When Is a Sleazy Politician Non-Partisan?

This is really quite remarkable.

Today, the Providence Journal ran an AP article on John Edwards (the man who nearly became the Democrat Vice President under John Kerry) and his present legal battles to prove that he didn’t use campaign funds to cover up an adulterous affair and the resulting child.  Reading the article, one would have not a clue to which party the sleazy politician belonged.  Keep in mind that this is the paper that announced my creation of the Ocean State Current under a subhead calling it a “GOP Web site” based on connections that would be flimsy even were Rhode Island not an everybody’s-connected-to-everybody state.

Curiously, the Projo clipped the full AP report just two short paragraphs away from this bit of extremely newsworthy information:

Yet months passed with no call from Edwards, and Young said he and his wife had grown tired of sharing a house with the increasingly-demanding Hunter. Through an intermediary, Young demanded a face-to-face meeting with the senator, who was then in talks with Barack Obama’s campaign about becoming the Democratic vice presidential nominee.

And even the AP article doesn’t go so far as to mention the reason that this “one-term senator” was so prominent a politician: because he was almost the vice president under Massachusetts Democrat John Kerry.