An Attitude That Needs Reinforcement

Maybe it’s just that I live in Rhode Island, but I don’t hear the opinion that Sarah Hoyt expresses here nearly often enough:

… “if you never balance your checkbook, you never have to admit to debt.”  But what I really like is [Democrats’] idea that they’re entitled to all of our money and that somehow not taking as much money from us as they are now means they’re “adding to the debt.”  No, what is adding to the debt is unconscionable spending.  Stop acting like drunken sailors on shore leave.  And stop putting your hand in my pocket, too.

One comes across the Big Government attitude in ways subtle and overt, but careful listening reveals the underlying belief to be that all money ultimately belongs to government.  Politicians just let us keep some of it.

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We’re well past time for taxpayers to insist that enough is enough.  Our bloated, corrupt, incompetent government has no right to take our money and tell us what to do to the extent that it does, and ought to be returned to the status of working for us, rather than the other way around.

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