Which candidates are making waves in the Ocean State?

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Featured Interviews:

Upcoming Interviews & Debates:

  • RI House of Representatives: Brian Rea (H53), Jason Klas (H16), Amanda Blau (H30), Deb Fellela and Nick Grasso (H43)
  • US Congress; House District 2: Allan Fung
  • RI Secretary of State: Pat Cortelessa

Recent Candidate Interviews & Debates:

Our Candidate Invitation Policies
The nonpartisan Ocean State Current plans to broadcast a series of interviews and debates with candidates for public office in order to encourage more informed participation in the upcoming election process.
Former radio personality and station executive Ron St. Pierre will anchor our debate moderator team and will be regularly joined by:
  • Jen Brien, long-time radio personality in RI
  • Moderate Party founder and former gubernatorial candidate Ken Block
  • Former Democratic State Representative Jan Malik
  • Former Republican State Representative Anthony Giarrusso

Mike Stenhouse and members of the moderator team may also conduct 1-on-1 candidate interviews on the In The Dugout video podcast.

The Current believes candidates for public office deserve an opportunity to inform voters of their policy positions. An open invitation is extended to all federal, state, General Assembly, and school committee candidates; interested candidates can request an interview by sending an email to OceanStateCurrent@RIFreedom.org from the email address listed on their official Board of Elections filing.
For specific races selected by The Current, primary or general election candidates, regardless of party affiliation, will be sent email invitations up to three times. If they do not respond or decline to participate, The Current may conduct ’empty chair’ debates and interviews with candidates who accept our invitation.
While The Current maintains full discretion in ultimately determining which candidates it will invite to debate, multiple factors will guide our decision process, including but not limited to:
  1. Newsworthiness – has the candidate’s campaign earned significant play in the Rhode Island news cycle?
  2. Funding – does the candidate’s official campaign finance reports indicate that there are sufficient funds to run an effective campaign?
  3. Polling – has the candidate garnered a minimum 5% threshold in any credible public poll?

To be considered for an interview or debate invitation, candidates must be officially registered with the Board of Elections and up to date on required reporting.

In order to comply with IRS tax-exempt nonprofit guidelines, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity (operator of The Ocean State Current) will remain impartial and nonpartisan when it comes to candidates and elections. The Center and The Current never support or oppose any political candidate.

All interviews and debates will be conducted in the most even-handed manner possible. The views of the candidates are what matter … not the views of the Center, The Current, or any of its debate moderators or interview hosts.

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