election campaign by Invenergy was questioned yesterday by NBC Affiliate-WJAR (Channel 10) Reporter, Mr. Dan Jaehnig, regarding their ongoing monetary contributions by Michael Polsky and Invenergy. She informed Mr. Jaehnig that all the Invenergy campaign money will not affect her decision on the second… diesel and fracked gas power plant proposed for the residential and RI State Park area of Pascoag, RI on Wallum Lake Road. Taxpayers have been taken aback and shocked because the current laws and regulations state that the RI EFSB- Rhode Island Energy Facilities Siting Board, is indeed the entity that must make the decision on this diesel and gas-fracked proposed power plant. The Governor now states that it will be HER DECISION. This alone violates the lawful separation, and now it is most certainly compounded by her continuous acceptance of Invenergy money. Corruption continues to plague Rhode Island.